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Troll Debate

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Started: 5/16/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1st round for acceptance and choosing topic! Troll debate! use memes and humor at its best and most importantly, have fun! (nothing political or controversial please. something funny!)


My opponent asked for the topic to be non-contrevercial, but this very important debate MUST be had.

I propose we debate whether or not Chuck Norris is more awesome than Llama-Lord.

I would be con in this debate, so I would be arguing that Llama-Lord is more awesome than Chuck Norris.

If my opponent accepts, then he should know the definitions.

Chuck Norris: the one who is known to turn the Darkness off when he enters the room and to cause Continental Drift with his Roundhouse Kick.

More Awesome: Higher level of incredible.

Llama-Lord: The powerful Cosmic Llama of Power who is King of the Moon (and Ruler of several smaller planets within the Andromida Galaxy.)

Chuck Norris is NOT greater than Mr. The Llama-Lord.
Debate Round No. 1


I Accept this here debate!
First off, I would like to wish you luck as you have offended Chuck Norris and you will need it even though it will make absolutely no difference to your existence.
This debate is completely one sided seeing how I cannot find Chuck Norris in the Internet.

I tried and this is what I got. But I will do my best with my widespread of knowledge of him.
Contention 1: CHUCK NORRIS.
This contention stands on its own. No support needed.
Contention 2: CHUCK NORRIS
Oh wait…



Llama-Lord approves this message.

Llama-Lord, as we all know, has llama henchmen. These llama henchmen are VERY clever under the Llama-Lord's command, and has been known disguise themselves as humans. One of these llamas has disguised himself as the Dalai Llama. To any logically thinking human/llama, it is obvious that Dalai Llama is, in fact, a llama. Dalai Llama, or Ben, as I have come to know him, has committed his life to protecting the Moon Base from the Anti-Llama, an evil alpaca from Canada. Chuck Norris lacks such skills.

Llamas are also able to compose music. They embed their “the Llama-Anthem” (as shown here: ) into Nutrisystem commercials. They do this so you will buy their llama-based products. Chuck Norris has never had such an ingenious plan.

Scientific research has proved that the average IQ of a llama is -2 this is at least 9.75x smarter than the average IQ of a human, and is at least 17x smarter than the Norris.

M. E. Llama wrote the critically acclaimed “50½ Shades of Llama”, which New York Times said was “a better love story than Twilight.” Llamas are better romance authors than the Norris.

Chuck Norris’s beard was forged in the heart of a Chihuahua by llama.

Most importantly: Batman, one of the few beings more awesome than the Norris, was Llama-Lord’s top Llama.

Debate Round No. 2


In response to my opponents attack about his llamas being able to disguise themselves, chuck norris can and does. Walker Texas Ranger.
Llamas being able to compose music? False.
thats not music. Walker texas ranger has a theme song. now that is music.
A llamas IQ is -2? i accept that fact but it is not higher than an average human. Between 90-110
-2 is not even close to that making llamas stupid and unable to function. Chuck norris can function therefore he is smarter than a llama.
M.E. Llama wrote a book? impossible. it has a -2 IQ so itsimpossible. Provide evidence for that book please. Have you seen Chuck norris's beard to is face? thats a better love story than twilight
Speaking of his beard, chuck norris was born with a beard straight out of the womb to his mother, Wilma Scarberry.
Batman is not a llama. He is defender of justice and liberty in Gotham City.

Chuck norris is a professional actor. more than any llama. He has mastered the art of Chun kuk Do.
Chuck Norris can cut through a knife with butter----->
When alexander bell invented the telephone, he had three missed calls from Chuck Norris.
As you can see, i have provided more accurate and stronger argument than my opponent has and i have provided sources. VOTE Pro!!


Kumquatodor forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Kumquatodor 4 years ago
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