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Trump For President?

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Started: 3/3/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Trump has nothing to win by being President...He is a multi he is not in it for the money.....He has practically nothing to gain except to try and fix whats wrong with our country.


Based onn the first post from my opponent, this is sort of an acceptance phase where we will post some sense of the broad strokes of our argumentation.

So,, in negating this resolution, or the notion that Trump (Drumpf for those originalists), I will argue that Donald trump has everything to gain by running for president. As an entrepreneur, he has economic power. In this sense, he has the ability to affect certain aspects of some citizens' lives. As president, he has the ability to affect systemic change that could affect the foundation of American society. It is this power that incentivizes Donald Trump to run for president. And it is for this reason that he should not be President of the United States.

I await the Pro's case and further argumentation. And as always: vote early, vote often, vote Con!
Debate Round No. 1


Well, that dose make sense but have you ever thought that Trump does want to "Make America great again"
He was mass amounts of wealth and we are over 3 Trillion dollars in debt. I know that is not a problem he can solve on his own but he can sure help. He shows a little racism but so does half of America. He does not have that much to gain. He could fix a lot of this nations problems. Especially more than Barack Obama ever has.


Again, thanks to the opponent for what is proving to be an interesting and thought provoking debate for all of us a DDO.

I think the point has to be made here that there are a few key reasons that the opponent is essentially outlining as to why we ought to have Donald Trump as President of the United States (from here, POTUS).

1) Donald Trump's Mission is to "Make America Great Again."
2) As an individual who has business success, he can help the American Economy.
3) His personal racism is non-unique to the American populous.

Let's respond to these arguments.

On the first argument, the problem is not that Donald Trump, or for that matter any politician does not want to make America better. The truth of the matter is that no politician runs with the intent of destroying the country. They may advance misguided policies, but they are envisioned to help advance the nation as a whole. UItimately, the argument that Donald Trump wants to make America better does not serve as a rationale to elect him as POTUS.

Second, the idea that the government can be run as a business is a fantasy. This s first a representation of the fallacy of composition. It is essential to go beyond the politics of the deficit. First of all, it is estimated that Donald Trump's economic policy would cost a lot more than the status quo--thus, if the goal is to lower the debt, then Trump's is not the economic policy for the United States. [1] But it is also important to recognize that in a time of global economic crises (China, Europe, Japan, etc.) that economic policy is all the more important. Running deficits, debts, etc. is all related to the current situation...and at a time of global crises, it is all the more important to have expansionary fiscal policy.

The third argument is perhaps the most troublesome of all. The point at which a candidate is espousing racist policies, ideas, notions, or rhetoric is the point at which they should not be considered for participation in modern political systems. it is time for America to move past the idea that racism is a non-unique idea that cannot be solved for. Racism can end if we make the effort to change our society. But if we just disregard it as an unimportant aspect of the a candidate then we allow the perpetuation of those ideas.

As the con, I do not have the burden of proof. I only have the burden of clash in this debate, but I will bring up one short contention in favor of my position.

Contention 1: Donald Trump's foreign policy is unnecessarily problematic.

Trump's positions towards foreign policy are very problematic.

A. Mexico

Especially with regards to our connection with Mexico, Trump's aggressive rhetoric and advocacy simply go beyond the pale. The truth of the matter is, the former Mexican president is right, Mexico is not going to pay for "that f*cking wall." [2] Please pardon the language in the vote, but the quotation simply serves to illustrate the frustration that one of our closest allies (geographically and politically) has with Trump as a candidate. Imagine if we make him President.

B. War Crimes

Donald Trump explicitly advocates for war with regards to the treatment of women and children. He said that we should "kill their families." [3]
1. This is ineffective policy: It simply would not help to defeat ISIS to advocate the killing of women and children and the families of terrorists. He gives the notion that, essentially, it is necessary to kill families in order to achieve military success with regards to a terrorist ideology, but the problem is that when fighting such an entity as ISIS, it is simply ineffective military policy.
2. Dangerous Rhetoric: Simply put, even the rhetoric of Donald Trump's with regard to ISIS is dangerous. The reason that terroristic ideologies exist in the world is that certain groups feel threatened by an oppressive majority. The real problem is that even the rhetoric espoused by Donald Trump serves to instill these ideas into society and further provides a motive for terrorism. Trump's words alone become a recruiting tool for ISIS.

With all of these reasons considered, I feel I give a well reasoned, well-sourced reason that Donald Trump is not a good choice for President of the United States. I await the Pro's response. As always: vote early, vote often, vote Con!

Debate Round No. 2


Hypno_skate forfeited this round.


MY opponent decided to forfeit the previous speech. Extend all arguments. There is no other vote but for the CON in this debate.

Thanks very much!
Debate Round No. 3
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