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Trump plays on America's insecurities and the American Dream fantasy.

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Started: 11/2/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Donald Trump is a narcissistic, bigot and racist human being who somehow plays of the your insecurities. If your a Trump supporter, here is the harsh reality.

Although I am not an American citizen, nor do I live there currently, my Mum has recently moved to Kansas City and I have seen the evidence of America's misinterpretation of reality.

Firstly, I would like to begin by identifying that yes American people have had tough times lately, the lower socio-economic class has been put through turmoil due to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and recent terrorist attacks. But this gives no justification for supporting a fanatic idiot who you believe in.

This man, if you can classifying him as one, has single handily played off your insecurities and anxieties of America falling off the stage of the global political arena. Coming out of the GFC, Trump has given you aspirations of becoming wealthy in the 'greatest country of the world.' But since you people have been brought up in America, you cannot see into your past and what you cling onto desperately, the American Dream.

This misinterpretation has been planted in your lives for decades. The idea that hard work and dedication to your profession will be paid off, but in reality you have given in to Trump's words. You have been brought up in a cycle of poverty that you can achieve anything in the world. Well, I got some hard words for you, its nearly impossible. I feel sorry for you, Trump has brought back the nostalgia that you hold of a white American society striving for greatness. But in recent times, this idea has been blocked and threatened. An African - American president, racism towards black people now frowned upon. Jeez, you guys have been in tough times the last 50 years. But Trump can bring it all back for you. Instead of you losing your jobs due to the increase in development of communication and technology by Globalisation, Mexican's have stolen your jobs!. Trump gives you the ability to live in your past without backlash. There is no substance to what he says, build a wall, how? Mexico is going to pay for it, how? Going to defeat ISIS, by bombing Syrian homes and families, sounds like the perfect plan (that's sarcasm if you cannot understand). Now I don't want to get off track now because that is a completely new debate, but Trump fulfills your desires of defeating terrorism and bringing back your job that has now been replaced by robotic technology, which in fact is helping your economy instead of you.

Reality needs to hit you all, Trump is fulfilling your desires that you all have but will never be achieved. It's time for you all to realise that the American dream never existed but is a fantasy that you Trump supporters desire. You may not know about the American dream, however your all trying to live it.

Although I may not be an American, but myself like the rest of the world is watching you all. We see what is happening to America as it destroys itself. You may not notice this, but the world does.

It's time for you to wake up and realize that Trump will never bring back a time that you hold onto. America will never be great again.

It would be nice to hear some Trump supporters try and justify why he is the 'chosen one.' But if you saying "the wall will save us" or "you don't understand, Trump will give us our jobs back"' Think about what your saying. How will he achieve these objectives? Think about it.

If you think I am wrong, or that America will become great again, please share your opinion.



You see, what you said is not why people support trump by any means. I think Trump supporters are just as much guilty of succumbing to our insecurities as much as people like you are guilty of buying totally biased media.
Another thing, I am an American and more importantly I am proud of it. There is no country (including your own, which by the way you make it sound like you aren't going through rough times too, I'm not sure exactly but I assume you're from the, UK, Canada? Judging purely based off of your handle of the English language. Forgive me if I'm mistaken.) that does not suffer from rough spots. The 2008 financial crisis was as you state "global" after all.

Furthermore, sympathy is not the argument I'd go for. People who support trump are not all invalids (contrary to belief). The idea of hard work and dedication has been an ideal for almost any civilized country.. ever. So I don't see how Trump advocating that is a bad thing. I would also like to add, that almost any politician plays off of your fears and insecurities. Because they understand that you have them. You don't see someone advocating something the people don't want during their campaigns ever. Why? Because that's not what gets you votes.. Good luck spotting a politician that capitalizes on anything other than your insecurities. Also, Trumps stand as far as I'm aware there is no set plan for handling ISIS other than his discussion on bombing key ISIS held facilities such as oil stations (which fuel ISIS's economy).

Lastly, while there is a lot more to say, the way you present this argument is quite honestly, ethnocentric and narcissistic in itself. Quite offensive to say the least. You act like the United States is just a big pity party. I would not be so rash.
NOTE: I'm not going to confirm or deny my position on these said politics due to the fact that this is supposed to be unbiased rational discussion without prejudice. I chose to accept this debate to argue that your points are misconstrued and that you're perspective is also equally misconstrued.
Regardless, I'm looking forward to your next argument. Thank you.
NOTE: I realize my "argument" is all over the place. I'm simply cherry picking some basic holes that I saw in the argument and I plan to have more organized arguments in the future. Thank you to all readers and judges.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for your reply. This is my first debate so I"m voicing my opinion on the matter to see how people (like you) can justify their response.
As you have cherry picked my arguments I shall do the same.
I am unsure on your position of the debate, making it unclear of your contention. Do you support Donald Trump or advocating the patriotic nature of American"s? If you are suggesting I am buying biased media, I think you have been mistaken. Donald Trump had been projecting himself on media outlets. His radical views on international affairs has allowed him to give his campaign media attention, consequently the power to provoke the American public and their uncertainties. I can see you are sticking up for your country, which I congratulate of your patriotic behavior for freedom of speech and liberty that Americans embrace like no other country has"

Trump advocates to those who believe in the nonsensical nature of American values. For many it is connected to becoming wealthy and the ability to achieve anything through hard work. Your country and specifically Trump supporters hold onto a materialist world of unlimited opportunities. Sorry if the truth damages your pride but America is built on lies and deceit. According to a Washinton Post analysis, 50 per cent of Trump supporters earn less than $50,000 per year along with many who are over their 50s without a college degree. Along with this, these non-college citizens have been destroyed by globalization and the degrading manufacturing employment opportunities.

Sorry If I have been misleading but I"m not voicing my opinion to all of America, but specifically Trump supporters who have fallen into the pitfall of America"s values.
I am from neither the UK or Britain but Australia. What I am trying to specifically focus on is the American Dream and Donald Trump. The Global Financial Crisis was caused by the USA. Yes, other countries were impacted upon it, but America kicked it. The fact that you see the GFC as an American and not that you were not the problem is quite frankly hilarious. It perfectly sums up your viewpoint, not capable of seeing who exposed it. The American Dream created a subprime lending crisis conspired with the burst of the housing price bubble sending it fumbling into a recession. Your financial sector lost track of the reality of investment and branched out into dangerous unexplored methods of lending. The banks had become slack in approving loans. The government didn"t have any control. A dangerous game was played and lost; millions found themselves unemployed. Your banks had become slack in approving loans. The government didn"t have any control.

It is Donald Trump who brings hope back to many of these American"s who found themselves unemployed and lost in reality. Allowing them to continue living without conscious. What I am advocating is Donald Trump plays specifically of the American dream.
The American Dream is dead," Trump said. "But I'm gonna make it bigger and better and stronger than ever before. We are going to make America great again." It is these comments that have no depth or description but make his supporters follow with their mouth drooling.

Trump has stated he will bomb ISIS facilities, but in reality how is that protecting your country? The threat of terrorism is not specifically ISIS or the land that it controls, however, it"s the feelings of alienation, marginalization, humiliation and hopelessness, shared by many, only some of whom become radicalized and resort to terrorism. Trump never speaks about American citizen"s becoming radicalized or the internal problems in American that terrorism threatens. He plays off the more dramatic and unrealistic threat through missiles, guns, and fighter jets that Americans see is the problem. When you state that the coalition airstrikes on ISIS have damaged their economy, are you supporting Trump and the coalition airstrikes? These airstrikes which in fact have are over 15,000, murdering at least 1000 civilians do not solve the underlying cause of terrorism.
Your Republican nominee is playing on your fellow citizen"s insecurities. I can see you hold these views due to having the patriotic nature of being an American, the dream has been instilled. Trump is the voice that speaks for the population who are uneducated

By choosing the debate to argue that my points are wrong, what are you implying? If you think I am incorrect please voice your own opinion on the specific debate of the American dream and Donald Trump, otherwise, your argument is invalid. What do you believe in? Because the way I see it you do not have an overall argument for why Trump is a suitable candidate for presidency or your view on the American dream.

I look forward to your response.


First off, ISIS, may not be the only terrorist threat, but it is the most prevalent. I dont see how you could even begin to argue that blatant fact. We have been holding Iraq's hand while they continue to constantly make progress like that after a snail. This progress was only after U.S military and advisers showed up. (They should not even be there).
Second, the argument that all trump supporters are un-educated is simply false. That's saying that almost fifty percent of the american population have little to know education. Which simply is not true.
Trump never said once by the way "If we kill ISIS we kill terrorism". Nobody's saying that, almost all of your arguments are misconstrued misinterpretations of information. Which by the way seems very lackluster.
Third, I thought by accepting this debate I had already implied that I disagreed with you. I would have thought that was just common knowledge.
Fourth, I don't expect you to understand because you do not after all live in this country. But the American dream does exist. It means even more in these times to succeed because of the obstacles Americans face. Everyone wants it and few reach it. But that does not mean it doesn't exist. This country is one of the best fit for such a success story.
A good friend of mine is making 100,000 dollars a year and he's barely 21 because he persevered. He was not privileged by any stretch of the imagination. He saw opportunity and he took the chance. That is what the American dream is. Its taking chance on opportunity, and opportunity is everywhere you look in this country.
Lastly, I never said I approved of the means of coalition airstrikes I simply said that that was one of Trump's strategies. The issue is that there is no right answer for how to solve a problem like this. Where the followers of a radical movement have no empathy or care for human beings and would just as easily sacrifice themselves as they would eat bread. Also, while the coalition airstrikes are U.S led but Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Amarites, Bahraine, and Qatar also partake in those airstrikes. Note that these countries are right next to where ISIS runs rampant. Those who are not are also notably in NATO. Besides the U.S of course. So this means that not that we're there to fight a stupid war. It means we're the only superpower trying to help. Which says something because for the past three decades our country has been known for its timidity. So you can argue that we're just warmongers but I believe you should reconsider.

I appreciate your civility, thank you readers and thank you to my fellow debater.
I anticipate another beautifully written argument from you shortly.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ILikePie5 1 year ago
Missmedic, I strongly urge you to debate a Trump supporter, instead of just posting random websites in the comments. It's very easy to shred a pro-Hillary argument.
Posted by missmedic 1 year ago
Trump appeals to the poor and ignorant, and there is a lot of poor and ignorant in America.
Trump is not merely ignorant. He is also supremely confident and feels superior " the most dangerous kind of idiot
Posted by TheBenC 1 year ago
That was a great rant but hollow and pointless. People support Trump because for the first time in decades there is an actual choice. In every presidential election we are left with 2 political insiders, 2 of the political elite, 2 of the business as usual rulers who all work toward the same goals of keeping themselves and their friends in power. This is proven by how the Bush's will vote for Clinton even though they are supposed to have greatly differing points of view.

Another big reason to support Trump is how you want the future of the country's greatest court to look like. Another reason is to prevent WW3 which Clinton has outright said she will start with Russia. Another reason is his stance on corruption in government and his plans to curtail it. Another reason is his economic plan of stopping this free trade which allowed big business to manufacture their products in other countries while paying employees near slave wages then shipping their products to the US without any sort of penalty (this is why Detroit is in shambles, cars are made in Mexico).

I can go on and on but it is clear you have no idea what you are talking about. You hear things from a biased media and believe them. Good for you.
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