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Trump's Southern border WALL

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Started: 3/8/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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There are many reasons why this wall will not work. I look forward to a debate. Round 1 is acceptance.


Ok im ready. Now tell me why you think his wall won't work?
Debate Round No. 1


Just to make clear, I am a conservative. I believe we have a problem on the Southern border. I am not happy with the job President Obama has done with securing the Southern border.

However a wall will not work for America at this point in time for one particular reason.

This wall will cost $10,000,000,000. That does not include the construction of the wall (A). Do not forget we are a nation that is approaching 20 trillion dollars of debt. We can not afford to build a wall that ultimately does not guarantee the result of a secure Southern border. When Mr. Trump says Mexico will pay for it, I can not take that seriously. I understand he is a supreme businessman, but lets be serious. We are the United States.

Let's take a more diplomatic approach in securing the border, not an approach that breaks international law.



It may or may not cost that much money.I too am conservative and I believe this wall will work.It may seem impossible but I truly believe that Trump has a way of paying for that wall.Also if Trump becomes president I really think that no matter how much they protest Mexico will help pay for that wall.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to know how much you think it will cost to build this "great" wall with a big door so the illegal immigrants can come back legally.

Also, why would Mexico pay for a wall that they do not need? I rarely hear of American citizens illegally immigrating to Mexico and taking jobs. Mexico does not need a wall; therefore, they will definitely not pay for it.

A former Mexican president has come out against it explicitly, so consequently all of Mexico, with the exception of a small number of citizens, will be against paying for the wall.


This wall will cost about $8 to $10 billion dollars.There are ways that Trump can make Mexico pay for this wall.

Here's one way, each year Hispanics send about $23 billion to Mexico and to their families there. Lets say there is a guy named John. John is illegal but he got his papers and now has a job. Each month John sends $100 to his family in Mexico.Every time someone sends money somewhere in the world they get charged some money to send it. So John sends $100 and he has to pay an extra $10 to send the money.One thing that Trump can and might do is to increase the fee you have to pay to send money to Mexico.So Trump might increase that fee you have to pay by $30.So we use that money and we can pay for the wall.
Debate Round No. 3


So if I'm understanding correctly, the fee people pay comes back to the United States? That money could be used on so many other things! Let's hire more border patrol guards instead of using that money to build a wall! That way we create more jobs at the same time!

Plus, if we are using OUR money, then Mexico is not paying for it like Mr. Trump says they will. The point is, there is no way we can absolutely guarantee Mexico will pay for a wall. Or that this wall will work.

You also say that this fee applies when you send money to any part of the world. Why would you punish people sending money to Paris, France? Or London, England? That is like raising taxes! You say you are conservative but that sounds like a liberal policy! Let's not punish U.S. citizens who do not want a wall, by making them pay more for sending money out of this country that might not go to Mexico.

I appreciate my opponent debating me on this topic, and I respect all of their opinions.

I ask that you see that this wall will not work because of the cost and that it does not guarantee that illegal immigration will stop.


We already have a border control guard system and look how that's working.Illegal's get into America every day.We should keep the ones we have and build the wall.Besides Trump will create tons of other jobs that don't have to involve border control.

And yes the fee applies when you send money to any part of the world.But what i'm saying is that Trump might increase the fee for anyone sending money to Mexico not Paris,or London.

There are people who do not want the wall,but you cannot forget about the people who want the wall.Illegal's are taking jobs from American's.If Trump builds this wall the American people will gain more jobs.

I would like to say thank you to my opponent for debating this important topic with me.
I hope you do see the good thing that this wall will do.
Debate Round No. 4
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Reasons for voting decision: CON states wall cost are too high with no guarantee it will work. Mexico will not pay for it for something it does not need. PRO rebuts the wall can be funded with a money transfer fees. CON contends a fee would be better used to hire more patrol and create jobs and a fee could also apply to US citizens sending money to other countries, a penalty. PRO rebuts fees imposed on money sent to Mexico only and the wall will halt the taking of jobs. This was a good topic but, a real thin debate with little data presented which makes most of was stated assertions. No rebuttals of substance were made by either side. Tied debate. S&G tied, both exhibited appropriate use of language. Conduct: Tied, no mud was slung by either. Sources: Tied, the one provided by CON was not substantial enough to give weight to his argument