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Tsunade is a bad Hokage

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Started: 9/19/2010 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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1) She sent an ill-prepared team to capture Sasuke.

The Hokage sent an ill prepared team (Shikamaru, Choji, Naruto, Neji, and Kiba) who contained only a new Chunin (Shikamaru) and genin against a powerful team (the sound four). The team was VERY lucky to have all its members survive, and Sasuke managed to escape. This was a very important mission that Tsunade should not have taken lightly since Sasuke was known to be potentially very powerful, vengeful and was heading towards Orochimaru, one of the Leaf village's main adversaries that killed the third Hokage.

If the mission was successful, the Leaf Village would have a very powerful ninja on their side. Instead, Sasuke wants to destroy the hiddel leaf village.

2) She sent Naruto on too many missions that would allow the Akatsuki to capture the nine tails fox.

It was particularly important that Naruto be kept safe since Akatsuki wanted to capture all the tailed beasts in order to unleash their secret plan. In the kazekage retrieval arc, Akatsuki became dangerous close to capturing Naruto's nine tail beast.

3) She has too much of temper

Her temper makes her an ineffective leader. She does not think rationally but instead gets angry. She even at one point almost killed Jiraiya, destroying both of his arms, 6 of his ribs and rupturing many of his organs. his is not something one wants from any leader.

4) She is a compulsive gambler with debt

First off, it reflects badly that the Hokage has debt she has no interest in paying back. This is both immoral and illegal.
Second off, the Hokage is in charge of the lives of others and huge sums of money. Perhaps a compulsive gambler, is not a good position for a Hokage.

5) By drugging Jiraiya, and not acting until later due to her fear of blood, she lost out on the chance to kill Orochimaru.

There was no better time to kill Orochimaru then when both Jiraiya and Tsunade were present and Orochimaru was in a weakened state. Yet, did Tsunade take advantage of this huge gain. No! Instead, she decided to drug Jiraiya putting her in a weakened state and cowarded in fear over the tiniest amount of blood. Naruto almost died because of this mistake and Orochimaru and Kabuto were able to make it out alive.

6) Through her bad actions and displeasing Danzo, Danzo and roots did not help during Pain's invasion.

Danzo, most likely through the first five reasons, hated Tsunade so much, that he told Roots not to help attack Pain during the invasion, in the hopes that Tsunade would die. Not only that, but Tsunade constantly refused to make any compromises with Danzo, something that should not be done with someone of that great power. If Tsunade was a better Hokage and compromised with Danzo, then he would have helped in the battle and Pain would have been defeated quicker.


1) All the elite shinobis were already on high ranking missions because of the Sand and Leaf war. The Hokage sent 3 Genin and 1 Chunin to take down 4 Genin ( The entire sound 4 were genin) Any team would have been lucky to survive, those were powerful opponents. Tsunade did not take it lightly she called for reinforcements from the hidden sand village which included Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari shinobi who were already thought of as shinobis that had chunin/jonin type skill already. Gaara is the Sand's most powerful weapon so Tsunade did take this mission seriously.

Sasuke has proven that he cannot be persuaded to let go of revenge, it would have only been a matter of time before he attempted to leave the village again to join Orochimaru. Sasuke wanting to destroy the hidden leaf is accumulated by a number of mistakes made, way before Tsunades rule as Hokage.
If the First Hokage was successful in killing Madara Uchiha there would be no Akatsuki and no influence for Sasuke
If the Second Hokage hadn't used fancy words to segregate the Uchiha clan into the outskirts of the village the Uchiha would have bared no grudge.
If the Third Hokage would have just worked harder into settling on a peaceful agreement with the Uchiha then there would have been no need to Itachi to kill his own people. If the Third Hokage had killed Orochimaru when he was still young and dubbed the most powerful kage, Sasuke would have had nobody to run to.
If the 4th Hokage had not sacrificed himself to seal the fox into his own son and allowed his wife to kill the 9 tails on her own, the village would have had a powerful enough ninja 16 years later to fight Orochimaru face to face.

All the problems you blame Tsunade for with accordance to Sasuke's leaving, his current motives, and the failure to kill Orochimaru is not Tsunade's fault.

2. Naruto would not stand to not leave the village and do stuff on his own. Tsunade realized that she could not stop Naruto but instead took measures to increase his fighting experience so he can fight Akatsuki. Not like Tsunade put Naruto in complete danger, she put Hatake Kakashi with him on every mission, who is the Leaf's most powerful Jonin due to the fact that he is next in line to be Hokage. Tsunade put faith into the growth of Naruto and faith in Kakashi to protect him that is what a leader must do sometimes, trust their men.

3. Her temper makes her more passionate of a leader. If it was not for her passion, the elders would always get their way and none of the future generation shinobis would develop. The elders rely too much on the old veteran shinobis and refuse to pass down the "will of fire". Tsunade understands the importance of trusting the future generation and giving them the necessary experience to protect the leaf in later years. She attacked Jiraiya and destroyed his body in the time BEFORE she was Hokage. Jiraiya constantly was trying to hit on her, he deserved to get beat up for sexual harassment.

Also what Kage in the current naruto series does NOT have a anger problem???
Mizukage- has anger problems because she is still single and in her mid 30's, she has threatened to kill her subordinate many times during the meetings if he didn't shut up.
Raikage- He is the King of anger problems as he resorts to violence in any situation, at the 5 kage meeting he broke a table because he was getting impatient
Tsuchikage - He does not have a shown anger problem but he does show instances of being corrupt as he has hired Akatsuki for his own personal missions, plus he is ridiculously old.
Kazekage- He is not respected by any of the 5 kages because of his age. Plus, are you really gonna try to tell me Gaara has never had anger problems?

Tsunade is a much better Kage compared to all the above. Her anger problem does not even compare to the Mizu, and Raikage. She is not corrupted to use enemy forces like the tsuchikage, and she is one of the most widely respected ninjas of her time.

4) She had a gambling problem, but since becoming a Hokage she has not shown any moment of gambling money. Like I said before every Kage of all 5 nations has flaws, it does not make them bad kages. A Kage's main duty is to be the most powerful ninja in their village and at the moment Tsunade fits that title in accordance with her reputation as one of the 3 legendary Sannins and she is of perfect age to be a respected leader.

5) It is not clear weather or not Tsunade and Jiraiya could have killed Orochimaru. Orochimaru is seen as the most powerful of the 3 sannin in terms of ninjutsu. Jiraiya and Tsunade still have close ties to Orochimaru and we do not know if they even had it in them to kill Orochimaru. Jiraiya eventually joined the fight and Tsunade got over her fear of blood during the middle of it. Their door reopened to kill Orochimaru they just failed. Tsunade just joins the past Kages who failed to kill an enemy.
1st- Madara Uchiha
2nd- died by a ambush
3rd- Did not have the heart to kill his student which led to hid death
4th- failed to kill Madara

6) Danzo's grudge with the Leaf started way back in the time of the 3rd Hokage. Danzo holds a grudge because Sarutobi Hiruzen was selected to be the 3rd Hokage and he wasn't. It had very little to do with Tsunad, Danzo would have hated any Kage that was not him.

Danzo cannot be compromised with, we have seen how he operates, he assisted with the assassination of the Uchiha clan which was a factor of Sasuke Uchiha's current grudge, he worked with a known fugitive Orochimaru to get the 1st hokage's cells into his body. Danzo, if actually made the 6th hokage should be regarded as the worst hokage of them all.
1. His past is full of betrayal with the members of the hidden leaf
2. He botched the meetings of the 5kages by putting the neutral party under genjutsu and losing trusts from the 5 nations
3. Danzo could never get approval from the leaf's jonin, so if tsunade did compromise, root would have never been able to work with the leaf's regular ninja due to a conflict of leadership and loyalty.
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darkkermit forfeited this round.


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Sorry about that, I thought I had more time :-). I figure since its the last round, really no point.

I forfeit the match, winner goes to loserboi and if he's interested in a rechallenge, I will post my rebuttal.


LOL if you wanna redo it, I would be happy to give you a second chance.
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Posted by darkkermit 7 years ago
I'm sorry about that. Thought I had more time :)
Posted by Loserboi 7 years ago
NOOO DARKKERMIT cmon you can do it!
Posted by Loserboi 7 years ago
so bored! Darkkermit
"Hai Ya Koo"
Posted by dinokiller 7 years ago
o rly? :O
Posted by darkkermit 7 years ago
I actually was CON in the debate "Kakashi is a bad teacher".
Posted by dinokiller 7 years ago
Well said Loserboi, darkkermit hates almost all naruto major characters.
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