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Tupac is alive.

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Started: 11/12/2009 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Tupac is alive.

Now prove to me he isn't!


okay this is a lame argument and I accidentally clicked yes on it when I meant to click "NO" that was a big mistake, so I can only present a argument that technically he may not be alive biologically but in spirit and in memories he is very much alive to us all today.

thanks for such a dumb enough argument that I actually clicked "Yes" on it.
Debate Round No. 1



As my opponent does not provide a definition for "alive", I shall provide one.


1. Having life; living.
2. In existence or operation; active: keep your hopes alive.
3. Full of living or moving things; abounding: a pool alive with trout.
4. Full of activity or animation; lively: a face alive with mischief.

So technically, Tupac cannot be "alive" in spirit and memories, although we still remember him today.

Tupac has also released more posthumous albums than the top selling artists of the 2000's: Not even Eminem has released as many.

His "autopsy" photo is fake, as his tattoos are missing, and coroners don't normally cut that high up on the shoulders. For more proof here:;

I like Tupac.


well considering that the picture was fake it does not mean his death was fake. HE is dead, there are many witnesses to his death and there is an autopsy proof. I want your proof that hes alive. The guy (tupac) was so famous that it would be nearly immpossible to go that long without being undetected. He has no reason to fake being dead, Tupac had alot of money, girls and top hit songs. Thus your fantasy for Tupac being alive is unreal and theres no proof.
Debate Round No. 2


4chanforthewin forfeited this round.


As you see my opponent has forfeited this round and thus he should lose the debate. However i would like to thank my opponent for the debate and i hope for many good debates in the future. VOTE CON!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Alleyezonme 3 years ago
First off your wrong because there is only one eye witness. The rest were his bodyguards and known friends. Who would lie for him in a heartbeat about something like this. And secondly how about finding your own proof? Oh that's right you know so much, how can you say he is dead if you haven't studied? And why would they even fake a photo in the first place. In light of your ignorance I'll explain what you should look into. Sense you are simply to lazy to so yourself."

The thing about Pac is, everyone is asking the wrong questions. Everyone is trying to prove how he is still alive, that gets all nowhere. We already know there are far more facts giving us good reason to believe he is alive versus him being dead. But how isn't going to get us anywhere, because that way all we get is the same debate."

Which is someone saying "come on its been so and so years the man is dead let him rest in peace". Then another person simply saying "Pac faked his death and is coming back in the year blah blah blah". Tupac is very alive, why is simple, he was from birth, chosen to liberate people everywhere. No matter how you look at it he is alive, even if he is dead."

So of course I believe he is alive, he always wanted to be out of the spotlight. He said this many times, along with telling us why. And The 7 Day Theory concept, not just the album. Proves undeniable reasoning to the fact that he still lives physically. All the way to his lyrics, I won't even list those because that is something the reader should find if they really wanna know.

And there are just to many to list."
"I can't make you believe that way, although even playing his lyrics backwards proves he is alive. But if you still do not want to believe then that is a choice. It's not to wise to oppose the thought of this even being true if you haven't really listened to him though.

Or his life, if you study Pac you will see why people say he is alive. Now what do I mean by he is alive even if he is dead? Si
Posted by defrulz804 7 years ago
Yeah thats kind of what happened unfortunately. I wasn't exactly pay very well attention that day, i was trying to hurry and made a mistake...twice...LOL
Posted by omelet 7 years ago
I think defrulz meant to decline the challenge, and then also misinterpreted the debate as him being pro.
Posted by 4chanforthewin 7 years ago
Wow, embed fail.
Posted by leet4A1 7 years ago
Yeah what, I'm confused. Defrulz, do you believe Tupac to be dead or alive?
Posted by wonderwoman 7 years ago
wtf it wouldnt be hard to prove that Tupac is dead
Posted by defrulz804 7 years ago
OHHH crap i took the wrong side of the arguement by mistake....GRRRAWWW i cant believe i just did that...what do i do, pretend that just didnt happen, but it did, crap, oh well it was still a good point, even if its going toward his side, im sooooo out of it today!
Posted by leet4A1 7 years ago
Yeah so is Elvis. Also, Paul McCartney and Pauly Shore are dead.
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