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Tv's are not bad for you.

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Started: 10/28/2014 Category: TV
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TV's are not bad for you because they can help you in many different ways!


It really matters on the TV provider and the channel you use.

TV can be distracting, wastes power, and costs money.

We use it for entertainment.

People who watch cartoons aren't getting anything other than knowing how to take thier shirts off and scream "My mom!"

People who watch discorvery channel, will most likely benifit
Debate Round No. 1


No not all the time. We may get bored and need something to do so we watch some TV. But it can be life saving. For example, if there was a tornado coming but you didn't know cause your watching TV. The show you are watching will be interrupted to bring the news faster. And what about diseases. We didn't know that ebola had come to the U.S. but News on TV's came around and we protected ourselves.


More people use thier phones instead of watching TV. People can use their phones instead of television. You automatically get a message when there is an amber alert, flood warning, and silver alert
Not everyone has a TV
Not everyone watches the news.
Most people watch sports, cartoons, and informational TV channels
So great TV tells you when something is happening.
There was radio before TV and more people got the message faster than checking the TV now.
You will gain nothing from TV
Debate Round No. 2


Couple of points:
Tv brings people together- family's and friends often meet to watch football and other shows together.
Can help educate children- certain kids show can help children with their speaking and listening but also shows like Dora the explorer can help teach kids other languages.
Inspires kids- tv shows can inspire kid to try new activities that they have never tried before.
Motivates people to read- if you watch a movie or series, which are based on books you are likely to read that book afterwards.


U iz a pheggit
Debate Round No. 3
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