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U.S is superior to Canada

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Started: 7/1/2015 Category: Places-Travel
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I am arguing in the general sense, that the United States is superior to Canada. While my opponent will argue Canada is superior to the United States.

Basically by superior, i mean the following factors (note this is only a few of them)







1. greater in quality, quantity, etc.

2. of high or extraordinary worth, merit, etc.

3. higher in rank or status.

a. of higher grade or quality.


Thanks Pro.

Canada the better country of the two, despite popular American opinion. I can prove this with some statistics.

The Global Reputation Institute, which collects opinion poll data all over the world conducted a country reputation survey and found that Canada ranked at the very top of world opinion polls, at a 76.6% approval rate. The United States however ranked much lower at 57.4%. In other words, the world likes us better on average, and here is why:

Crime Rates

Canada’s murder rate is at 1.7, while in the U.S. it is at 5.2.

Canada’s robbery rate is at 86 per 100,000, in America it is at 114.


Our Prison system actually works, unlike the American system. On average, 114 of every 100,000 citizens are serving time, in Canada, that’s about 38,700 prisoners. In America, it’s at 716 per 100,000 people, equaling some 2.24 Million prisoners.

The Canadian gov’t hasn’t had capital punishment since 1976, and we haven’t killed one person since 1962. The U.S. killed 43 people in 2012, and some 3,124 more inmates are on the waiting list.

Mass shootings are almost a strictly American affair. There have been at least 65 mass shootings in America since 1982, with some 434 people dead. Only two shootings have happened in Canada during the same time, with some 20 people dead at the most.


On average, we live almost three years longer in Canada, and our healthcare is free and it’s universal. It’s cheaper than the American system – on average Canadians pay half what Americans pay. Our infant mortality rate is at 5.1 per 1000, in the states it is 6.1, obesity in Canada is at 24.2%, but in the U.S. it’s 35.9%.


The Programme of International Student Assessment conducts student ability tests in 44 countries, and in this survey Canada came in fifth place with a score of 522, while the U.S. scored much lower, at 494. Our education system is better. In the OECD rankings, Canada’s schools rank in the top 10 of 65 countries every year, in 2009 we were 6th, while the U.S. was 17th. 54% of Canadian low-income kids get educated in post-secondary, while in the States only 30% do.

Speaking of Post-Secondary, 48.3% of Canadians have P.S. education, while only 40.3% of Americans do.

61% of Canadians accept evolution, which is terrible! Much too low, but we can be thankful, because only 30% of Americans do! That ratio is oddly enough the same for a belief in Bigfoot.

Don’t even get me going on the Imperial system, which is so useless and outdated (it’s literally ancient – Rome) it’s always a wonder that the U.S. hasn’t switched to Metric like the rest of the world.


Our air pollution average is at 14.5 micrograms per cubic metre of air, while in the U.S., it is 17.8. Our air is cleaner.

Life Satisfaction

Canada’s OECD life satisfaction index is at 7.6, while the U.S. is at 7. Our suicide rate is at 11.1 per 100,000 people, while in the U.S. it is at 12, average maternity leave is 50 weeks here, in the States it is 12 weeks, in Canada every 2.1 marriages per 1000 population end in divorce, while in the States it’s at 3.6. We have more sex, at 59% saying they have sex weekly, while the States are at 53%.

80% of Canadians are fine with homosexuality, while in the States only 60% were fine. 64% of Canadians give to charity, while 60% of Americans give. 11% of Americans have 50 hour work-weeks, while in Canada, only 3.9% do. We have 2.6 rooms per person (housing), while in the States you have 2.3. We have bigger houses.


Canadian economic freedom (debt, etc.) as surveyed by the U.S. based Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom says that Canada is 6th place internationally for economic freedom, while the U.S. is 10th. We have less income disparity, OECD ranked the U.S. fourth place, among nations like Mexico and Chile, while Canada ranked 12th. Youth unemployment is at 13.5% here, in the States it’s at 16.8%.

Bloomberg’s survey of the strongest international banks, four of the top ten were Canadian, and all scored higher than the top U.S. bank, Citigroup, which came in at 9th. Our banks are better.

Our corporate taxes are lower: 8th out of 185 countries by PricewaterhouseCooper, while the U.S. ranked 69th. We have more paid holidays and have mandated paid holidays (while the U.S. does not), 23% of Americans never get paid time off, while every single Canadian must get two weeks and nine public holidays.

62% of women are in the labour market, while only 57% are in the U.S.


We are the 8th most peaceful country in the world, while the U.S. is 100th! We have more women in our Government, at 24.7% of Parliament, while the US has 17.8%. Keeping with gender equality, the Provincial leaders of Ontario, Quebec, B.C., Alberta, Newfoundland, Labrador, and Nunavut are all being ‘governed’ by female representatives – that’s 87% of Canada’s population. In America, just 5 female governors are in power.

We have less lobbying, with a lobbyist to senator/MP ratio is 12 to 1, while in the States the lobbyist ratio is at 23 to 1, possibly up to 65 to 1, because some lobbyists don’t register.

The U.S. Presidential race costs $7 Billion dollars! In Canada, it costs $90 Million, thanks to limits placed by Elections Canada.

We have Question time, in which Government officials are ‘thrown into the lion’s den’ and are forced to debate and answer questions.


We have 7% of the renewable water supply – that’s the most per inhabitant in any developed country.

I could keep doing this, but this should be enough to show how much better Canada is. Canada might be the humble giant up north, but don’t underestimate how fantastic it is to live here.


Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Con for the arguments

I'm a bit pressed on time, so I will present my rebutalls to Con's arguments next round.

Why America is superior to Canada


Americans have to pay much less sales tax than what Canadians do. Sales tax in America range from 0% (Pennsylvania) to the highest being Tennesese, with a 9.44%. Alberta has the lowest tax at 5%, while the majority of provinces all have tax rate above 10%! 11) This is frankly why so many Canadians travel across the border to shop, because they pay less taxes. (2)

Lets talk about income taxes, for some one who is single and has the wage of the average Canadian, he has to pay 31.6% income tax, and 21.5% if he is married and has 2 children. Americans on the other hand, pay far less. 29.7% for Single people, and 11.9% for being married and having 2 children. (3) Keep in mind, some states do not even have income tax, which are states like Texas and Florida.

Average Salary

Americans on average make more money than their Canadian counterparts. According to OECD, Americans make an average of $56,067 dollars, while Canadians make 45,896 dollars. There is approximately a 11K difference between the salaries. (4)


American culture is literally what represents Western culture. America is home to the movie industry, with many sucessful titles such as Terminator, Saving Private Ryan, etc... Almost all Canadian actors come to Hollywood to persue their careers, because it is in America where they can actually have a career in the industry. (5)

Movies aside, let's look at books. Out of 84 top selling authors, nearly half of them were Americans. In comparison, there was 1 Canadian, and he was half British. (6)

Gas prices

Note: 4 liters is about 1 gallon

In the developed Western world, America has the cheapest price for oil. I'm going to use liters for argument purposes, per liter, Americans pay just 77 cents per liter. Canadians on the other hand pay $1.19 per liter. For argument sake, lets say I needed 48 litres for my car. In the U.S, I would pay 0.77*48= 36.96 dollars. If I were Canadian, I would pay 1.17*20=56.16 dollars. You can see, as you add the # of litres, the cost difference increases. (6)

Better Universites

America has better Universities than what Canada offers. If I compare the top 10 universites in the world, 7 of them are American, with #1 and #2 also being American. The University of Toronto ranks at #20, making the highest ranked Canadian University. (7)

Foreign Aid Donated

America ranks #1 in total foreign aid given with approximately 30 million given in foreign aid annually. Canada gives about a 1/5 of what the U.S gives, at about 6 million.


The United States of America has the largest economy in the world, with a a 17.4 trillion GDP. Canada's GDP is about 1/17 of what the U.S has. U.S is far superior, due to the fact that so many countres depend on the U.S for its buisnesses. Infact, Canada's largest trade partner is the U.S.

Unemployment Rate

America has a much lower unemployment than Canada. The American unemployment rate is at a 5.5%, while Canada's rate is at a 6.8%. More Canadians by a percentage still cannot find a job. Unlike what Con said, Canada has a higher unemployment rate for youths. 13.2% of Canadians are unemployed compared to just 12.3% of American Youths. (10)


America is a world leader in technology. Out of the top 10 companies, 6 of the companies were American. Many of our nessicites are American made. For example, your P.C runs an OS that was creates by Microsoft. (11) The top used websites, Google, Facebook, Twitter were all made by Americans. There is barely anything that Canada has contributed to the technology industry. The only notable company was Research in Motion, and there sharp decline in the mobile market, has resulted in them no longer being a contender in the market. (12)

Freedom of Speech

America is a country that was founded on freedom and liberty, and it one aspect of that includes Freedom of Speech. According to the First Ammendment. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" Canada on the other hand, have laws that prohibit speech that could be classified as hate crimes. (13) There cannot be true free speech, when you create a law to prevent somebody in expressing their opinion.


Americans much better at sports compared to Canadians. I'll make a comparison of ranking of various sports

Men's soccer

U.S: Rank 27

Canada: Rank 109

Women's soccer

U.S: Rank 2 (U.S won the 2015 world cup)

Canada: Rank 8

Men's Basketball

U.S: Rank 1

Canada: Rank 27

Women's Basketball

U.S: Rank 1

Canada: Rank 10

Men's Hockey

U.S: Rank 5

Canada: Rank 1

Women Hockey

U.S Rank 2

Canada: Rank 1

Lets look at the olympic medal count

London 2012

U.S: 103


Sochi 2014

U.S: 28


To conclude, it is very obivious that the United States is much better at sports than Canada. Canada excels at hockey and winter sports, but thats about it. The U.S dominates the Summer olymplics, and still wins more medal overall than Canada.

I'll post my arguments in the coming rounds.



Thanks Pro.

Let’s discuss taxes farther, because this is a defining difference.

If Americans had the same kind of services that Canadians have, then you might have a good case. However, as I showed earlier, our education, paid holidays, benefits, universal healthcare, environmental, and our public safety services all rank significantly better/higher than the U.S. In the States, you pay less taxes, and thereby have considerably less services – and you pay for it in other ways. ‘Many Canadians’ do not travel across the border to shop for anything but liquor and cigarettes, which are taxed very high here (especially cigarettes), if they do at all. Trust me, there is no mass exodus to buy American groceries or anything like that.

As I pointed out, lower taxes is one of the few political ‘advantages’ Americans can truly claim. An interesting case in point was unintentionally made by Pro in bringing up income tax. We pay more for married couples with 2 children by about 10%, however, the benefits received make up for this tax hike by a fairly generous margin. We have the CCTB (Canada child tax benefit) for example, which reimburses parents financially for every child under 18, and it increases to compensate lower income families. We just cut taxes for families and our benefits /deductions have never been higher. Some examples:

Parents can now have ‘birth-related’ costs covered by the gov’t.

‘the Harper government announced a family tax cut credit that would allow eligible parents with at least one child under the age of 18 to effectively shift up to $50,000 of taxable income from the higher-earning spouse or common-law partner to the lower-earning one. The maximum credit is $2,000, and it's in effect for the 2014 tax year.’

Child fitness credits up to $1000 per child per year

Child Art credits up to $500 per child per year

A tax-free Post-secondary education fund

Child care benefits up to $160 a month per child

Transit passes can be paid for

Post-Secondary books/tuition benefits up to $5000

Etc. etc.

Benefits like these are why our taxes are higher – not to mention healthcare, etc. Keeping with taxes, let’s look at taxes and income disparity in the United States, because this is where it is very interesting:

In the U.S. the top tax bracket has to make $400,000 a year or more, and they get taxed 39%. Back in the 50’s, that was at 90%. A brief glance at the American debt, which is at $18 Trillion, and the income disparity, in which the top 10% makes 70% of the income…you can see how the system is broken.

In Canada, the top bracket has to make $136,270, and only pay 29%. That’s 10% cheaper and we have more benefits, and we are lower in disparity. “Between 1966 and 2011, the average inflation-adjusted income of the bottom 90 per cent of American workers grew by a negligible $59. Meanwhile, the income of the top 10 per cent of workers soared by $116,071. Among OECD countries ranked for worst income disparity, the U.S takes fourth place, behind only Chile, Mexico and Turkey. Canada comes in 12th out of 34 nations.”

Our lower brackets do much better as well – we look out for the poor much better – down to 15% with tons of benefits – check out this list for low-income families:

Our corporate taxes are lower as well. The corporate tax rate in America is at 40%, the highest in the world, and in Canada, it’s at 26.6%, although we tax environmentally destructive companies up to 50% more.

You really have to examine the entire picture and not just the percentage. Our roads are better, our transit is better (we are the top country in the world for people taking public transit to work). Just look at the benefits. For example, how we have halved healthcare costs compared to the U.S. It’s worth it.

As for Culture, unfortunately, I can’t argue against that, after all, America is 10 times the size in population. For our size, Canada puts out a lot of great musicians and actors and writers – just check out the Canadian indie music scene. If we could somehow gauge culture per capita, I’d argue that we come pretty close if not better than America.

Universities (which you ironically spelled wrong) don’t do much good if less people use them and the people who use them have had a terrible grade school education. As I said before, 48.3% of Canadians have P.S. education, while only 40.3% of Americans do. Canada’s schools rank in the top 10 of 65 countries every year, in 2009 we were 6th, while the U.S. was 17th. 54% of Canadian low-income kids get educated in post-secondary, while in the States only 30% do.

Again, using only a big objective number does not represent how much foreign aid a country gives. Interestingly enough, tracking exactly where that money goes is always an interesting affair. For example, the second-most donated-to country is Israel, with some $250,000 in actual economic ‘donation’ and $3 Million in military assistance. In Afghanistan, the number one donated-to country, $3 Million in economic assistance, and $9.5 Million in military assistance. You tell me if Israel and Afghanistan need more military assistance.

Really, it boils down to 13 cents per capita gov’t aid for America.

And 17 cents per capita gov’t aid for Canada.

Keeping with this theme of ‘bigger is better’, I’d point out that the GDP by External Debt ratio is 98% in America and in Canada it is at 81%. Or take GDP per capita, which, according to the American CIA Factbook, the U.S. makes $52,800 per capita, while Canada makes $52,100. That’s much closer. The U.S. is running a 4% defecit of GDP. Canada ran at 1%, but should be shifting into a surplus in the next year.

Most of Pro’s arguments boil down to bigger is better. A per capita ratio would be far more revealing, rather than the obvious fact that America is ten times as big and therefore logically should export more. Is that really a sign that America is better? Or is it the obvious conclusion – ten times as big – ten times the export. Except in hockey, it would seem.

Take the Olympics, for example. Despite the fact that the USA is ten times as big, we did nearly as good – in Sochi we were three medals away! You tell me if that is an honest ratio.

As for Pro’s claim that the youth unemployment rate is lower – your sources don’t work, and my information is very reliable – here’s another source:

Finally to rebut the First amendment fallacy – I’d encourage Pro to check out the detailed Section 2 in our Charter:

Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;

(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and

(d) freedom of association.


Debate Round No. 2


Thank you Con for the arguments

I will first provide my rebutalls this round, and my counter rebutalls next round.


Global Reputation

Unfortunately, there is very little I can do to refute this. Due to the U.S active millitary intervention, many Arab countries hate us to the core, so really, its impossible for the U.S to be more likeable than Canada. In defense of the U.S, Canada pretty much accompanied the U.S in every foreign war. The problem is that the media focuses more on America. (Vietnam and Iraq 2003 being an exception)

Crime Rates

Overall, Canada is safer to live than the U.S, but lets be practical. Homicide rates vary greatly among the 50 states, compared to the Canadian provinces. If an Immigrant were to move to New Hampshire, he would be very safe compared to somebody moving to Washington D.C. New Hampshire infact, has a lower homicide rate than Ontario. So really, it depends on where in the U.S you live. Some areas are very violent, and some areas are very safe. Canada infact, has a a higher rate of being assaulted, than the U.S.

Con simply stating that Canada's prison system works without explanation is simply incorrect. I do not see how this directly correlates to the American prison system being worse.

Con seems to assert that Capital Punishment is a bad thing. This is actually very debatable on whether it is better than LIP, but Con simply cannot use that as a factor in claiming Canada is better.

Health Care

Single payer healthcare isn't free. You pay with it through taxes. Also Con seems to assert that it is automatically better Conservatives on one hand, might disagree. Both Canada and the U.S are ranked 2nd worst and worst (in that order) in the Industrialized world, however I think we need to take the different systems into consideration. (11). Most of Canada's critisism comes from the long waiting times, and people have actually died from this. This is quite unacceptable, because Canadians generally pay very high taxes, and in return do not receive the same benefits as some one in France. So, both systems have the Pro's and Con's. Lack of insurance vs long waiting times. With insurance, if you have the money, you will always be able to attain it, but with long waiting times, its something every Canadian has to deal with.(12)


These stats Con provided are based on the Average Canadian and American. If I were to compare the smartest kids of each country, the U.S is actually ranked #1 in the world.

Con provides an incorrect statement. According one of my sources, 60% of Americans believe in evolution.

The only thing the U.S hasn't done is sign a paper that says we are metric. Metric is used alot in the U.S, as most of our groceries have Grams and Litres, instead of ounces. Canada still also uses Imperial, as most use Pounds and Feet to measure weight and height. I still do not see how this would mean Canada is superior.



Life Satisfaction

Most of the issues Con listed aren't instritic to the U.S. it must be stated that an issue like divorce being common in a nation must be intrinsic to that nation before you can claim it effects how great the nation is. Most of the issue people have with divorce and life satisfaction involve many factors, which are based on the person, not the nation. divorce rates and satifcation rates in the US isn't intrinsic to the US. You living in the U.S, doesn not mean your life will end in a divorce, as it is a personal issue. So to conclude, just because divorce rates or being less happy is higher in America does not make you more prone to these issues.

Regarding homosexuality, this is very subjective. Con is asserting that if you don't agree with it, it is wrong. For a conservative christian, he may not support homosexuality, but that doesn't mean that it should be considered wrong. People have their right to their opinion.

95.4% of American households give to charity.

I don't see how working longer should automatically be considered bad. Some people simply like to work longer to earn more money. Critising that, and saying its bad, I disagree with. Most doctors work between 50 to 60 hours, so should that be considered bad?

Con leaves out the other factors pointed on the source. The U.S is ranked 4th in Dwellings with basic facilities, and 4th in Housing expenditure. Meanwhile, Canada is ranked 8th and 22nd in that order.


Already adressed in the comments.

Regarding women in politics, it doesn't correlate to more women actually wanting to take part in it. Con still have to show more American women are willing to take part in politics, but are unable too.

It would make sense that American poltiicians spend more than Canadian ones. You have to campagin for a larger audience, and there were more candidates running that there were for Canada.


Can't refute here, Canada does have more fresh water, but America has produces more natural gas and oil than Canada.

Apolgize for the messy round, really short on time, too busy with other stuff.

List of arguments Con conceded (without any rebutall)


Gas Prices

Unemployment Rate




64bithuman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent has mentioned in the comments that he will concede the debate. VOTE PRO.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by tajshar2k 2 years ago
Ok, I thank you for being a wonderful opponent. You did a good job debating.
Posted by 64bithuman 2 years ago
I concede the debate - If we follow the debate resolution to a tee than I just can't win - the U.S. has ten times everything we have.
Posted by tajshar2k 2 years ago
Sources got messed up.
Posted by TyroneShelton 2 years ago
All who think Canada is better say Eh. Eh!
Posted by qwerty124 2 years ago
I would personally say so. The United States of America is better than Canada (sorry Canada.) I mean Canada's still pretty cool and all that, but the U.S is even cooler. While Canada has it's beauty and natural phenomenon stuff, the United States has the culture, the amazing (so be it small) history, and the better national day (Independence day > Canada Day).
I'm actually from Britain (why I'm looking at this I don't really know), and I see the U.S and Canada as our sons (Australia's a half-son who we kinda had an affair to make). Canada is the child who does all the homework and plays in all the school concerts. The U.S hasn't but spends it's time out with its friends being cool and snogging girls.
Anyway, the U.S is just cooler, O.K?
Posted by Varrack 2 years ago
Of course it is.
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