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UFC: Jon Jones will defeat Anthony Johnson

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Started: 3/6/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Pro: Jon Jones wins
Con: Anthony Johnson wins

In my opinion Jon 'Bones' Jones will win in a fight against Anthony "Rumble" Johnson because Jon has defeated former world champions and overall fought better competition. (Rashad Evans, Lyoto Machida, Rampage Jackson.) He also has a better submission game. (6-3). And is a 9 time UFC world champion. Which Rumble still hasn't accomplished. Another factor that will make Jon Jones the winner is his 2 inch reach advantage and longer reach. Not to mention that he is a NCAA wrestling champion.

In Conclusion: Jon Jones will win because his record is more superior to Anthony's and will win via 4th round submission.


People always say that being younger and taller is an advantage, but I disagree with that. Andrew Johnson is 4 years older than Jones, which means he is more experienced. He will have a better UFC knowledge. Also, being smaller is an advantage in my opinion. It is easier to dodge punches and kicks, and you are lower and can go under his hands for punches.

Andrew Johnson's biggest advantage is his hands. He has a 15% better knock out rating of good defenders than Jon Jones.
His hands are deadly, and are way more likely to knock out an opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


Jon Jones 2 inch height is an advantage because it would be harder for Anthony to target his chin, and being four years older is an disadvantage because you will be slower. Yes you will have more experience but you will lack the energy and speed and thus makes Rumble slower.

You are right about Anthony possibly knocking out Jones because of his 15% higher ko rate. But that is only a possibility because Jon has never been knocked out in his career and has faced many oppenents that hid as hard as rumble. Example, Rampage,Machida, and Glover.


Being four years older does not mean you are slower, first of all. 31 years old is not that old. By the way you say the 2 inch height advantage means he will not be able to target his chin, it's only 2 inches, it's not like he's 6 inches taller. And being shorter means you can get to his stomach easier, which I think is more painful than the chin.

You say it is "a possibility", and you're right, which increases his chances of winning. And when glover fought jones, there were no knockdowns, and only 2 takedowns. That is a more realistic fight because it happened in December, unlike rampage and machida, which happened 4 years ago.
Many things change over four years.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes by being more younger, it will make you more explosive and have more energy. Thats why younger fighters dominate the UFC. Look at Dan Henderson, he is 44 and is on a losing streak. Even though he is considered to have the best chin, punches, experience in mma. Dan still lost to younger fighters. Sometimes youth beats experience.

Anthony has a 15 % percent better ko percentage, but Jones has never been knocked out. Meaning that Jones has a better chin and will lead the victory.

Jones will win because he is better in every part of his resume execpt he lacks ko power. Anthony only has a punchers chance.


Yeah, you're right, he lacks power, that's why he's going to lose
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DarthKirones 3 years ago
This is an interesting one. I will read this one. I would accept the debate, but I agree with pro...
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