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UFC mma fighting is the most physically and mentally demanding sport in the world

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Started: 8/10/2013 Category: Sports
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To be a top level mixed martial artist,ie UFC.You have to be in the best possible shape you could possibly be in.This is becoming a truth in other sports as well.that's why you see athlete's in other sports doing mma training, and you typically see vast improvement in all around ability's (I could give many examples if needed).

I use the ufc as my example because myself,most experts and fans look at the ufc as the major league of MMA promotions .There really is no structure as a whole like boxing so you could really assert any promotion for argument sake is the best promotion.If you go by success its hard to argue that the ufc isn't in a league of there own.

That being said the mental aspects of being in a UFC mma fight is something very few people could handle.Just imagine being in front of between 50-100 thousand people, just you!...against another fighter,who has trained 4-6 months every day for hours a day to beat the sht out of you!...Can you think of a more traumatic sporting scenario that you wouldn't want to be in?

And that's precisely why you see these big athletic guys reduced to tears and sobbing after a loss sometimes..they put everything they have for several months, not seeing there family, cutting 20-40 pounds on average and convincing them self's that there in the best possible peak shape then can be in and that there unbeatable .

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Debate Round No. 2


I'm a little confused as to whether or not I'm suppose to be elaborating on my argument or waiting?I guess I'll elaborate then.From a physically demanding perspective mma is far more rigorous than other sports.High level fighters need to be strong everywhere, lower and upperbody.they need to have amazing cardio (anybody who's ever been in a fight probably can relate a little)and they need to be as flexible as there body will allow.Now obviously a lot more goes into the 3 of those attributes but I'm just trying to simplify a little.

Other sports have a tendency to focus on certain attributes depending on what position there playing.I know I may really be generalizing but if you think about it really does apply to almost every sport except mma e.g tom Brady(patriots Qb)may focus a lot on his accuracy and arm strength while neglecting his running speed or lebron James may focus on his speed and cardio while neglecting his strength training.MMA fighters don't have that luxury.

They need to be as fast as they are strong and as quick as they are flexible.Its a matter of finding that perfect symmetry and ballance it all out so your in the best possible shape the night of the fight.Speaking of nighey typically walking. into the ring having put back on anywhere from 10-30 pounds that they cut in 24 hours.Yes for you who think that sounds impossible I repeat they cut there overall body weight in a 24 hour span as much as 30pounds.So if a fighter fighting at light heavy weight needs to make


I was not waiting on elaboration, i was assuming first round was acceptance. You have my apologies, most people whom start a debate ask that the first round is only for acceptance.

So let us take a look at the topic we are debating and the resolution that must be resolved.

My adversary claims that

"UFC mma fighting is the most physically and mentally demanding sport in the world"

So let us look at what he is really stating. He is stating that MMA is not just the most physically demanding sport or the most mentally demanding, but both the most physically and mentally demanding. The "and" in that sentence is the key factor. That means if one other sport can be shown to be as much or more physically demanding or as much or more mentally demanding his argument is invalid. He says "the most", not "one of the most". So his burden of proof is to show that this sport lives up to his claim. My job is to build my own case and offer rebuttals. I do not have to show that mma is not physically demanding, nor mentally demanding, I just have to simply show how some people and other sports can be just as mentally and physically demanding as MMA.

Some of his claims are as follows

1. It is mentally tough to have to be able to look in the face of someone you are about to fight

2. You have to be away from your family for long periods of time

3. You have be physically trained to the highest degree to do this sport.

4. It requires high reflexes.

So to sum these up, I will not deny that MMA is both psychically and mentally demanding. That however is not what we are discussing. We are discussing that it is the "most" physically and mentally demanding. He has gave examples as to why he believes this.

So let us examine the word subjectivity. This is directly relevant to what he believes is the "most" physically and mentally demanding sport. For him to be able to prove this point, there would have to be a gauge as to what the most physically and mentally challenging conditions are.

I will give you an example of what I mean

Example A : Being away from their families can be tough on the mind

Example B : Spending weeks at a time learning wind patterns in order to hit a ball in the right direction can be tough on the mind.

Both of these are mentally demanding and relevant to the person that is doing the task . What could be mentally demanding to one person or psychically demanding to one person is not necessarily the case across the board. So the definition of what is physically and mentally demanding is entirely subjective. So to say it is the "most", is a fallacy.

Point 1: MMA athletes have to train away from their families

Point 1: Football athletes have to train away from their families.

So by his line of logic, I can claim that football is the most mentally demanding sport in the world.

The point I am essentially making is that different sports can be considered to be as much of a challenge as MMA. To say it is the "most" is merely a personal opinion, because there is no gauge to judge this other than his own perspective.

Some sports that require psychical effort.

1. Hockey ( the ability to balance on ice while maintaining peek mental awareness)

2. Basketball ( one of the sports that requires the most cardio)

3. Cross Country ( pure cardio)

4. Football( a mix of cardio and mental awareness along with decision making)

If you ask one of these players is there job tough, they will tell you yes. Each have a different definition of what is psychical and mentally demanding. If you were to place one athlete into another position, they would no be able to fulfill the role because they are specifically training for that sport.

In conclusion

We can logically conclude that most sports are psychically and mentally demanding. My adversary disagrees and says that MMA is tougher than the rest. He has yet to fulfill his BOP and show how this is the case. I have shown that each sport is directly relevant to the person performing it and how what is psychically and mentally demanding is entirely subjective.

Thus the most logical conclusion is that MMA is not the most psychically and mentally demanding. It can possibly be considered one of the most, but with no way to gauge it, we can only label it simply as just psychically and mentally demanding.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Mikal 5 years ago
you to man :)
Posted by rja7 5 years ago
Hey mikal thanks for engaging.I'm not familiar with this site so sorry for my ignorance on the format..and for some reason I'm unable to input more than a thousand or so characters. You'll see that I was cut off at one point.may be the device I'm using.And I phrased my topic subjectively for a reason.I didn't realize they were that short.But thanks again.You clearly won by the content that was provided..I found it amusing you practice mma on your spare ..take care
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