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UN must be dissolved.

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Started: 5/30/2016 Category: Politics
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UN must be dissolved? I would argue against the topic. Anyone up for the challenge?


I accept your debate and look forward to debating with you.

My argument is that the United Nations is simply, not 'united'. Russia and China are easily manipulating the system and are using it to their advantage. They play a role in the Climate Change Scan, and the oil for scan scam, and the United Nations is doing nothing about it. With the European Union beginning to crumble the need for the United Nations does the same. Why should the United States fund something that is corrupt and ineffective towards countries?
Debate Round No. 1


You seem to have wrongly defined the term 'united' itself. Is manipulation of something equivalent to it not being united? Well, then no parliament, no international organization, not even our families are united, frankly speaking. Just because something is manipulated, is it worthy of being dissolved altogether? I humbly disagree. Every body has its pros and cons. Reforms are made to deal with them.

I also don't understand your cherry-picking of Russia and China, if other member have not tried to utilize UN for their interest. The fact is that the current world order is based on Realism, and realism demands pursuance of national interest. That interest can get brutal too. Therefore, one of the reason why I want UN to stay is for it being a platform of negotiation and diplomacy and a kind of instant diplomacy in the time of crisis when diplomacy is stalled altogether.

Secondly, UN and EU are not similar bodies. EU is a regional body based in Europe and having 27 member states. UN, on the other hand, is multinational institution with a membership of 193 countries. EU's interests are regional. UN's interests are global.

I agree, USA should not be burdened with funding a huge chunk of budget. But that has to do with reforming UN not dissolving it once and for all. When a scientific theory fails, Science is not dumped. A new theoretical model within science is prepared.

At least have better reasons for demanding dissolution, friend.


United - "joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings" which is what the United Nations are. The United Nations is joined together, politically with 193 nations, which is similar to the European Union as they are joined politically with common purpose and that is to ensure better economic trade.

However, I will get back to the point. My "cherry-picking" of Russia and China are more specifically directed to the Cold War, they both have good relations between each other. The realism is that with China slowly falling, their economic crisis is nearing, and with that it will bring a major problem to the United Nations, because China is basically connected to the whole world.

The United Nations have proved to be both bias and corrupt. There are countries in the world where one bans religion and the other doesn't and is causing internal conflict between the organization (Such as Syria and Iraq who are both member states of the United Nations).

The UN also has not done much good either. They haven't contributed, or barely have to the 5 million Congonese slaughtered, the torturing in North Korea and the rights of everyone around the world.

Conclusion: The United Nations is not only bias and corrupt it doesn't do much good either. The way you are comparing the EU to the UN is incorrect.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by SirSocrates 2 years ago
So you think the UN shouldn't be dissolved.
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