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USA: Republican Rule

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Started: 1/3/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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With honesty and careful thought, I believe that America, under Republican rule, will do good and we will prosper. Before I say why, i'd like to take a moment to state that I also respect Obama, and other hard working democrats out there. Now, time to get started:). I firmly think that we spend to much money on unnecessary programs and products. We are going further and further into debt, and we are not projecting power from bankruptcy court. I agree with Pres-Elect Trump's economic positions, but disagree with some of his stances on immigration and foreign policy. What I need to know right now is, is Mr. Trump going to be overall a positive, or negative figure representing the U.S. *no harsh judging based on responses*


I wouldn't say that the United States is entering a period of Republican Rule now, any more than The United States was entering a period of Democratic Rule in 2008. It's a constant cycle of up and down, and right now the ball just happens to be in their court.

But the last time Republicans held as much power as they do now, America did not do good or prosper. President George W. Bush and the US Congress ruined President Clinton's Balanced Budget, launching us into two expensive wars in a failed attempt to stimulate the economy, while simultaneously lowering the nation's tax revenue. His policies led to the greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression. Admittedly, all of that happened in the past. But I bring it up because I don't think Republican Lawmakers really learned anything from what happened, instead pinning it on Obama. There's no reason they won't make the same mistakes again.

As far as being seen as a positive or negative figure, I think PEOTUS Trump is already viewed with negativity and, unfortunately for the country, ridicule across the world. For example, here's a sampling of how the world's biggest foreign media outlets reacted to his election: (China) (France) (NZ) (Germany)

Aside from the media, it seems to me that foreign powers have been testing Trump since he won the election, and he's failed miserably on every measure. For example, when China took a US ROV from international waters, he threw a twitter tantrum. Then, when they said they'd give it back, he tweeted that "they should keep it". That does not look good diplomatically, nor does it set a safe precedent internationally. President Obama has spent eight years working to build up the United States' reputation, only for Donald Trump to start tearing it down. It's a remote possibility that he will undergo a complete change of character before his inauguration, but at this rate it looks to me like he will be a negative figure in representing the US.
Debate Round No. 1


I do agree with that a lot, but I think the wars were a mistake. The Iraq war was a mistake, as well as many others now..But the GOP is all about being conservative, and if we save money and cut military funding, we will be able to use more of our money on more important things, such as fixing local services, ect. We also need to use money on fixing our economy and immigration.

In short, the GOP must cut a lot of military funding, and we can use the saved money on other budgets and programs. Therefore I think the GOP will do alright, but I am yet to believe Trump will be a positive model in carrying out these ideals.

position: GOP will do okay, and Trump is not likely to do these things


I'm confused about your stance. It sounds to me like you think the GOP will do what Democrats have been trying to do for years now, that is, cut military spending and spend on other programs, such as infrastructure. They aren't going to do that. It would be completely uncharacteristic of them.

It sounds to me like we're on the same side here. We both disagree with the war/s in the middle east, and we agree on improving infrastructure, passing immigration reform, and spending less on the military to do it. Those are progressive values, and ones I do not think will be prioritized in the 115th congress or during Donald Trump's Presidency. (Democratic Party Platform 2016)
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Posted by xretrvh 1 year ago
I see where you're coming from, but I wouldn't say he "hates" them. He respects a lot of blacks, many of whom are quite famous, such as Serena Williams, who is also a women, Martin Luther King Jr., Barack Obama, and others. As far as LGBT goes, I can't defend that because of his positions, but I think he will change definitely, as he said in 60 Minutes, he requested for Racism, and racist jokes to end, because he promised he will unite the country and bring everyone together, so we can all prosper.
Posted by SocialisimAreCool 1 year ago
trump hates all blacks and lgbtq and most women i hate trump and hope he dies!!
Posted by xretrvh 1 year ago
I said in the statement I agree that America will prosper under republican rule, but the debate is on whether or not Mr. Trump will represent these ideas.
Posted by evanjfarrar 1 year ago
"What I need to know right now is, is Mr. Trump going to be overall a positive, or negative figure representing the U.S."

What is your position? Aren't you supposed to have a claim?
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