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USB devices are very dangerous. (External HD, USB chargers and Hubs, USB charging stations, ext.

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Started: 12/16/2016 Category: Technology
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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The first round is to accept the debate.
The topic covers all USB's. I dont even share my phone charger because Im afraid to get my phone infected. People often tell me I where a tin foil hat.


This'll be a fun one. First online debate, can't wait!
Debate Round No. 1


In round 1, I will talk about how USB devices are being exploited and what criminals are doing with them.

Bad USB malware
Bad USB: All USB devices have a security flaw, which means hackers can (reverse engineer the firmware. Hackers have discovered that USB controller chips offer no protection from reprogramming."

USB devices infected with bad USB Malware can:
USB can behave like a network card. USB can spoof network card, redirect traffic," and use device as attack vector
USB can behave like a keyboard. A hacker can install malware PC, perform Dll infections, install Rootkit in video card, and etc.
Infect Any phone and Tablet, flash drive, or Usb external drive.
Install MBR virus

This article explains what bad USB is:

Proof of concept article: Black Hat";

This article how a mouse can get infected. This is a very detailed article."

Bad USB malware can infect all plug and play devices. Devices that get infected with bad USB should be thrown out."

USB flash drives and external drives that get infected should also be thrown out. The files in the drive can be altered, or modified. Infected USB drives can spread malware to other Computers even if auto play is disabled. dll files within the drive can get infected. Malware can also mutate (change code.)"

I posted a video of what BAD USB Malware can do to a PC. I tried to recover my files from infected drive. The malware mutated and broke out of the sandbox.

Juice Jacking: USB charging stations and Hubs are everywhere. Most people will run to the closest USB charging station when they need a quick charge. Those charging stations can be setup not only to charge your phone, but exchange data. The main problem is; the same cord you charge your phone with is the same cord you use to transfer data. Hackers can install malware and remotely control your phone. Reprogram the firmware in your phone.

Reverse Juice jacking: when you plug your Phone into another USB device, your phone will infect that USB port.
This is a security researcher that talks about juice jacking. I like this security research because he can explain it in a language that preople can understand.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by RussellMania741 1 year ago
I can prove it in a debate.
1. Juice Jacking
2. Reverse Juice Jacking

I would first have to explain what these 2 are. You can find USB devices at airports, malls, car dealerships, and etc. USB charging stations can bet set up to exchange data. You can get data over the cable and that's when attack occurs. Reverse juice jacking is when you take that same device and plug it into another USB. Your device acts as an employment platform infecting what ever USB port you plug it into.

Bad USB:
The firmware in the USB device can be modified to act as a mouse, keyboard, or network card. Its undetectable by most Antivirus solutions because its not malware. Bad USB can also reprogram the firmware of any USB u plug it into
Posted by jo154676 1 year ago
The only way someone could win this debate is by proving that the very part is unnecessary, which they could do pretty easily. It would take someone with a lot of know how to infect a usb charger so I would not say that using someone elses is "very dangerous" which makes it seem like it would happen at least 50% of the time but I doubt it would happen once every 1000 times.
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