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Under normal circumstances a mother should not work outside a home?

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Started: 4/11/2012 Category: Economics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is something im doing for my school and i have to do the 5 min speech for affirmatives. need help. It's something a teacher wants us to do so we can get use to talking in front of people.


I realized after I took this argument that I am on the wrong side. I do think a mother should stay at home whenever possible:

So I was wondering if you would be willing to take my help with your assignment, but not "debate" as such (i.e. nobody will vote on who won).

Some reasons that may help you in you assignment:

Research has demonstrated that children do better with school when the mothers stay at home. Even if the children continue to go to school. This is because the mother is able to spend more time caring for the children (cooking, housecleaning, projects, etc. Can be done during the day). This way the mother can spend more time with and take better care of both of both the children and her husband.

Also if a mother stays a home they have a more stable environment than if both their parents are always rushing around trying to get everything done.


Now here are some arguments I would expect on the con side:

Women should work to show they are just as good as men. They should be good at everything.

Women need to work away from home to have self expression.

Women need to work away from home to show their leadership qualities

I would disagree: cf.

Women should not have to bear all the burdens of men, just as men don't have to bear all the burdens of women?
After men don't have to give birth to babies!

While I don't have a problem with women who want to work outside the home, they should be able to stay home to care for the house and their children.

It is the man's duty to provide for his family both financially and the protector.

The wife can still be a leader in the family and the community while staying at home.
A woman can show self expression while working from home/and primarily caring for children. Honestly does the argument that women can only show self expression by leaving the home. Consider Jane Austen or Jane Addams did! They changed the world without leaving their own homes.

I hope this helps.
Debate Round No. 1


lol. Thank you and yes it did. btw the appositives won the argument! =]


No Problem, glad to help.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by debate01 5 years ago
That's all he gave us we have to come up with everything else ourselves. I define normal circumstances as Couldn't find a job, wanted to stay at home more, or because the kids gets sick to much.
Posted by Beachgirly 5 years ago
Please define your debate topic a little more please :o
Posted by Koopin 5 years ago
If you change your position to CON I'll do it for the lolz.
Posted by phantom 5 years ago
What is the definition of normal circumstances?
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