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Under the given conditions, Sosuke Aizen could defeat Zaraki Kenpachi in battle.

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Started: 4/19/2011 Category: Entertainment
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Hey, guys. My first serious debate in a while. Here's to a good one.

Resolved: Under the given conditions, Sosuke Aizen [1] could defeat Zaraki Kenpachi [2] in battle.

The "Given Conditions":
- Aizen and Kenpachi are both in their peak canonical physical condition, free of injury. Aizen is freed from all physical restrictions.
- The combatants possess all of their standard equipment. Yes, this includes Aizen's Zanpakutou and the Hogyoku [3], the latter in the developmental state as of Ichigo's hitting him with Getsuga Tensho.
- Kenpachi is immune to Aizen's Shikai, Kyoka Suigetsu. Both combatants are aware of this.
- Both combatants are fully aware of the fact that they are there to kill each other. Their mental states correspond to that of their most recent appearance in the series. However, Aizen's Hogyoku has regressed to its aforementioned state. Let's just say a wizard did it.
- Yes, I realize that the Hogyoku makes Aizen "immortal". However, severe brain damage should be able to take him out, or at least render him incapacitated. As such, for the purposes of this debate, severe head trauma is considered to be the one way to kill Aizen. Basically, if you cave in Aizen's skull or chop his head into itty bitty pieces, you win. If Kenpachi can find another way to render him unable to continue fighting, then go ahead.
- Both combatants are fully aware of the aforementioned conditions.

- The battle takes place in the Fake Karakura Town mentioned here: [4] ( the "abandoned facsimile")
- Kenpachi and Aizen are the only two combatants. No others may enter the battle.
- No semantics. I'm not going to submit a formal definition of "defeat", but you know what it means. Kill. Incapacitate. You're smart people.
- R1 is simply for acceptance of the debate. R2, 3, and 4 are free of restrictions. However, in R5, Con may not present any new arguments. PRO wouldn't be able to refute those, and that wouldn't be very fair, now would it?
- If you have any ideas for more rules that might make this more fair, message me and I'll add them either here or in R2.

Here's to a fun debate.



Ah, always do enjoy a fun fiction based debate to practice~

I understand and accept the conditions of the fight to take place between the two fictional characters.

I also understand and accept the five (really four though, but you know what I mean) rules that are stated by the PRO. Though I do find the favor tipped towards the PRO since logically the PRO has four chances to bring up any formulated arguments/perspectives while the CON only has three allowed chances. Though given that I have the capability to refute any arguments and get the last word of the debate I guess it balances out somewhere.

Thus, I hope I can refute your arguments adequately, and I hope you present a very challenging argument to get me thinking.

So indeed, here's to a fun debate.

Let's dance~
Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to begin by thanking Hopeliveson for taking this debate. Let's have some fun.

As definitions and rules have already been taken care of, let's move right on to the arguments.

ARG1: Numbers

If one looks at Aizen's [1] and Zaraki's [2] stats under the "powers and abilities" section, they will find Aizen's stats to dwarf Zaraki's: 560 vs 390. Aizen surpasses Zaraki in all fields but Offense and Physical Strength, and even then, Aizen ties in Offense. Furthermore, while Aizen's Hogyoku allows him to boost his abilities even further [1], Zaraki's lack of Bankai [2] means his abilities cannot be increased.
In summary, Aizen's statistical superiority to Zaraki and ability to increase that superiority indicate that Aizen would best Zaraki in combat.

ARG2: Speed

Aizen's significantly greater speed grants him an edge over Zaraki. Zaraki's speed - even without the limiting eyepatch - was barely, if at all, greater than that of Ichigo Kurosaki in mere Shikai form [5], evidenced by Ichigo's striking Zaraki in their final clash. However, Aizen's speed dwarfs that of Ichigo's Bankai [6] and even surpasses that of his Hollowfied Bankai [6 again], demonstrated by his effortlessly outmaneuvering Ichigo in both states. This vastly superior speed grants Aizen yet another edge over Zaraki.

ARG3: Mindset

Aizen's greater presence of mind will allow him to avoid defeat by carelessness. Aizen exercises great caution in battle, evidenced by his anticipating the possibility of a surprise attack and placing a defensive Kido on his blind spot before the battle began [6]. However, Zaraki exercises very little caution in battle, accepting severe injury as the price for a good fight [2]. This difference in care and caution will be a crucial factor in Aizen's defeating Zaraki. Furthermore, since Aizen is aware of his one weakness in this battle - severe head trauma (see R1) - he will place the same barrier to protect himself as he did in the aforementioned battle with Ichigo. Given that this is his sole weakness, Aizen is actually likely to place multiple of these barriers around his head so as to further protect himself from injury.

While Aizen did lose some of this caution due to the Hogyoku's increasing his power [1], he has acknowledged this fault of his. Given his extremely keen tactical mind, he will be very mindful of this error while in battle with Zaraki and thus take care to avoid overconfidence, despite his advantages over Zaraki.

ARG4: Nnoitra

Viewing the third and fourth of the above videos [7][8] will show that even an unmasked Zaraki was severely injured in battle with the Fifth Espada, Nnoitra Gilga [9]. While Zaraki was clearly superior to Gilga, Gilga was only the fifth of Aizen's Espada, all of whom he is stronger than [1]. The fact that Zaraki had trouble defeating Nnoitra, whose power Aizen dwarfed, indicates Aizen's clear superiority.

ARG5: Variety

Aizen's greater diversity of techniques and abilities grants him yet another edge over Zaraki. Zaraki may be extremely skilled in swordsmanship, raw physical ability, and spiritual pressure [2], but Aizen is also extremely strong in these areas [1]. Furthermore, Aizen possesses tactical brilliance, Shunpo master, Kido mastery, and an extremely strong intellect, none of which Zaraki can even approach his level in. These four fields - tactics, Shunpo, Kido, and intellect - grant Aizen multitudinous options in battle. When one takes into account Zaraki's customary carelessness, it becomes clear that Aizen's vastly superior skills allow him to outwit, outmaneuver, and slay Zaraki.

ARG6: Durability

Zaraki's durability and stamina in combat are prodigious [2]. He can suffer many grave wounds without even being slowed [8]. This can be agreed upon. However, Aizen's innate pain tolerance combined with his possession of the Hogyoku allow him to surpass even Zaraki's ability to take damage. By viewing the above videos [10] and [11], one will find that Aizen can endure not only a direct hit from Hado 96: Itto Kaso [12], an attack of obviously massive power, and a Hollowfied Bankai Getsuga Tensho without even crying out in pain. In fact, the only noise Aizen made during the course of those two attacks was a grunt of annoyance and a gasp of momentary surprise - surprise which, despite taking a direct hit from Getsuga Tensho, failed to disturb Aizen's composure. He very quickly recovered from his surprise and evaded the next attack.
(One should also note Aizen's impressive durability - Itto Kaso only left him mild burns, despite its great power, and a direct hit from Getsuga Tensho left only as much a mark on Aizen as an ordinary slash from Nnoitra did to Kenpachi.)
The Hogyoku also very quickly closed Aizen's wound [11], demonstrating impressive regenerative capabilities.

In summary, Aizen's strong pain tolerance combined with his innate durability and Hogyoku-induced regeneration grant him superior durability to Zaraki, eliminating a characteristic that is often one of Zaraki's key advantages in battle.

ARG7: Adaptation

Another important characteristic of the Hogyoku is its tendency to increase the wielder's power in response to physical damage or exhaustion [13][14]. Thus, even if Zaraki does manage to strike Aizen, unless the wound is immediately fatal, the Hogyoku will simply heal him and increase his power even further. Aizen's Hogyoku-induced transformations all possess incredible durability and power [1]. If Zaraki strikes Aizen, but fails to kill him immediately, Aizen will simply grow even more powerful, increasing the gap between himself and Zaraki even further.

While the Hogyoku did reject Aizen as its master in the past, this was due to Aizen's being severely weakened in battle with Ichigo [15]. As Aizen has been restored to an optimal state, his renewed power will both cause the Hogyoku to recognize him as its master once again and allow him to subjugate it regardless.


To summarize my points:
- Aizen's statistics far surpass those of Zaraki.
- Aizen is faster than Zaraki.
- Aizen has greater presence of mind than Zaraki.
- Aizen is much stronger than a combatant that posed a strong challenge to Zaraki.
- Aizen's wider skill diversity grants him an edge over Zaraki.
- Aizen has greater durability than Zaraki.
- Even if Zaraki does hit Aizen, unless the wound is immediately fatal, Aizen will simply recover due to the Hogyoku and become even more powerful.


[5] Zaraki vs Ichigo video
[6] Aizen vs Ichigo video
[7] Nnoitra vs Zaraki video
[8] Second Nnoitra vs Zaraki video
[10] Aizen and Wonderweiss vs Yamamoto video
[11] Bleach 295 Subbed Part 1/2 video
[13] Aizen vs Urahara and Isshin video
[14] Aizen vs Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin video


Aiiiiii yaaaaah, no holding back on the first round eh? :)

Thank you for the challenge, GeorgeCarlinWorshipper, fun we shall have.

Aizen's total stats do exceed Zaraki, but he is still at the limit of a Shinigami, and physically by those numbers the two are of equal brute strength against each other still since they both pretty much tip the limit on offense and physical strength. Zaraki would thus have the superior physical strength while Aizen has superior kido, defense, and speed. They are still tied for Offense in general. Also, Aizen's Hogyoku only allowed him the boosting of his abilities with transformations, and before his transformations the Hogyoku only served to continuously regenerate Aizen's body. Proof to this is how it was noted that Aizen was getting tired even after he was fused with the Hogyoku (1). Aizen did not begin surpassing the limits of a Shinigami until the Hogyoku started to reconstruct Aizen's soul, so until that event Aizen is still under the limit of a Shinigami.

Zaraki is also not void of thinking. He is insane with little caution, but he never fights without making sure his abilities matched those of his opponent. Zaraki intentionally has his energy sucking eye patch (3) just so he could fight weaker opponents than him while still enjoying the feeling of a full on battle. As demonstrated in chapter 312 (2), he was easily able to defeat the fifth Espada with little effort once he grabbed his sword with both hands. His regular fighting style, which includes only using his sword with a single hand and making his movements obvious with the bells in his hair, was deemed by him to be unable to defeat the Espada, so he simply ended the fight with a single downward slash. Like the bio of Zaraki you provided in R1, he doesn't use Kenpo because it is so powerful that his battles end up finishing too early, so he avoids using it unless his life is in danger. Against Aizen, who he knows he can only kill causing massive damage, a Shinigami captain who keeps regenerating every cut he makes, it is more than likely he will use Kenpo, which holds enough power to be considered Zaraki's 'Bankai' in terms of raw power.

Also, Zaraki, although it is overlooked, has raw skill in battles, able to adapt to fighting a different way just like how Aizen adapted to the optical illusion Shikai of Shinji. He is insane and he loves fighting with little caution, yet when he was fighting with Tousen's Bankai, where literally every sense (even sensing Reiatsu) except touch was sealed, Zaraki was capable of fighting Tousen only using his sense of touch to feel sword blows and fend Tousen off. When he got bored and found out the weakness of Tousen's bankai, he was able to exploit it and end Tousen's Bankai. His intellect, though mushed with his insanity, still allows Zaraki to fight with great adaptation. Even before his eye patch was taken off by the Fifth Espada in the mentioned fight, he was able to get used to the strength of Nnoitra's Hierro.

Also, in pages 13-16 of chapter 313 (4), although Zaraki never got healed after his battle with the fifth Espada (although he could have been healed off screen), when he faced the 0th Espada Yammy (5, 7), who took a head-on Getsuga Tenshou from a masked form Ichigo with only a 'nick' (6), Zaraki easily defeated him. Byakuya was present, but did not really aid in the fighting when Yammy was defeated the first time around. When Yammy evolved to his 'ultimate form' later, he was still easily defeated by Zaraki and Byakuya, with Zaraki noting that the battle was 'boring'.

All of Zaraki's fights, which amount to more victories than losses, were up against opponents who had more skill diversity. All Zaraki usually uses is powerful slashes and rushes with immense brute strength, yet he managed to overcome all those opponents with so many fighting options. Zaraki has done so in many of these fights with adaptation, using his massive endurance to his advantage, and learning weaknesses or otherwise pulling out unbelievable power.

Also, a similarity in Zaraki's fights can be seen by the audience. Zaraki always seems to have some disadvantage, or is otherwise cut many times just to get a few hits in. This is because getting cut and his in a fight is what Zaraki enjoys the most, so he is reckless because he wants to be, because he wants his opponents to be a challenge to him. That is the whole reason for the eye patch to be made for him. In Zaraki's fights with opponents of various levels, from pre-Bankai Ichigo to 0th Espada, he always matches the level of his opponent because he wants to. He could very well do the same with Aizen.

In conclusion,

Aizen's total stats exceed Zaraki, but it is still within the domain of Zaraki's power without transformations.
Zaraki's kenpo requires little effort from Zaraki himself, but is able to split an Espada in half, basically having Bankai level force without needing Bankai itself.
Zaraki also has a decent presence of mind and capability to adapt to a disadvantaged situation that comes almost natural even with his insanity.
Zaraki's challenging opponent was only challenging because Zaraki wanted a good fight like he always does, and in reality Zaraki's power easily eclipsed the so called challenging opponent with little effort needed, just as Aizen's power eclipsed the other Espada.
Zaraki, with his limited amount of skill diversity, has still won fights against opponents with vast skill diversity.
Zaraki, though he may land a few of his first hits on Aizen only to stand back for Aizen to regenerate, would not do that for long with how he has fought his battles, and will likely find the weakness to any barrier Aizen sets up and crush it.

Debate Round No. 2


Of course no holding back. That's Zaraki's job. ;)

Thanks to Hopeliveson for accepting the debate and for a skillful response.

On another note, I'm gonna try my first Rich Text format argument. Let's see how this goes.


I'll start by defending my arguments.

I apologize for failing to properly articulate my reasoning. What I meant by mentioning the Hogyoku was that Aizen's stats, which already exceed those of Zaraki, will surpass Zaraki even further once the Hogyoku begins to transform Aizen.

You concede here that Zaraki exercises little caution in battle, its limits being adjusting his fighting style in accordance with his foe's power level. This lack of caution combined with Zaraki's inferior speed, which I proved earlier, and Aizen's superior tactical acumen will allow Aizen to outmaneuver Zaraki and kill him regardless of which fighting style Zaraki uses.

Zaraki may be able to adapt well, but Aizen can adapt with arguably greater. Aizen quite easily adapted to and defeated Shinji Hirako's [17] Shikai, Sakenade. Sakenade is arguably more debilitating than Tosen's Bankai, Enma Korogi [18]. While Enma Korogi simply takes away most of the senses, Sakenade actually distorts the input from all five. This makes fighting by reflex and instinct extremely difficult [16]; however, Aizen adapts extremely quickly.

Zaraki's adaptation to Gilga's Hierro is impressive; however, I have already proven that Aizen adapts to adverse conditions as quickly as Zaraki can, if not more so due to his superior speed and intelligence.

While Zaraki has fought opponents with decent skill diversity, none of them can compare to Aizen's. Ichigo, Sajin, Gilga, and Yammy all lack Aizen's skill with Kido, and none of Zaraki's opponents thus far have intellect or speed anywhere near as strong as Aizen's. Aizen's intelligence and speed are two of his key advantages in this battle; these, more than any others, allow him to exploit his superior skill diversity by quickly formulating and executing plans in the heat of battle.

I see my opponent's logic; to this date, Zaraki appears to have equaled the strength of every opponent he has been presented with. However, none of these opponents possess a combination of raw power and skill that can compare to Aizen's, and nothing in the series thus far has indicated that Zaraki is as strong as Aizen. My opponent's statement here is merely conjecture without a supplementary source. Zaraki's priotization of a good fight over his own safety is a trait that I have already mentioned will contribute to Aizen's victory.

In summary:

Aizen's already superior statistics, which my opponent has not proven to be within "the domain of Zaraki's power", will only be further increased by the Hogyoku as time passes.
Aizen's vastly superior speed and presence of mind render Zaraki's Kendo useless.
Aizen is even more capable of adapting to a difficult situation than Zaraki, as demonstrated in the above video.
I have shown that Zaraki's desire for a good fight will lead to his downfall. My opponent has failed to show how Zaraki's superiority to Gilga, while great, indicates a superiority to Aizen as well.
None of Zaraki's opponents have Aizen's intellect or speed, the two attributes that make Aizen's skill diversity so dangerous. None of these foes are as capable of using their array of skills as Aizen due to their lacking comparable speed and intellect.
While Zaraki may be able to crush a barrier Aizen uses, this still requires Zaraki to outmaneuver Aizen, something I have shown to be extremely unlikely due to Aizen's speed. Even if Zaraki does land a hit upon Aizen, unless it was immediately fatal, Aizen would simply Shunpo away to regenerate.

In conclusion, all of PRO's arguments still stand. As CON has presented no arguments, PRO has seven arguments to CON's zero.


I will now summarize why Zaraki cannot defeat Aizen.

Aizen is vastly more intelligent and fast. Zaraki cannot outmaneuver him to strike a lethal blow, and even if he did outmaneuver him, Aizen would have already placed protective barriers around his head. Zaraki may not be able to break through the barriers, and even if he could, they would slow his strike sufficiently for Aizen to counterattack. If Zaraki does strike a blow that is not lethal, Aizen would simply regenerate and grow stronger due to the Hogyoku. Aizen also has a wider diversity of attack strategies due to his intellect, Kido proficiency, and speed. Zaraki, while powerful, cannot hope to strike a lethal blow upon an opponent that is so much faster and smarter, especially when this opponent can attack from out of Zaraki's range and outmaneuver him when Zaraki is in range. Zaraki simply has no hope of victory.



[16] Shinji vs Aizen video


Hopeliveson forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Regrettably, Con has forfeited; as such, I extend my arguments.


I probably don't have the time to finish this debate, but I honest couldn't find much else on the topic to support my side without using theories, so official forfeit here~

Oh, vote Pro!
Debate Round No. 4


Ah, well. Thanks to Con for a fun debate while it lasted. Please vote Pro.




Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by GeorgeCarlinWorshipper 6 years ago
Agreed. When I first made this, I thought it was a pretty even topic. I only realized this to be in error later on, but even after everybody's comments about this debate, you still accepted it (and made some really good arguments while you were at it). Kinesis is right. We need more people like you.
Posted by Kinesis 6 years ago
You already seem a good deal more thoughtful and intelligent than some of the regular members on this site. Stick around, we need more people like you. ^^
Posted by Hopeliveson 6 years ago
I think I'll go with the latter, Kinesis ^_^. Fighting at a disadvantage is a more preferable learning method than fighting at an advantage, and I do need some experience here~
Posted by Kinesis 6 years ago
lol, this debate is so unfair. Con has been offline for two days; I wouldn't be surprised if she forfeits. tbh I would, or at least I'd use some obscure, semanticky argument that somehow levels the obvious power difference between the two.
Posted by GeorgeCarlinWorshipper 6 years ago
In my R2 statement, I referred to an "unmasked" Zaraki. By this, I meant Zaraki with his eyepatch removed. Apologies for the error.
Posted by Ore_Ele 7 years ago
Technically, Aizen shouldn't have a Zanpakuto, as the Hogyoku distroyed his when it (for all power purposes) abandoned him.
Posted by Kinesis 7 years ago
Neutering Aizen doesn't change the fact that he's in a different league to Kenpachi.
Posted by Loserboi 7 years ago
Aizen is god of kido, Kenpachi is useless against people who use kido. Kenpachi has only fought opponents who attack physically. Kenpachi cannot sense spiritual pressure for sh1t either, Aizen just has to hide his presence and shoot kenpachi with that black coffin attack. Aizen is supposed to be the top at everything in Bleach he is the master of Kido, Zanpakuto Shunpo, and hand to hand combat
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