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Unenforced "Gun Free Zones" Should be abolished

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Started: 10/31/2015 Category: Politics
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Gun free zones in our societies should be prohibited and made illegal if they cannot establish a secure perimeter with armed guards and metal detectors(such as courts) and should be replaced with "Gun restricted zones" where armed guards and staff trained in firearms can have access to them. In addition it should be made a requirement staff trained in firearms and with a key accessible to firearms should be mandated in schools where this secure perimeter cannot be established.

Requiring a place where people cannot protect themselves and cannot be guaranteed protection by the government or group imposing the "Gun free zone" in that area is against the second amendment, borders on criminal negligence when people get shot up in those zones and is completely illogical. It enables these school shootings to happen more often and to a more sever degree.

I look forward to debating any opposing viewpoint to this.


I will argue that private businesses and colleges have the right to make their own gun policies.
Debate Round No. 1


First: The spirit of this question was for public universities and schools. Second it directed towards states and townships forcing this policy on schools, not "letting them choose". However I acknowledge the specific part you chose to argue(private schools, and setting own policy) is encompassed in the way I worded my argument and therefor I must accept.

That being said, Argument Commencing:

The constitution guarantees simply that "The right to bear arms shall not be infringed." Telling responsible students and staff they cannot bear arms to protect themselves in crazy items such as ours obviously infringes on this right to bear arms.


I am "pro-gun" but I think the problem with government is that they do things that are the purview of state and local governments. You're saying you want the federal government to disallow gun free zones. I say I don't want the federal government doing anything except loosely defend the constitutional right to bear arms.
Debate Round No. 2


Again my argument was more against the ending of government requiring gun free zones, and then in public schools requiring there be armed guards or teachers trained in firearms(or principal) with access to it on site. However how i worded It i must continue this argument.

"I say I don't want the federal government doing anything except loosely defend the constitutional right to bear arms." -Con
If the gov wants to defend the right to bear arms, they must by definition of this abolish gun free zones and allow people to bear arms

The ONLY policy that would have prevented or diminished the amount of deaths in the last few schools shootings would be to have had an armed guard on premise, or to have teachers with access to a gun in an emergency.

Making a "killing zone" or "Area where you are forced into being unprotected" or the liberal term of "gun free zone" Is unconstitutional as it infringes on the right to bear arms, is an injustice to our nations children we are trying to protect and borders on criminal negligence when those places get shot up and a gun to respond to the situation is no where nearby. It's like saying "this is a fire extinguisher free zone!"

We defend our president, with guns, We defend our congressmen with guns, we defend our governors with guns, we defend our celebrities, with guns, we defend our sporting events, with guns, we defend our jewelry stores, with guns, we defend our banks, with guns, we defend our office buildings, with guns, we defend our factories, with guns, we defend our courts, with guns...........We defend our children with a sign that reads "THIS IS A GUN FREE ZONE"...and then call someone with a gun in an emergency

We have fire extinguishers on hand not to replace fire department but for rapid response
We have defib units on hand not to replace paramedics but for rapid response
And its about time we have armed guards or principals/teachers trained in firearms with access to them not to replace the police, but for rapid response


retrovision forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GoOrDin 1 year ago
true. enforce all Zone**
Posted by jarrod843 1 year ago
I agree, all of theses mass shooting occur in "Gun free zones".
Posted by Mr_Anderson 1 year ago
I really want to know what the Con side will say.
Posted by AWSM0055 1 year ago
*sigh* here we go...
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