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Unicorns do exist and are hidden from us so we bow down to the the man

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Started: 1/26/2014 Category: Funny
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After getting off work as a pan handler a lovely man offered me a delicious baked good (how nice) than after eating the good it all became apparent unicorns are real and the government doesn't want us to know so we continue working instead of running off to join the unicorns it makes so much sense I don't even know anyone can debate this fact I have stumbled on.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


How can this even be disproved I mean come on it all makes sense. And I'd like to say that massivedump is a name riddled in the Illuminati as the Illuminati is massive as it rules the world and it's pretty much dump for hiding the unicorns. I'm just scared for my safety it's only time till the people with the laser guns come through the door and take me to a island for knowing too much i'm just sitting and waiting for my doom.....

Also unicorns just make sense if there can be a African land animal with a horn and the northern sea dwelling creature the narwhal why can't a beautiful and free creature that is a horse have a horn too I say it's mean to think it wouldn't. Plus I saw it on the big moving picture that cost me my life savings just to see damn the government.



A. My opponent has made the affirmative statement, or the statement that is different from the status quo.

B. Since the statement that unicorns do not exist is the status quo belief, in terms of the public's persuasion, the negative has already been proven.

C. Because my side has already been proven, the burden of proof lies on my opponent, and he must overcome all presumption that unicorns to do not exist.

That said, here are the reasons why he cannot do that:

1. Logic deems unicorns impossible.

Unicorns cannot exist and have never existed due to the following logical impossibilities:

P1: If humans have been to every inhabitable place on land, then they have seen every large creature on land.
P2: Humans have been to every inhabitable place on land.
C1: Humans have seen every large creature on land.

P3: Unicorns are large land creatures.
P4: If humans have seen unicorns or any evidence thereof, then unicorns may exist.
P5: Humans have not seen unicorns or any evidence thereof.
C2: Unicorns do not exist.


P1: If there is no fossil evidence of unicorns, then unicorns have never existed.
P2: There is no fossil evidence of unicorns.
C1: Unicorns have never existed[1].

2. Genetics deems unicorns impossible.

The kinds of species that can live on plannet Earth are limited to those which will have all that is necessary for any survival situation. Over the past thousands of years, horses have been domesticated to live a life of servitude for humans. Due to this, horses have had no requirement to develop a defense mechanism against other species. Because there has been no natural rquirement of such an instance, such an instance has not occured. Thus, unicorns do not exist.

3a. I am not a member of the Illuminati, and therefore have no bias.

There are multiple reasons why assuming that I am a member of the Illuminati is illogical.

i. I have no strong political affiliation whatsoever.
ii. I have no assosciation with a cult of any kind.
iii. I don't belong to the music industry.
iv. I'm not pretty enough.

Thus, I am completely open-minded entering into this topic, and logically accept that unicorns do not exist.

3b. Even if unicorns existed, Illuminati would reveal them to gain support.

As seen in North Korea, when Kim Jong Un supposedly "revealed" the existence of unicorns, people still bowed down to him. If anything, they supported him more[2]. This empirical example proves my opponent's claim wrong quite explicitly. If unicorns existed at all, the man would have exposed the unicorns in order to become more highly valued.

4. Narwhals do not imply unicorns.

My opponent contends that because Narwhals exist, there is no reason that unicorns should not be able to exist. While the reason this statement is premature is self-evident, I will point out that an underwater environment versus a land environment (and a wild environment versus a domesticated enviroment as well) makes the biological situation for these creatures a comparison of apples and oranges (See contention 2) and certainly does not imply the existence of unicorns.

For all the reasons presented and more, as you the voter take the role as an observer of scientific and politcal logic, there absolutely is no way a Pro vote is warranted.


Debate Round No. 2


Hmmm My anguish from ......
HAHAHA you have fallen for my trap don't you see I am a unicorn you humans have hunted us for years and know we shall hunt your most beloved creture the spider we see how you worship them and know we shall rid the world of them what will you then have to love puppies nobody likes puppies. You see I posed as a very insane person and from there my trail of deciet had begun to see if you humans would not see but still believe you wait till I tell the faireies and leprechauns what you've done till then say goodbye to your precious spiders.

I leave you with this


My opponent disregarded all of my arguments.

All four of the contentions I made in the previous round were ignored by my opponent. Thus, my opponent has no disagreement to the fact that logic and genetics demand that there cannot be unicorns, that the man would expose unicorns rather than hide them, and that his initial arguments carried no weight.

My opponent's round 3... didn't make sense.

I'm not sure if what my opponent posted was an argument, but regardless, it in no way links to the resolution, neither that unicorns exist, or that the man is hiding them. Thus, the resolution has been fully negated and a Con vote is the only logical ballot.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheLadyofTheInternet 3 years ago
Yep it's weird that I posted such a trolled debate in the funny category
Posted by DudeStop 3 years ago
Troll debate if anyone's wondering...
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro merely made assertions that Unicorns exist while Con made better arguments regarding Unicorns never existed backed by sources.