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Uniforms in Private Schools

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Started: 12/12/2012 Category: Education
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I believe that unifroms in private schools should NOT be allowed. In a private school you are suppose to be proper and all but uniforms in my opinion really don't allow us to express our creativity.

May the best one win!!!


Topic: The institution of uniforms should be allowed in private schools.
My side: Pro

There's a reason why there are private schools. All public schools have to comply to the general rules and standards that their respective district imposes upon them and for a significant number of those rules apply to all the public schools in the nation as a whole. Private schools exist because of a large group of individuals do not concur with how the education system is organized and structured. There are certain rules and regulations that the founders of private schools regard as unnecessary or even wrong. Not all private schools require uniforms, but those that do, find the clothing that some children and young adults wear is inappropriate for a learning environment. In order to effectively accomplish what schools are built for, which is to learn and gain new knowledge, these private schools find that enforcing a dress code improves the focus and classroom behavior in a learning environment.

You argue that enforcing this policy restricts the youth in creativity. Clothing are often popularized and worn in fashion trends that occur locally and nationally. Many people in the world dress in a certain way in order to fit in a particular group of people, not to be an individual. Rarely do people dress to practice and challenge their creativity and appear in an original fashion.

Even if uniforms do restrict creativity in some way, creativity is certainly not restricted to fashion. There are unlimited possibilities for people to be creative other than how they dress. They could write prose, draw art, devise a project, research on a topic and discover new information, and so on.
Debate Round No. 1


Debate123 forfeited this round.


I guess I win. Thank you for your participation in this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


Actually, you don't win just yet. You state that some clothing isn't appropriate for a learning enviroment. That I agree with but I never said anything about dress codes. Should there be dress codes? YES! So, don't get all snappy with me about that.

Creativity is something that lives inside us all. We should be able to express ourselves in our clothing and in the actions we do.

I have just one thing to ask you, do you even go to a private school?


Not only does Con take this debate to a personal level, but attempts to strawman, as well. The hubris of the defeated…

My contentions were never along the lines of “Creativity is something that lives inside us all. We should be able to express ourselves in our clothing and in the actions we do.” The debate is revolved around whether uniforms should be allowed in private schools. My opponent has yet to state reasonable justifications for why uniforms should be prohibited. One can express creativity in unlimited ways and can dress as s/he wishes outside of a class environment.
Debate Round No. 3


You need to be a little less rude and focus on the debate. Yes, I go to a private school and I used my person experience. Actually, as I type this I am wearing my uniform now. We should get rid of uniforms, but keep a dress code because uniforms are ugly and they don't seem to flatter the body. I get a little bullied at school by one person because apparently I look "fat" in it. I always defend myself, but that's beside the point.

PS: I would love it if you were a little more respectful toward your opponents. You come across as aggresive and mean and no person should come across like that. Please be a little more respectful.


I hope your bully gets fat, but this website isn't a place for you to post your opinions without expecting arguments. I have not been aggressive, it is how debates are conducted.
Debate Round No. 4
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