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Uniforms should be mandatory in all of the public schools of America

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Started: 8/9/2015 Category: Education
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In almost every public school across America, a student has the right to choose what he or she wears to school. Yet some people are now saying that implementing school uniforms in all American schools might be a better option than giving students the freedom to choose their dressing. To most schoolchildren, this notion would probably be one of scorn. But a school uniform isn"t what it might seem at first glance. A school uniform has several advantages that would be helpful in most schools. Some of the most notable include: the fact that a uniform is more economical than the average school dress, the fact that a uniform encourages better academic achievement, and the fact that a school uniform promotes unity and school spirit. These are the three main reasons for which uniforms are a good idea in public schools.


Thank you for initiating this debate.

I believe children should be able to express themselves. School concepts are already similar to those of a prison, adding the mandatory dress code is basically saying, "Your clothes are more important than your education."

It isn't!

Cool, you want you them prepared for job environments, but parents are always telling their children to not grow up too fast, so why are we forcing them into something that they possibly won't be happy with? I know from personal experience that dress codes are really strict, even without uniforms.

Plus, you can still get dress coded in uniform, all because you didn't wear the right color shirt, once again from experience, that's even worse than getting dress coded because you're wearing a tank top.

Some schools also make you go to a specific location to buy your uniforms, also from experience, and they don't always sell school uniforms for people of all sizes, my sister was proof of that. It made her even more aware of her size, which made her somewhat depressed and resulted in her putting on more weight.

These are all reasons why I disprove of uniforms.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your response to my debate.

You say that children should be able to express themselves. I am forced to agree, but I personally think that there are other ways for children to express their ideas at school. At most middle and high schools there are fine art electives like: arts and crafts, ceramics and painting. That is the perfect place for people to express themselves at school, on paper or on display, with those who might appreciate their ideas and away from people who probably won't.

You also say that implementing uniforms is saying that, "Your clothes are more important than your education." They aren't and I agree with you. But when your clothes begin affecting your education, that's when it is time for change. Uniforms will decrease growth of gangs as members will not have an opportunity to display gang colors or items at school. Uniforms will also decrease the pressure to buy the latest fashions as students who have them will not be able to show them off at school. Thus, students won't have as much attention on their clothes; which will lead to more attention on studies.

You also say that children couldn't possibly be happy with uniforms. There a number of things that children have to do that they aren't happy with; they have to take baths, they have to do the dishes, they have to study, and they have to go to school. Most children don't like doing those things. Then why do they do them? Because their parents tell them to; but why? Because it's for their own good that they do those things. Taking a bath will make you clean, doing the dishes teaches you the importance of hard work, and studying and going to give you a education. These are all things that might not seem the most fun to do, but will help you. The point is, parents want to help their children become good and successful people, and if uniforms will increase chances of that happening, parents will be willing to make their children wear a uniform.

I am afraid that I have to disagree on your statement that "You can still get dress coded in uniform". The rules of a uniform are simple and straightforward. "You will wear this shirt, you will wear these pants, and you will wear these shoes. In the event that you don't do that, please kindly direct yourself towards the school office." Simple, straightforward, no room for loopholes. If you got dress coded for wearing the wrong color shirt, it's your fault. You could have avoided it by simply wearing the right color shirt. There is nobody to blame for your carelessness but yourself.

You point out a legitimate statement when you say that some schools make you go to another place for uniforms and they may not have all sizes. But most schools already sell physical education wear to their students themselves. Thus, most schools would also probably be willing to sell their uniforms as well; and since the school is selling their items, they should have an idea of the sizes of their students. So I think that for most schools, people will be able to get a uniforms of their size pretty easily. So accessibility is not an issue.

And I conclude my response.


Your first argument, where you say that they can express themselves in the school's extra-curricular classes, doesn't fit everybody. Some schools don't have those courses, once again another personal experience, and what about the kids with learning disabilities? Writing to release their feelings may be a challenge.

Art class aren't always provided either, especially in elementary when kids are forced into these classes instead of picking them in JH or HS. What if the kids aren't into art or singing? What if it has the exact opposite effect on them?

Plus, some kids don't even have the right assets to go to school, the only way you'll keep kids out of gangs is by doing that, attacking the problem by the source and not beating around the bush with school dress code. On the same not, some schools are different with their dress code, some are too strict.

Such as this high school named Trinity HS. Their dress code is very loose, but it's still there and they have very high rates of success.

The only things that should matter in a school is what's supposed to happen there: education and preparation for college, I mean that very vaguely.

Plus, we need something that works for all learners. The American school system is very outdated, considering they teach every child the same way no matter how they learn and they, as in teachers, expect them to follow their lesson plan no matter what. Everyone learns differently.

I also doubt that a uniform makes people bond. Some jobs have a uniform and they could care less about their peers. Uniforms we can do without.

Another school example is Harwood JH, a school in Bedford that is #3 ranking school in their county, and guess what, there's no uniform! The dress code is strict as it reads from the website, but no uniform.

You don't get logic or intelligence from a uniform, it comes from your brain, The latest fashions is also something a majority of kids like, some stores actually go with the latest fashion so it isn't hard to walk into Walmart or the mall and buy the clothes.
Debate Round No. 2


Once again, thank you for continuing our debate.

You are right once again when you say that some schools don't offer fine art program. Yet once again, you fail to see my point, there are a lot more chances other than clothes to express yourself. So your school doesn't offer any art electives, join an art club or start one if you are willing to. Enter a painting or a drawing in an art competition, there a lot of art competitions out there; if not in your school maybe within your school district or your county. If you're brave enough, why not go for a state or national competition; you might win a scholarship or even be seen on TV, never underestimate yourself.

I unfortunately am unable to agree with you on your statement of children with learning disabilities. True, they find writing difficult; but they can see, they can use their imagination, and they can move their hand. So what's stopping them from putting their imagination on paper in the form of a painting or drawing?

Your argument of elementary students though is difficult to accept. Almost all of us have memories in kindergarten or in first grade drawing or painting or some sort of art in class. Art is a key component in early education years when children have the most imagination.

You are undeniably correct when you say that some kids don't have the right assets to go to school. But let me ask you, is that problem really one that can be resolved? Poverty has been an issue throughout the ages from the ancient to the modern. No matter how many scholarships there are and no matter how many acts have been passed, there will never be enough money for everyone. Yet there will also be an infinite number of opportunities out there. We will never be able to give everybody the assets to study, we can just hope those who don't have those assets will use the opportunities that come their way. You say that the problem must be eliminated at its source; well the source is a flame with an infinite amount of wood to burn on and we only have a few buckets of water to put it out. If uniforms can't solve this problem, we don't have many hopes of what will.

You also say that the American education is outdated, you say that everyone learns differently and imply that teachers are the ones that need to adjust. There is one teacher in a classroom and about twenty-five students, the teacher can't teach in twenty five different ways. Sometimes you have to be the one to adjust.

I have to defend my statement on the fact that uniforms help people bond. This can't really be seen in older people but it is easily seen in schools. Children in general like to bond with people that they find similar to themselves. If they are wearing the same things maybe it will help them find similarities with each other. The point is, appearance is everything and uniforms promote good appearance and dignity both for the school and for each individual student.

You also mention that some good schools don't have a uniform. This might be true, but the students from these schools most likely have good role models, either their parents or their teachers. Some schools that struggle, their students might not have good role models. These students are easily diverted from the good path and maybe uniforms will serve as a reminder. Maybe uniforms will remind students of the true purpose of school.

I also find your statement about intelligence incorrect. You may not get it from uniforms but you don't get it from your brain either, you get it from hard work. And that uniform, it's a symbol. It's a symbol of hard work, discipline, honor, integrity, respect and responsibility. It's all in the package of a uniform. Maybe that's why the army, navy and other schools mandate uniforms; to teach their members of those qualities. So why don't we teach the students of America those qualities? Like all changes, it's going to be uncomfortable. But then why do we change? Because it's for our own good that we change, just like uniforms are simply for our own good.


Thank you for the quick response and thank you for continuing this debate.

At the moment, Finland has the best education system and they have no homework, standardized tests, and uniforms. Yet, America has private schools, public schools and colleges with uniforms and they aren't even on the top ten list for education systems.

Sadly but expected, we are #14 with Indonesia as the worst. We have to pay attention the fact that uniforms are just cloth, yes, a piece cloth can have symbolism, but that won't help students pass school.

Pro claims that students have to adjust, which I agree with to an extent. For example, everybody learns differently and adjusting to one person's way of teaching may be difficult.

America has already proved that passing a test is more important than actually learning how to survive in this world, getting an apartment and proper sex-ed. Maybe America should focus on lowering tuition, student loans and letting students move around more when learning instead of putting them in a uniform.

Uniforms won't stop students from getting ADHD, which is caused from expecting students to sit for long period of time. Uniforms won't stop students from dropping out of school and going down the wrong path. Take the police as an example.

Police brutality is a problem in America"this country is corrupted in many way"and those people where uniforms every day. You say that uniforms give people integrity, respect and responsibility. More people are killed by the police in America than anywhere else, and some people view their uniforms as a sign of control and wish to show them no signs of respect.

If police had integrity from a uniform, shootings of the people in America, people they are supposed to be protecting, wouldn't happen as much.

I promise you that regulating a student's clothes, hair, accessories won't help them learn logic. You learn logic from your idols and you learn your smarts from books, teachers, and your parents/adopted parents, not from a uniform.

Your argument about intelligence coming from hard work I find hard to accept. To work hard you have to have the will and ability to do so, the wishes to become something. Where does that all originate from? Your brain where all your thoughts and dreams float around.

It's up to you that you make those dreams come true, not a uniform. We shouldn't base somebodies worth off of a uniform.

This concludes my argument and this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Blazzered 3 years ago
@gabbywolff I don't know what you're doing since the debate is between the two participants. If you wish to debate the issue, why not challenge pro to a debate of the same topic?

I do not wish to debate you on this in the comments, nor refute either arguments to pro or con since I am not debating either of them on this topic, however I will forward you to some links that I would like for you to look at, because the reasons you gave behind refuting pros claims were poor and shows that you seem to lack any knowledge of the subject of school uniforms in school. It was just full of postulations and just a conjecture and an attempt to distort.

Pro links:

Con links:

Neutral links:
Posted by gabbywolff 3 years ago
"Yet some people are now saying that implementing school uniforms in all American schools might be a better option than giving students the freedom to choose their dressing. " Who exactly are these people?

So for your 1st reason...aka "fact" what will be the uniform? Where are they going to be purchased at? How many uniforms will the parent have to buy? How many times can you wash it before the seams begin to unravel? How durable will they be? Because if you are talking about the average khaki pants and navy polo shirt......those pants stain easily, they get worn out easily, they tear easily, and after 5 washes they just begin to fall apart. It would be cheaper to go to good will or savors and buy your kids a pair of jeans that are in good condition and that are a good quality name brand vs going and spending the same amount of money at a Walmart or target where they clothes are are all made in china or Honduras or mass produced. Anyone who knows how to bargain shop can go to Nordstrom Rack and buy good name brand cloths for the same price as if they would of gone to a Target, Ross, JC Penny ect. factory shops. Now a days if you do your shopping online and buy directly from the manufacture website you save yourself a ton of money than buying it from Dilliards or Macy's.

Your second reason....the only thing that can encourage academic achievement is good parenting.....I can't imagine a world where parents are so out it that sending their kids in a uniform is more effective than being involved in their academic development.

Promoting Unity and Spirit.......that sort of thing appeals to the Hitler Youth or the Soviet Occupied Berlin.

They reasons you've described as notable facts don't seem to be well researched, and they certainly don't seem to have been drawn from any experience or observations..
Posted by The-Turbanator 3 years ago
in round 1 pro forgets that you already own 'average school dress' anyway so it is more economical.
Posted by Lexus 3 years ago
The reasons you list aren't the main reasons for having mandatory uniforms, but I agree with pro
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