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Uniforms should be worn in school

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Started: 1/29/2016 Category: Education
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I think uniforms should be worn in schools. To support my statement I will lay out some points:

1. When all students have to wear the same thing, none of them can brag about wearing the latest, most expensive fashions.
2. Whether they're from the upper, middle or lower class, all students dress the same.
3. Uniforms can increase self-confidence when students don't feel pressured to wear a certain type of clothing.
4. A study by the University of Nevada found the middle school students felt safer and more confident when wearing uniforms.
5. School uniforms lessen distraction in the classroom so no one is sidetracked by someone's T-shirt message or where a friend got new leggings.
6. Studies have shown an increase in academic test scores in schools that have enforced uniform policies.

I will now allow the CON to lead out their points and arguments.


I will take up the challenge.

The definition of uniform is: "A distinctive set of clothing intended to identify the members of a specific group." [1]
By this definition, I do not think uniforms should be worn in school, from the view point of improving the students' education. Wearing uniforms to school, such as karate club uniforms or basketball uniforms, encourages cliques and groups to form. Cliques lead to all sorts of problems, such as bulling, exclusion, and more. Also, flaunting social status becomes easier with uniforms. Therefore, uniforms should not be worn in school.

Debate Round No. 1


By saying "Cliques lead to all sorts of problems, such as bulling, exclusion, and more." you are saying that not wear uniforms can lead to bullying and the act of excluding which is as same as my point. Thanks for supporting me anyways. The fact that you say that uniforms are just there to identify that this member belongs to this school, club,etc. you are absolutely correct. God made everyone equal and it won't make a big difference in school if you wear school uniform because:
1. You are representing your school
2. You get to be noticed by the community that you belong to such a school society
3. Depending on your actions, nature, and manners your society, parents, and relatives might be impressed and be honored to be a proud parent of a student at that school.
Remembering that we are all equal, I believe that school should set up policies to wear uniforms in school.

Back to The CON


"By saying "Cliques lead to all sorts of problems, such as bulling, exclusion, and more." you are saying that not wear uniforms can lead to bullying and the act of excluding which is as same as my point. "

Incorrect. I am saying that wearing uniforms leads to this, not the other way around. This is my point:

1. Unless all students wear the same uniform (which I will assume they do not), those who have them are perceived as different from the others, because they have the uniform to a particular club and the rest of the school does not.
2. This creates a social divide, which may create problems and cliques that students think are more important than grades or school work.
3. Therefore, uniforms should not be worn in school. (Again, this is from the school's perspective.)

My opponent's points do not conclude pro's side of the debate. If all of these points are allowed to stand, then I have won this debate. Proving that uniforms should not be worn in school is the only thing I have to do, as con. I have done that, but my opponent has not done anything of the sort for Pro's argument.

Pro's first points:

1 & 2 is completely false if I mention that all students are not required to wear uniforms. If this was one of your assumptions, you should have stated it in the first round.

3. How do they increase self confidence? Give me a reference.
4. Show me this study. If I can't see it, it doesn't exist.
5. This may be true, but have you considered hat uniforms could be even more distracting?
6. Same as 4.
Pro's latest points:

1. You need to prove relevance. Why does this lead to the conclusion that uniforms should be worn in school?
2. Same as above.
3. Does this lead to the school being better off? I still do not understand the relevance.

In conclusion, I have made points that logically lead to proving that uniforms should not be worn in school, but my opponent has not proven anything. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 2


How can you confidently say that people don't wear the same quality uniform? Do you have any evidence? Ok, even if people don't wear the same quality uniform, then this might result for the principal to setup some consequences like detention, seeing the student back home, or even expelling the student ( which I believe nobody wants this to happen).
2. How can wearing uniform increase distractions when everyone is wearing the same outfit? No one will be distracted because students know that they are wearing the same outfit as everyone else, so why bother looking at others uniforms when you have the same one!!!!
3. And the concern that how does it increase self confidence, there is a simple answer to it. In a non-uniform school when middle and lower class children wear something and the rich children wear famous, expensive clothing, the middle and lower class children feel excluded, negative things about themselves, and the fact that they can't afford these type of expensive clothing. That is the main reason why bullying happens in public schools. But if everyone wears uniforms, then the rich children will wear the same uniform as others wear. And if everyone wears the same uniform, children will have self confidence that they will not be targeted as a victim of bullying of any other bad activity.

In conclusion, I believe that by wearing uniforms, we can make our lives easier and reduce the chance of being a victim.
I have made my points that logically lead to proving that uniforms should be worn in schools and my opponents has not provided any convincing points or evidence. North, South, East or West ... Everyone knows that the Pro is the best. So vote for Pro!!!!!!!!!


My opponent has not refuted most of the points I actually brought up in my last argument. The argument that I made is admittedly not a great one, but as it goes unrefuted, I sustain it.

Now, I will respond to Pro's refutations.

1. I never brought up this point. My opponent is misquoting me here. These punishments seem awfully harsh though for something so trivial.

2. I think you are confused about the nature of this debate. The resolution that I need to negate is: "Uniforms should be worn in school." I am arguing the opposite of this statement, but you seem to think the resolution is something like: "Schools should require students to wear identical uniforms," or something to that effect. Now let me answer Pro's question, they increase distractions because the students are NOT wearing the same uniform. I think that they will increase distractions because: clubs imply membership in a club, and regular clothes generally do not imply anything.

3. So right here my opponent is supporting their previous statements about self-confidence. Pro's reasoning is that upper-class students and poorer students wear the same thing. This would be acceptable, except for what I said in my refutation to #2 about the resolution. I also want to bring up something interesting that my opponent said here. "This is the main reason why bulling happens in public schools." This is extremely false. Insecurities are the main reason why kids bully [1], not what Pro has brought up.

I have sustained my own arguments, and have refuted my opponents arguments. I am done here.


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Grandzam 1 year ago
I probably should have but my opponent made the voting period way too short.
Posted by AJ0620 1 year ago
I honestly think Grandzam should have won.
Posted by Grandzam 1 year ago
Accidentally added "Vote Con" in my argument even though it isn't the final round. Ignore it please :)
Posted by Troller808 1 year ago
Wow first time I've seen a school uniform argument that both side actually look fairly matched up.
Posted by 9spaceking 1 year ago
*laughs maliciously before I realize I agree with pro and it's really risky
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