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United States of America vs The Russian Federation in War

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Started: 4/17/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'am on the side that the USA would win in a such war. Also, this would be a non-nuclear war. Just the countries going at it.

5,000 character limit each round.

Use Facts, not biased information.

Good Luck, i hope to debate!

1st Round - Starting information (like what i said)

2nd, 3rd rounds - Arguments

4th round - Conclusion.


In the 20th century alone:
allied intervention in the Russian Civil War
(1918"1920). They lost and USA was part of the allied intervention

Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961). The USA was defeated in Cuba, s small country near its border

In Vietnam War (1965"1973), The USA lost against a tiny country.
In Syria and Iran, the USA cannot invade because Russia warned it of a war if the USA did. So wisely and fearing that the USA has backed down.

In terms of Army > Main battle tanks
Ranked 1st. 3 times more than United States8,725
Ranked 1st.
In terms of Navy in numbers and technology Russia wins
In terms of Paramilitary personnel
Ranked 1st. 41 times more than United States11,035
Ranked 1st.

For these reasons, it is evident the USA would not win a war against Russia, in fact reason why it choose an economic war. Because military it has no chance of winning.
Debate Round No. 1


First, The size of a country means nothing to it's military.

Second, in Total Naval Strength the USA is ranked 3rd, Russia is ranked 5th

While Russia may hold a higher number of tanks, the USA has about 10,000 more aircraft than russia. No matter how many tanks Russia has theres no way they would be able to compete with the united states air force and after the russian air force was annihilated tanks would be sitting ducks for american attack planes.. " aww look at your Russian tanks. well here is a f 16 to play with them"

The number of anything doesn't detirmine who win, it's who has a better trained army. Besides the UK, the US has some of the best Trained Units in the world.


Russia has about 1,600 missile warheads capable of reaching U.S. territory, and if even a small fraction were launched, they could wipe out U.S electric grid, our financial networks, and quite possibly the whole U.S. economy.
In Sept 2015 the Russian strategic bomb near Canada was a practice cruise missile to strike USA and caused concerns.
Russian spies infiltrate the USA and bomb 2012. Not the other way round. If the USA was sure to win a war why did it not fight Russia after Ukraine's invasion? After Georgia's invasion in 2011; why it mess not with Syria protected by russia? Simple because the USA knows it cannot win a war against russia. Not military war just economic war.
Debate Round No. 2


Why go to war over something like the Ukraine Crisis. A war would devastate the Economy, not just for this country for any large country it might go to war with, Do you really think that in the Pentagon it's something like "Lets not go to war because we can't win" It is much more advanced than that.

The United States has much more fertile land than the Russian Federation, our troops would be well supplied and fed (not to mention they are trained).

Now, look at the Annual Defense Budgets, the US has more than the next 5 countries Combined.

Last part of round 3 - An invasion of the US is near impossible, the United States is known for having the Most Powerful navy in the world, While Russia can attempt and invasion, the Air power of the USAF will easily outnumber that of Russia's, and will begin Bombing, Torpedoing Russia's ships and Bombing Air base's, Factories, Etc.


OK, so what is your point now my friend?
Russia would not invade the USA for fear, nor USA wants to invade Russia to avoid wars?

So what next now? Even?
Debate Round No. 3


Closing Statements my friend! MY closing Statement: Both the USA and the Russian Federation have powerful military Might. But, i believe the USA would win in a Conventional War (Just the Armies fighting). In a Nuclear War i believe that neither country would win, both would annihilate each other. I wish you good luck in future Debate's my friend!


OK my friend.
At the beginning of the debate your argument was: 'In such war the USA would win...' you were persuaded.
In your closing remarks you now are more moderate and wrote: ' But, i believe the USA would win ' More of a wishful thinking. Because based on the facts you learned from the debate you are now more moderate and less persuaded.
It was glad debating you and see you moved slightly positions. Take care.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Dark_Soul 3 years ago
In answer to the guy who left a comment with his vote : I did have reliable Sources :)
Posted by Dark_Soul 3 years ago
Posted by jiriakel 3 years ago
Are we assuming that other countries would remain neutral, or that each side would have it's alliances kick in ?
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro made a variety of grammatical errors. He ended questions with full-stops/periods, failed to capitalize 'i', uses 'it's' instead of 'its' and cut sentences in half that should just have been one long sentence such as 'Also, this would be a non-nuclear war. Just the countries going at it.' in Round 1. Pro even called Russia 'russia' at once point which is disrespectful to that nation. He also said 'I'am' instead of 'I'm' or 'I am' in Round 1. The second error that Pro made was to use estimations while Con used exact statistics and facts to back-up every point they made. Pro didn't even rebut Con in the last round at all.