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United States should have beaten Brazil in the Confederations Cup

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Started: 6/30/2009 Category: Sports
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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The U.S should have won that game for a few reasons.

They were up two goals to nothing until the 55th minute. If you can hold a team off for 55 minutes while attacking and scoring two goals, another 35 should be NOTHING!

Also a 2 goal lead in soccer is a pretty big gap to overcome. If they would have kept playing to win the game should have been their's

They went into a don't lose mindset. They stopped playing to win and started playing not to lose. Had they kept playing to win the Confederations Cup should have been won by the States.

Thank you to whoever accepts this debate.


You didn't specify a game so I will just assume you mean the one on June 18th. In the game on June 18th the United States did not score a single goal. The game was one-sided and USA was lucky to have only lost 3-0.

If you meant the entire Confederations Cup, I will have to tell you, no matter how much you hate me for saying this, but the US should not have made it to the semi-finals. The only way they could have made it is if they beat Egypt by three goals, which by your standards is an anomaly, AND Italy would have to lose by three goals, another anomaly. Neither of these should have happened, but they both did. To top that, Italy scored an own goal. Own goals should not happen, but they do.

On paper, it is clear that the US has no chance at beating Brazil. They should not have and they didn't.
Debate Round No. 1


I am talking about the game on June 28th. Although i must agree with you about getting to the semi finals, they beat Spain fairly. They were obviously the better team and I believe that for the Final Game against Brazil. The US was the better team. If they played to win and not to lose, the game would have been won.

Besides losing the mental game the United States did one thing I did not agree with. Although he had no goals, Jozy Altidore could have been a big help. Also Luis Fabiano had a great game and you cant stop that but you can slow him down.

Overall I think that the United States had a better game and should have been Confederation Cup Champions.


I honestly do not think that you watched this game. USA's goals were both on breakaways started by bad passes. Brazil had the ball 59% of the game. Brazil had the ball in USA's end for the majority of the game. Tim Howard is the reason that the game only ended up 3:2.

It was another anomaly in Tim Howard playing the game of his life. If you are going to use the word "should", then you need to know that neither of USA's goals should have happened. Brazil made a couple of mistakes and USA capitalized on them.

Anomalies, in their nature, should not happen. If it weren't for anomalies, Brazil should have won by five goals.
Debate Round No. 2


Although they were both on Brazil mistakes, like you said they capitalized on it. Although Brazil had the ball more of the game, they only capitalized on their chances when they really had to. Making mistakes is part of the game and they happen in every game. The US had the mind to capitalize and they did. Although the goals were on breakaways, that doesn't mean they didn't deserve it, they deserved it as much as Brazil deserved their goals. Yes Tim Howard played a great game, and yes Brazil made a few mistakes, but I still believe the United States could have and should have won that game. They earned their spot to play their and they were so close to being champions.

Thanks for debating


You failed to mention that every single one of Brazil's goals had nothing to do with the USA being bad, but Brazil just being a solid soccer team. From the rest of your arguments, it seems like you think USA has the greatest soccer team in the world and Brazil is mediocre. It is clear that Brazil has the better team, and played better on that day.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ccstate4peat 8 years ago
You should have read some other debates here before you made this. I'm sure if mongeese would have seen this, he would have taken it and crushed you like he did to my first debate, but I decided to save you.
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