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Universities should endorse respect as a value

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Started: 8/4/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Most organizations such universities or do not allow people to verbally offend each other, this could be a way to keep harmony or to limit our rights.
I suggest our freedom should not be restricted in favor of the modern value of respect.
I meant to be this more as a discussion than a debate, if we cant finish on I suggest to finish the conversation on the comments.


I accept challenge, and I am looking forward to a good one.
Debate Round No. 1


Respect to other people seems to be a great value, so no one gets discriminated on immutable feature like skin colour, disability, country of origin, parent"s religion, etc.
And this is why many universities had a "dignity and respect" policy, the problem is that the concept of respecting people for their immutable characteristics has been extended from people to ideas and epistemic systems. For example: religious people demand their religious ideas to not be question. Leftists claim that no other culture can be judge no matter what they do because they have other way of thinking, and all cultures are equally good.
This change in meaning of the word respect is incompatible with "critical thinking" which is one of the main values of education, and universities who don"t promote seriously education are like kinder gardens to keep students away from society.
For this reason I oppose to the enforcement of respect at universities.


Thank very much my opponent for your opinions. Since you want us to do more of a discussion than a debate, I promise to try and do just that. Let me start by defining certain words.

a high-level educational institution in which
students study for degrees and academic
research is done.

respect means have due regard for (someone's feelings,
wishes, or rights

To endorse is to give support to someone or

value means
principles or standards of behaviour; one's
judgement of what is important in life.

The issue of most organization not allowing people to verbally offend each other is as a result of it consequences which will easily result to pandemonium. for example if allows debater to use certain insolent words on fellow debaters it Will cause people to be angry and thereby resulting to problems which will ruin the dignity of that particular organization.

Your opinion that respect is given to people base on their characteristics is only true to some extent. University should endorse respect as a value because
it helps people to have regard for others right,feelings,wishes etc which will make a conducive environment.

Also the issue of freedom of speech does include the use of offensive words which will hurt others or destroy their reputation which will result to slander or blasphemy as the case may be.

Thanks once more my dear opponent for your views and I am looking forward to a good a
Debate Round No. 2


Dear Med Hanssan,
I totally agree that personal insult can lead to social friction, also from the previous post I"m going to assume that you agree with the following claim: "Freedom of speech should not protect hate speech or blasphemy"
Here I would like to stop to double check I"m not putting words in your mouth, after all the important thing is what you think and why, but the web page do not allow 50 rounds of posts, so I will keep inspecting the claim.
Blasphemy means to get offended on behalf your ideas being question, religions like the world is 4000 years old, demons are the causes of sickness," religions tend to teach how should we run our countries.
When Darwin publish the origin of the species, the book was consider a blasphemy: how he dear to say that God didn"t create all species one by one? Is he saying that the bible is wrong? Same to Galileo.
From this I conclude that ideas (including religion) should not have dignity, ideas with dignity are i(read more in comments)


Thanks very much my opponent for your views, but I hate when people assume for me particular when you are not psychic and so you cannot read my mind so please stop assuming for me please.

the action or offence of speaking
sacrilegiously about God or sacred things;
profane talk.

the belief in and worship of a superhuman
controlling power, especially a personal God
or gods.

The world is older than religion because for a religion to operate it needs a worshiper(s) and a god(s). The Earth was formed before Humans whether it scientific point of view or religious point of view and because of this any rational person will definitely conclude that the World is older than religion.

Also the idea about demons causing diseases is absurd, being that diseases are cause by bacteria, germs,viruses due to poor hygiene, contacting sick people or expose to dangerous gas.

Finally, the issue of Charles Darwin origin of new species is not a blasphemy as it did not speak against any god or holy thing but revealed fact. Thanks.
Debate Round No. 3


I"m offended!
Matthew 4:18-25, 8:14-17
16-17 And in the evening, they took to him a number of people who had evil spirits; and he sent the spirits out of them with a word, and made well all who were ill; So that the word of Isaiah the prophet might come true: He himself took our pains and our diseases.

You see, my religion makes very clear the evil spirits (demons) cause sickness. You should stop using unnatural remedies like antibiotics, if we all start only following religion we could all live over 900 years like Methuselah. And you must show respect for me and my point of view or I will not respect you.

Is it clear now, why protecting points of view or ideas as part of personal dignity is incompatible with education?
Blasphemy an intellectual crime, is an abuse of power to protect an idea from criticism. The works of Darwin or Galileo were against religion because they highly that the bible is not literally true and that our religious leaders can be wrong.
Thanks for the chat.


Thanks very much my opponent but I want you to stop quoting from the bible to support your claim as we are not arguing about religion and besides not every body is religious or even a Christian. However, I will like to support my claim that diseases are not cause by demons.

The term disease broadly refers to any
condition that impairs the normal
functioning of the body. For this reason,
diseases are associated with
dysfunctioning of the body's normal
homeostatic process. [4] Commonly, the
term disease is used to refer specifically to
infectious diseases , which are clinically
evident diseases that result from the
presence of pathogenic microbial agents,
including viruses, bacteria , fungi, protozoa,
multicellular organisms, and aberrant
proteins known as prions . An infection that
does not and will not produce clinically
evident impairment of normal functioning,
such as the presence of the normal
bacteria and yeasts in the gut , or of a
passenger virus, is not considered a
disease. By contrast, an infection that is
asymptomatic during its incubation period,
but expected to produce symptoms later, is
usually considered a disease. Non-
infectious diseases are all other diseases,
including most forms of cancer , heart
disease , and genetic disease .

"You see, my religion makes very clear the evil
spirits (demons) cause sickness. You should stop
using unnatural remedies like antibiotics, if we all
start only following religion we could all live over
900 years like Methuselah. "

It is important to note that religion does not make you live for 900 years,but your way of life(the way you live your life) does. For example,The food you eat,the exercises you do,frequent medical check up etc all these help you to live a longer life. So stop deceiving yourself. And also I want my opponent to know that with with modern medical facilities scientists can cure or prevent almost every diseases in the world which religion or most religious leaders cannot heal. Why do you go to the hospital when you feel sick? It is Because they will give you the right treatment.

" The works of Darwin or Galileo were against religion
because they highly that the bible is not literally
true and that our religious leaders can be wrong.
Thanks for the chat."

It is important to note that science is not against religion but studied natural laws already existed to prove fact. The works of Darwin's , Galileo and others are a key turning stone in our lives, because they help discover fact which are useful to humanity. These discoveries help with the development of the modern world. If it were not for these early scientist do you think that we should be debating on this website?,Of course no. Thanks once more and please try and stick to the topic at hand and stop posting irrelevant issues.

Debate Round No. 4


If someone tells you that you can live 900 by choosing the right diet, they are trying to full you. Blasphemy is an example of how to endorse respect to the point of making idea to question an idea, the idea of religion.
The idea of sickness generated by daemons, is in deed idiotic, and it deserves no respect, however the people who hold that idea do deserve respect, (but not their ideas).
Questioning ideas can be offensive for some people, but endorsing bad ideas (such the religious idea of daemons provoking sickens) can be fatal to everyone.
Most Christians in our days do not accept the demonic-sickens idea as part of their religion, but this is something it happened in the past, that is why is so easy to laugh at that idea.
The point is ideas should not be protected by laws, we should be able to question ideas freely, this is not only free speech, this is also education. This is why I invite everyone to re-think about what do we meant by showing respect.

Thanks for arguing.


thanks very much my opponent for posting your completely irrelevant argument which does not relate to the topic at hand and for this reason I find it hard to debate with you. I hope that you will try and provide concrete evidence for your opinions which are completely erroneous. thanks once more.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by david.palbino 2 years ago
I want to invite every one to read the policy on diversity of their university, tell me if that is agiant fir first amendment. In many universities you can not even request a date as it can be seen as sexual harasment
Posted by david.palbino 2 years ago
From this I conclude that ideas (including religion) should not have dignity, ideas with dignity are incompatible with education. People fear criticizing ideas because it can offend some people, but they should fear bad ideas because bad ideas can be fatal to all of us.
Blasphemy is more important than hate speech (to individuals) so I will not talk about personal insults until we agree on Blasphemy.
Note: forgive me for not knowing what is going on at your country.
Posted by david.palbino 2 years ago
Hi Med Hassan,
nice to meet you, are you really from Sierra Leone?
If that is the case I would like to have a chat with you in private to ask you about the university system at your country.
"18-year old male in Aberdeen, Western Area, Sierra Leone." ?
Posted by Med_Hassan_Bangs 2 years ago
Hello, my dear opponent I have tried to
post my argument but unfortunately
for me I couldn't, so I beg your pardon
for accepting challenge without posting
arguments. Thanks very much for your
understanding. I will try as best as possible to post my arguments, sorry for any inconvenience this will result to, Thanks once more.
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