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Up upon the wall, all of ya!

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Started: 9/14/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Get up on the wall of your UN school
And use the tools confiscated to your benefit
Cold hearted children
Smart phone disciples.


Since my opponent didn't set any BoP rules, the BoP is on him.


Since my opponent has not layed down any rules regarding first round acceptation, I will post my arguments.

"Get up on the wall of your UN school"

Countries such as the United States of America do not run their schools through the UN. Even if you were talking about schools that are in UN nations, there are still some out of the UN.

"And use the tools confiscated to your benefit"

All the tools students have were either bought and/or donated by willing citizens. None were confiscated.

"Cold hearted children"

That is a stereotypical assumption if I ever saw one. Moving on......

"Smart phone disciples."

Not all students and citizens have smart phones. Some have flip phones, and others don't have anything.

I would like the voters to note my opponent's poor use of grammar.


The topic is, "Up upon the wall, all of ya!"

However, I would like to suggest we don't have a good reason to go to the wall. Why would I want to get to the wall and be called a "cold hearted child"?

You show no authority, so, if I choose, I don't have to listen to you.

Thank you for reading!
Debate Round No. 1


I feel like you did not understand the topic whatsoever, so I will let you think about it overnight and issue a final rebuttal before the expiration. Thanks for trying.


If this is a poetry competition, it was not specified. Therefore it can be taken either way.
Debate Round No. 2


As I am not a specialist
And certainly not taking sides of any kind
I do not make rules that exclude
conversation between thinkers

This is not a poetry competition
It is a debate in a free minded style
Bring your thoughts without commitment
Or convict me as an unfit witness

All I know is what I have seen here
On this planet from hell, oh well
It is what it is, It ain't what it ain't
I am pretty sure there are no saints

But something is up there, in the stars, and in the bars, that judges us.
Both of us.

The fact is that America pays a HUGE portion of the UN's bills. The world is no kinder now, and the education only spread further beyond what is a fair burden on the payers, who get no reward except more taxes, for the benefit of UN vampires.
You know the sort, Gates, Soros, MANY OTHER power hungry, evil bastards. Do your research, I will go to work tomorrow again, as hard a job as any, and harder then the jet powered skyscraper riders. Good luck.

PS: I am against massive accumulation of wealth by the aristocracy of the UN. Period. Their vision of a good world is only good for they.
That is my side if I am forced to take one.



First off, there is nothing for you to witness here on this debate. I will convict you as an "unfit" witness

I would like to disagree. A lot of people on this planet are good people. If you go on the biblical version of hell, all Christians will be saved. There are Christians here, so it's not hell.


The UN prevents major altercations between many countries. You find no sources to back up what you're saying. The Cold War was prevented by a UN official negotiating.

"Two years later, Ralph Bunche, a UN official, negotiated an armistice to the resulting conflict" (1)

Again, no source.

Ladies and gentleman, my opponent is just ranting about the UN. He has not proved a thing. This results in a vote for Con!

Debate Round No. 3
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