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Usage of Social Media Triggers Nocialising In People

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Started: 2/17/2016 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Let me begin my argument by making a few definitions and points clear so that my opinions on this matter are better understood.
What is nocialising? Well, that was the first question that came to my mind when I initially heard the topic. When you use your social networks in a big way and do not interact with the people around you then you are said to be nocialising.
So according to this definition, the debate today is going to be about whether the usage of social networks prevents people from interacting with the society in the real world.

Expressing your thoughts to a static webpage is like building a wall between you and your friends. Relationships and friendships are built upon warmth and trust. Social media sites such as Facebook, however hard they may try, can never provide such warmth and trust in relationships thus leading to nocialising. Looking at a webpage can never replace the genuine emotions which can be shared with people in the actual world.

For friendship to occur between two people, there must be an understanding and an emotional connection between the two. Facebook and other social networking sites create an illusion of “understanding” between two people. How many of you meet all your Facebook friends on at least a semi-regular basis?

Social networks make people unaware of the society around them. This creates a shyness in them which prevents them from socialising with their fellow beings. Humans are social creatures. We are made to be friendly in nature. Social networks take advantage of this and fool people into believing that relationships can be maintained with face-to-face contact.

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Posted by tejretics 2 years ago
Conduct tied since both sides forfeited. The topic seemed pretty favored to Pro's side, but Con conceded to it, thus creating a huge disadvantage. Pro's argument ended pretty abruptly, but he had some amount of offense. Pro argued that social networking sites strip people of emotional interaction and force one into isolation. It seems like an abrupt argument, but that small bit of under-explained offense is at least- to some extent- warranted. It outweighs Con's lack of rebuttal.

Con doesn't make any arguments and drops Pro's only offense.

Vote Pro
Posted by ThisIsNotAPerson 2 years ago
space and potatoes. Also you forgot to feed Yggdrasil cake so go do that.
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