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Usain Bolt should not be crowned the 'Fastest Man in the World'

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Started: 9/13/2012 Category: Sports
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The winner of the 100m sprint at either the World Championships or the Olympic games is unofficially given the title by the media/sports fans of the "Fastest Man in the World".

However I believe that there are other athletes who compete in different events that are more deserving of the title.


      • First round is for acceptance, 2nd for arguments, 3rd for rebuttals although Con may rebut in round 2 if he/she feels so inclined.

      • You may not argue that Usain Bolt has not been given the title of 'Fastest man in the world'

Other than that. knock yourself out



I would like to thank the opposition for this chance to have a fun and spirited debate. I also wanted to say that I hope we can have fun in the debating spirit!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you to my opponent for accepting the debate. I too hope it can be a fun debate and conducted in good spirits.

It is my belief that, although Usain Bolt is an exceptional 100 and 200m he should seen as the fastest man in the world. It's not that I think there are others better at the 100m metres that deserve the ceremonious title, Usain has shown himself to be the king of the shortest races. I believe that the 100m (or even 200m) race should not be what decides who the fastest man in the world is.

It is my contention that the winner of the 400m or 800m should hold the crown.

I will look at why I think this is the case soon, but I would first like to acknowledge the reasons why multiple running lengths are included in any athletics meet. First of all it caters to different types of athletes. Some people are simply born with more fast twitch fibers in their muscles which make them move faster and be more accustomed to sprinting. Some people are tall and skinny and while there top speed is not great, they excel at maintaining it. Because of this it is impossible to compare the attributes of say a 3000m runner to 100m sprinter and compare them in terms of racing.

However, because the 400m race is still short and is often considered a sprint, the comparisons between a 100m runner and a 400m runner are not all that unreasonable.

The first reason why I believe that the 400m race is a better way of naming the fastest man in the world than the 100 or 200m is because it is a much harder race to run. The winner at London, Kirani James from Grenada, ran the race in a time of 43.94 seconds. To make this easier lets round it off to 44s. We then divide this by 4 and we come to 12s. So, on average, James had to run just under 12s for each of his 4 hundred metres or two 200m's of just under 22s. [1]

Now, when you compare these times to Usain Bolts' 9.58s world record in the 100 and 19.19s record in the 200, it does not seem that close. However a 400m runner, not only has to be able to run fast, but maintain that pace over a longer period of time, essentially Usain bolt only has to run flat out for 19.19s at the most while James had to do it for 43.94s, making the 400m race not only a test of speed, but a test of willpower and endurance. [2]

Similarly to 800m race, won in London by David Rudisha in a world record time of 1:40.91, you have to have the perfect mix between elite speed, and the ability to maintain this speed. Lets say that Rudishas' time was about 100s Divide this by 8 and you get 12.5s for every 100m of the race or 25 seconds for every 200. The ability to run 8 100m's in a row with an average time of 12.5 seconds is remarkable. First of all to reach that speed in the first place is not something that most people are able to do, but to sustain it 8 times over is a Herculean effort. [3]

I would also like to add one last point to my argument, and perhaps this is more important than times or distances, but making the winner of the shortest races the fastest man in the world reflects badly on our culture an the things we value. Ultimately it is the perception of the media and the public that the winner of the 100m race is the 'fastest man in the world' there is no trophy with this engraved on it or anything like that. By saying that a man who only has to run for a brief period of time and then stop is the worlds best runner, we are saying that we value efforts that are short lived an unsustainable.

In a time where we need to develop sustainable ways of living more than ever if we want any chance of being able to save out planet from destruction. Would it not be better than to shift our focus to runners like David Rudisha and Kirani James, who not only satisfy the criteria by being fast, but also must be able to sustain this speed. If we placed as much focus on these athletes as we did on Bolt then it would send a more positive message to the next generation of leaders, we don't want an effort that sparks for 19 seconds then finishes, we want a solution that takes this initiative but is able to carry it through and maintain it.

We need more thinking like this, especially amongst the people who will grow up to be leaders, and what better way to do it than to stop glorifying athletes like 100m runners and teach kids that it better to be a more like a 400m runner. A person who is not only capable of achieving great things, but of continuing it as well.

Over to you Con




Calki288008 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Seeing as this round was supposed to be for rebuttals, and con has not presented any arguments, I extend my points through fro the previous round as unchallenged. I also would like to remind con, if he decides to return to this debate, that he may no longer post any of his own arguments, only rebuttals.

I also urge a vote to pro because of cons forfeiture.


Sorry for not posting in the last round the time just got way from me.

Usain Bolt holds the word record in three events more than any other runner in the world making him the fastest man in the world.

100m " 9.58 seconds
Berlin, 2009
200m " 19.19 seconds
Berlin, 2009
4x100m " 36.84 seconds
London, 2012

He has 6 Olympic gold medals including:
100m " Beijing, 2008
100m " London, 2012
200m " Beijing, 2008
200m " London, 2012
4x100m " Beijing, 2008
4x100m "London, 2012

He has 5 world championship gold medals:
100m " Berlin, 2009
200m " Berlin, 2009
200m " Daegu, 2011
4x100m " Berlin, 2009
4x100m " Daegu, 2011

For these reasons and many more are why Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world.

Thanks for the chance to debate you.

Remember to vote con for the winner of this wonderful debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Zaradi 5 years ago
In what event? There is so much semantics that is possible with this resolution it's not even funny. It would be so epically easy for pro to point out that Usain Bolt is not a long distance runner and can say that any long distance runner would be faster than Usain bolt in a 5k or something like that.

Too much subjectivity to be adequately, or accurately, debated.
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Reasons for voting decision: It is unsportsmanship for CON to provide his only argument in the last round, making them unrefutable by the PRO side. He also didn't give strong arguments to why he should be crowned as the "Fastest Man in the World." PRO arguments were also left unrefuted.