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Use blank in a story. Challenge.

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Started: 9/20/2015 Category: Entertainment
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Pro and Con will write stories using a word Con or Pro choose. For example it's Pro's turn to write so I tell him to use the word claustrophobia. He then has to use it more than once. The words must be English words. The one who followed the rules , didn't forfeit and wrote the better stories win. Ready?

First round is writing.

The word is Xenophobes.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


The first round was *not* just acceptance and you have given no word for me.

I'll just re-choose the word. The word is yews.

Remember next round write and challenge so I can write. Thank you.


There was once a small kingdom named Carthyass and there was the king and queen. They were scared of xenephobe because all the other kingdoms had good defense, but there prince just died so there was a lot of commotion of who will be the next prince. The king and queen knew that they could get attacked any time so waited.

The day came. There was war. With no prince there was a lot of confusion. They had a high sense of xenophobe because all the other kingdoms loved to fight. The sat in a corner and waited an waited. Finally they heard the news. There kingdom Carthyass was getting stronger. Now the king and queen thought they had a small possibility to win. They tried all there best. They tried to stop the fear of Xenophobe.

Three months later the war ended. They had huge victory. Now the kingdom were now all at peace. No other countries could stop them. The kingdom called Carthyass happily lived for ever and did not get in attack.

Pro's word is kakorrhaphiophobia.
Debate Round No. 2


It was a dark a storming Friday night. School just ended. My two friends James and Robbie came over for a sleep over. My parents weren't home and only five people were here. The maid, Robbie, James, me and my little sister Peppa. The four of us were playing a game of Monopoly, but suddenly a loud shriek came from the kitchen, and a breeze came in the room. James ran to the sofa. Peppa who was six years old at the time looked frightened and help tightly on my shirt. Robbie asked if he could go check what it was all about. I said I'll come with and left Peppa with James. When we got to the kitchen I saw our maid dead on the floor, beside it a note written using blood. It read "Look behind you" I felt carried and worried. I tapped Robbie's shoulder and showed him the note on the floor. So we turned around together and saw three dead children. I've whom I never seen before. They said in a creepy voice. "I'm Ganope. The master of dark magic. I've come for your souls. But I'll give you a chance for survival. The four of may live. The four of you may die."
"How do you play?" I asked.
"Simple. The first to find me and kill me wins. No rules. Just hunter vs hunter. Spy vs spy. First team to kill the other wins. But don't get cocky. I am known yo posses kakorrhaphiophobia, the fear of failure and I have only ever failed once." After he spoke the children turned into smoke and a huge thunderstorm started.

I looked at Robbie and he looked at me. Robbie gas kakorrhaphiophobia too. And he knew I was wondering if he was Ganope.
"W-we be-better t-tell the the others." Robbie said clearly so scared he stuttered.
I nodded and we ran to the great hall where they were. But when we got there we saw James and Peppa trapped in fallen furniture.

"What happened?" I yelled.
"The world it started shaking!" Peppa exclaimed.
"Quickly! Get us out of here!" James said in a scared voice.
As I ran towards them a gran father clock fell towards Peppa's face. Smashing it.
"O my god! O my god! O my god! I yelled as tears poured out of my eyes.
Ganope was going to die! He has too.
"A li-little h-help p-p-please?" Robbie muttered.
I ran to help then bowling balls fell from the celling and landed all around me. Then I felt pain in my head and I woke up. It was all just a dream. Or was it? Was I dead? Was Ganope the ghost with kakorrhaphiophobia the victor? It all looked so real. It couldn't have been a dream.

You decide.

Con's next word is Xylocaine. I repeat Xylocaine.


There was once a very sick child when she was born. She had several diseases and allergy to Xylocaine she had to walk on a wheelchair and had to be given food. She knew that there wern't a lot of doctors who treated her well because she was an African and this was in the 1900-1999ths. There was one doctor who treated blacks well.
The doctor said, "She just has to practice. She will eventually get better."
In the end she did. Slowly and every night she walked along the path. She was getting better and better. Her allergy of Xylocaine soon disappeared.
5 years later she was finally intending schools. She could speak, read, and write. Many years later she turned into a college student. After her graduation, she picked her job. It was a scientist who studied the elements. Finally she learned about Xylocaine and many other elements.

Your word is callipygian
Debate Round No. 3


Ted_Kord_Pokemon_Master forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Ted_Kord_Pokemon_Master 1 year ago
I just posted my arguments! Why didn't it post!!!!
Posted by ClashnBoom 1 year ago
Umm. con Xylocaine is a medicine used to numb tissue.
Posted by ClashnBoom 1 year ago
Good debate and stories guys.
Posted by Ted_Kord_Pokemon_Master 2 years ago
I guess you didn't read the OP. Which is evident because first round is *not* acceptance. We both give words that was just a basic example.
Posted by debate-master1 2 years ago
You only give the words?
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