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Use of biological weapons

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Started: 2/2/2016 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The use of biological weapons is destructive and effects the economy hugely. They prevent normal transaction from occurring and with that happening we would have no meetings or large face to face transaction. It would cost over 5 trillion dollars to create enough medicine to vaccinate america if it were the cheapest vaccine available for a level three pathogen (influenza). The use of a weapon like this can also have a boomerang effect and spread back to the attacking nations territory.


Let me get this straight on what you're arguing. You're against biological weapons because of the negative economic impact on the country they hit. Forget all of the people suffering with horribly painful reactions to biological agents. Forget the mass exodous of refugees from infected areas for the people that survive. Forget the retaliation from United Nations or NATO countries. Forget the long-term economic and military sanctions that would be placed upon the launching country. Forget that the launching Government that would be completely replaced. Forget that, you know, WWIII might happen.

Con is arguing that biological weapons are bad for the economy because sick people cannot go shopping and conduct transactions.

Con is arguing that some other country in the world is capable of attacking the US and infecting every single person in the population at the same time.

You know what the boomerang effect would be to a country that attacked the USA with mass biological weapons? I'm pretty sure that country would cease to exist. Which, in a way, may be bad for their local economy.

So, I'm arguing that a biological attack on the USA would be good for the economy. Granted, it would be really terrible from a humanity perspective with all that suffering and sickness and stuff. But where there is great adversity, 'Murica (*** YEA!), always comes out on top.
Debate Round No. 1


The one thing I want to know is what you are arguing. This is a debate so, instead of blabbing on about what I didn't include maybe you should include an argument yourself. And about the one actual point that you did have, the economical damage could kill more people than the disease itself. 7 million people died of starvation during the great depression and only 15,000 died in the Ebola outbreak. I also want to point out that I never said screw everything else. I said that these were only some of the effects. Instead of blabbing on about what I didn't include maybe you should actually argue yourself


I’m offended.

I mean, I feel like I just held the door for a feminist who refused to walk through but chose to chastise me for my chivalry. Proper etiquette dictates that I provide you the opportunity for first argument. This is the thanks I get for being a nice guy.

You stated a premise in the first. I stated a premise in the second, expecting your argument to follow. Yet, what do I get? You use the argument to accuse me of “blabbing”. You make no further points regarding the negative effects of biological weapons. Two opportunities to argue, yet you passed on both. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. We’ll see how it works out for you.

Now, for some professional blabbing.

How on earth would a biological attack be good for the economy?

Oh, do you not know how we do things in the US of A? Have you not been paying attention over the last 250 years? Are you one of those terrorists or Bernie Sanders supporters?

Let me tell you how we roll. We are the Obi-fooken Kenobi of countries. Strike us? And we become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

If you think that some skinny dude is going to run in from the desert wearing nothing but a bathrobe and vials of middle-eastern venereal diseases strapped to plastic explosives with duck-tape like an extra on the set of MacGyver yelling “Hola, Admiral Akbar”, and it’s going to ruin our economy… you are sorely mistaken.

Hop in my Delorean, I’ll crank it up to 88 mph, and you can ride along with me for a little history lesson.

Back in 1776, there was a bunch of royal ugly dudes who thought they could tax and tax and tax until their crumpets crumbled. Well we got together and decided that all these stupid rules really pissed us off and gave them the ‘ol Liberty finger, one if by land, and two in the stink. So what did those snooty Brits do? They came over and picked a fight. The made the mistake of attacking ‘Murica! We sent them back to their little island where they could powder their wigs and rot their teeth and inbreed until the women looked like men. [1]

We had nothing. We started out with no phones, no lights, no motor cars. Not a single luxury! [2] So what did we do? We asked the Indians what those funny looking yellow vegetables were called and then we said, “Got it. We’ll take it from here.” And we went out and built a massive country from scratch. Compared to what we started with.. the economy boomed. Like we got all this labor from across the ocean for practically nothing. Was it a d!ck move? Yea, yea it was. I apologize on the behalf of all of my ancestors living in Hungary and Poland at the time. But we are talking economics here. Economically, it was freaking brilliant. ‘Murica gets attacked. The economy basically blows up from nothing. Cause. Effect.

Back in 1812, a couple of good pieces of music [3][4] were written to celebrate how great ‘Murica was becoming. The British thought they could come back for a sequel like Apollo Creed, but like Rocky, we knocked they azzes out. You know what we did next? Only conquered the whole country from sea-to-shining-sea. We even got all the way out to California and found lots of gold just in time to avoid having an NFL team with a really awkward name. Again, ‘Murica was attacked and then we had massive territorial and economic expansion. [5] And maybe you’ve heard of it… the Industrial FREAKING Revolution. [6]

Back in 1865, well now things got interesting. I mean, the piper had to be paid for all that nearly-free economic growth. So ‘Murica, not having anyone else in the world willing to fight us worth a darn, we decided to fight ourselves. We beat ourselves up for a while. You may think it was terrible that all those people died [7] But I see it like brain cells that die when you drink a beer. What’s left is strongest and fittest (tosses quarter to Norm & Cliff). So now, the word gets out to the rest of Europe on how much ‘Murica has it’s stuff together and all these immigrants hop on boats and sail the ocean blue to go sniff Lady Liberty’s armpits because it smells better than they do after three months on a ship. To them, even New Jersey smells good. American manufacturing took off like nowhere else in the world with the simultaneous westward expansion, incoming labor force, railways, and riverboats facilitating trade, and a couple dudes inventing a plane, boss. A PLANE! [8] Pattern holds. 'Murica goes to war, then economic growth.

So moving along to 1917, ‘Murica decides to leave home for the first time in 150 years or so, and go kick butt somewhere else. We were like the SEC teams in non-conference games. Sure, a gaudy winning percentage looks great and all, but until you play the big boys on the road, you haven’t proved anything. So ‘Murica went over to Europe and basically won the whole war by ourselves, if my memory is accurate. You can quibble about who fought who and who beat who… what’s important is the economic impact. We came home and partied hard! Like for a whole decade. [9] Our entire country was sick with Affluenza and everyone got a piece. We just made money, spent, money, and rocked the casbah [10]. Money was rollin and we was making it rain.

Well we went through some tough times after that, I admit. So what happened next? 1939-1945. the Granddaddy of them All [11]. Certain people got all cocky from watching too many Godzilla movies and thought they could defeat ‘Murica by bombing this little Harbor in Hawaii. That's like thinking you can beat an elephant by sticking a splinter in his foot. Biggest flipping war ever results in ‘Murica inventing all kinds of tanks, and guns, and bombs, and planes, and basically saves the World (again) like in cliche’ Hollywood flicks. So after kicking the butt of everyone on the planet, ‘Murica decided to kick outer space's butt, too. And, boom, technology, industry, rockets, and we’re on the moon (soudstage tin foil hats aside). So again, attack ‘Murica, then massive economic growth.

I think you’re getting the point so let’s move along to September 11, 2001. Again with the stupid planes attacking our shtuff. So what happens? We go over to this big ol desert with oil and plant our flag in their proverbial mommas. We knock out one crazy insane dude and cashed in our Bury One, Get One coupon and wiped out a second country in a two-fer. Now we blow up the Interwebs with billion-dollar companies and make everyone’s data available to the government with Facebook and twitter, then revive Star Wars and gas is 76 cents per gallon. And even with a socialist Muslim president, we still be rollin in cash, bigger and better then ever with all the rest of the world Greece-ing their pocketbooks.

So, go ahead. Attack ‘Murica with your monkey AIDS in a can. Sure, there will be a short-term blip as we adjust our fiscal policies to spend oodles on guns and Obamacare. But we’ll invent cool things that allow us to shoot down aliens with such frequency, they’ll remember Roswell like it was the good ol' days, we’ll cure cancer, we’ll colonize Mars, and we’ll turn ISIS into WASWAS.

Biological weapons hurt the economy. B!tch, please.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by diarrhea_of_a_wimpy_kid 2 years ago
Patience, kind sir. Takes a while to sort through the mountain of evidence. But, really Slick Willie, how could it NOT be?
Posted by Willie53 2 years ago
How on earth would it be good for the economy?
Posted by diarrhea_of_a_wimpy_kid 2 years ago
You said:
The use of biological weapons is destructive and effects the economy hugely. (Con)

I said:
A biological attack on the USA would be good for the economy. (Pro)

Posted by Willie53 2 years ago
so pro, what exactly is your argument again? I see no argument on your side.
Posted by SmellTheGlove 2 years ago
Hilarious opening argument by PRO.
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Reasons for voting decision: Disappointing debate, but while Con provided no arguments at all, Pro atleast presented some arguments. It is cheap that he chose to do it in the last Round, but no rules were set against this.