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Users should be allowed to advertise on

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Started: 10/2/2016 Category: Economics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Occasionally, I see people making debates that advertise some product, usually magic. But, aside from any scams, is it a good idea to let users advertise products?


User; A person with a profile on

Advertise; To bring acknowledgement to a product; Also called DDO, this is the website we're on.


1) If you disagree with my definitions, let me know in the comment section before accepting, and give me your preferred definition, and I might change it.
2) Not sure what kritiks or semantics could come from this debate, but they're forbidden. If I catch any form of trolling, I will call you out. Ultimately, though, it's the voter's decision whether you're trolling or not.
3) Try not to forfeit. Doing so will count as an instant loss.
4) We're not talking about the adverts on the sides on most pages on DDO. We're talking about users making debates or forum topics saying something along the lines of "Buy my thing". Trying to argue that the adverts on the pages should be here, is changing the subject and irrelevant (I hope you understand this rule.). Basically, the adverts on the sides of pages on DDO don't count.

With that, who accepts?


I think if watched users should be allowed to advertise on here. I agree with your definitions and the scams but is a place where you can share your opinion and bring up topics to a community of unjudgemental people. You get people to sign petitions, and support other topics. In my opinion advertisements on this site should be for getting your voice and getting support.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank Jacobl81 for accepting. Also, welcome to In my opinion, I'm taking a tough side to this, but I'll try my best.


Point 1; The site isn't for advertising

People might try to advertise their produtcs by creating an account, and making a debate or forum topic. But the thing is, this is, a place for discussing your views on topics such as politics and religion. When making an account, you're choosing a debating life style, not an advertising one. Advertising about some book or spell is inappropriate usage of the site.

Point 2; Possible Crimes

It is possible to find a person's information by pretending to be an online sales person. Think about it; how do you place a package in front of your customer's door? By finding out their location. When someone sees the post about this cool Spell Book and wants it, they'l attempt to order it. Most people use credit cards to purchase stuff, and a skilled person could gain enough information about the credit card to impersonate said customer, and Identity Theft would happen (I'm not sure what these guys do. I guess order expensive things using other people's money?).

But what if the 'seller' isn't into ID Theft? To buy the Spell Book, you'd also have to give your home address. When the false sales person arrives, he could possibly kidnap you and/or steal all of your money.

To avoid these heinous crimes in the first place, let's just forbid any users advertising in the first place. You can't trust random Purple Circles advertising magic, can you?

Sorry I brought out my best. It's difficult going easy sometimes. I hope you can somehow take out my points.


Most sites nowadays need to make money in some form of way. Some require subscriptions in order to look at content, but most sites nowadays use advertising to make money. It's the people's decision if they want to click on the site or not. Do I think it should be free, no but people should know whether or not to click on the link. As for the people putting up the links it shouldn't be allowed. There is no reason to put a link in. Since that is almost impossible to monitor, the next best thing is to just ignore them. If everyone just ignored them then the scammers wouldn't even bother
Debate Round No. 2


True. Ultimately, it's the customer's decision to buy that spell book. But there may be at least 1 idiot who wants the product, so they'll contact the seller, not necessarily by a link. After the 'seller' arrives, he steals the customer's money or steals the actual customer.

And you dropped my point about the fact that the site isn't meant for advertising products. Sure, they need to make money. But not here, since this is a debate site, not an advertising site.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Khons 1 year ago
Depends on what they are advertising.
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