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Uttrakhand tragedy, a man made disaster?

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Started: 7/1/2013 Category: Society
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Recent tragedy because of heavy rain and flash floods in some regions of Uttarakhand has resulted in heavy loss of life, property and damage which will take years to recover. Many villages and cities were affected because of this natural calamity. No doubt the disaster was because of heavy rains and flash floods but the question is what is reason for such a heavy loss of property and life? Was it a manmade disaster or a natural calamity?


well good morning to all
This is first time i m putting any comment over there so pl suggest if i do any mistake .

as per as my perception is concern even after so much of improvement in the technology and science human being and
our technology not able to even identify the exact timing of any natural calamity .every thing is not in our hand human being is trying to override the nature so in this way people are facing ..

"Uttarakhand should not have taken the path of industrialisation for development and should have been developed as the best destination for sustainable tourism in the world. States must focus on their core competence; not every state should industrialise."
It's difficult not to agree with Kant after seeing images of the hill state that has been ravaged by floods. More than 1,000 people are believed to have been killed and at the time of writing as many as 1,400 were still stranded.(On Saturday, the Uttarakhand assembly speaker Govind Singh Kunjwal said the death toll could cross 10,000.) Rescue efforts have been hampered by incessant rains and the tough mountain terrain.
Even as television channels beamed horrific visuals of the calamity, the debate on whether the industrialisation of the hill state had contributed to the disaster turned into a face-off between environmentalists and the chief minister Vijay Bahuguna, who claimed the tragedy was a natural calamity.

source :-
taking reference of these report of economics time i would like to add the point for the development man using natural resources in uncontrolled way that become the cause of such natural calamity. so some where or other man is responsible .
Debate Round No. 1


First of all i want to thank my opponent for accepting my challenge... I hope to have a meaning and mature debate.
M sry to inform, bt the argument that u posted easlier was not against my topic of debate. Rather it supported my concern.

Nywys, my furthur argument to support my thinkng, of considering this disaster as a man made disaster is as followng:
Entire world now is in crazy race of economical progress, everyone wants development which brings more money (and in turn
supposed to bring more happiness) no matter what we want development, the race is too competitive and furious, it seems there is
no time to plan any strategy they just want to run, run at any cost and win the race or at a tie but loosing is not a option. Nothing
wrong in all these ambitions and aspirations (about progress and development), they are required to motivate people to do the
good work, discover new inventions and in turn bring long term sustainable progress. But that's where is the problem, very few
are looking for 'long term sustainable progress', most of us are in race for short term gains, quicker the better, no one has time to
think about impact of our actions on environment.
I hope people demand better infrastructure and fight for it (both in cities and villages), and once they get it try really hard to
maintain it, I hope they follow the rules and don't play with their own life, I know it's easy to say this than to follow but all these
disasters should force all of us to think. It is not logical or even practical to follow single model of growth for entire country, India
is such a diverse (geographically, socially and economically) country so we need to have some model which takes into account
everything (not only middle class, skilled workers or educated class), there are many intelligent and experienced people who can
come up with such model and I hope they come up with something which suits our diverse country and its people. I am sure with
proper planning and implementation of good and practical ideas we can avoid man made disasters and also deal with natural
calamities in much better way, so that next time when something like this happens at least we are better prepared. I know we can
not control nature's behavior but we can definitely control our actions and make sure that we don't make situation more
complicated and worse.


first of all i would like to thanks to my opponent for nice suggestion.

man totally depends upon nature for their survival.
form ancient time man is trying to understand the nature and their
property and certain changing behavior .But till now man is unable
to presume it .so man is just like dummy doll against nature.
man are totally depend upon the nature for following essential requirement.
2.water light)
so man is just user of these resources and man doesnot have fully
control of man over this thing .

As per Hindu mythology nature balance every thing automatically .
as a example just like our body that
is combination of 5 different "tatba" substance if we loose the balance
we face many problem and deices in the same way the nature also automatically balance
every thing .

So as per my perception is concern the natural calamity was totally
natural disaster and it was not at all man made..
Debate Round No. 2
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