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Vampires or Werewolves (for vampires) (con werewolves)

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Started: 1/17/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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I"ll come in hard and fast on the debate right from the start.(lol) A werewolf lives a lifetime"a vampire lives (or unlives) forever. Mortality is off the table for the vampires which means centuries of fun (assuming one avoids the stake). Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can"t go out during the day. Big deal. You know who goes out in the daylight? People who need to work, that"s who. You know who goes out at night? People about to have a good time. So it is a very small trade off in my opinion. Living forever is just a lot longer than living a lifetime, so vamps 1 werewolves zero.


Werewolves are superior to vampires because werewolves are a part of the natural dynamic of human nature, whereas vampires are a grossly unnatural perversion of all that human life stands for.
A vampire is one who is so afraid of death that they sell their soul for an immortal existence of undiluted evil. The human body is designed to be youthful and virile for only a few decades - instead of enjoying a calm retirement into wisdom and earned respect from one's community, a vampire commits callous murder to steal the "lan vital from other human beings, in a never-ending cycle of extreme greed and debauchery.
Vampires are an accurate satire of the logical conclusion to the civilised nobility I was just criticising. By turning their nose up at the vulgar bestial necessities of hunger and old age that afflict mortal humans, they embody the self-denial and self-alienation of our deluded matter-hating culture, with its Platonism and religion. The Christian desire for eternal life leads straight to the cannibalistic inhumanity of the vampire - which neatly explains the whole nasty Eucharist business.
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Posted by xXx_Warshak_xXx 3 years ago
And remember Werewolf's hunt in pack's increaseing there odd's and Strenght agienst anything.
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