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Venom vs Black Tarantula

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Started: 2/25/2015 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This will be a debate about Venom vs Black Tarantula
BT is a lesser known character so here is his wiki.
I will be voting for BT thanks in advance
(First round is acceptance)


i will accept this debate but we should only do earth 616 versions
Debate Round No. 1


Hopefully you understand the full potential of The Black Tarantula

(I really dont want make a full lengthy explanation)

I would think that Black Tarantula actually has a greater skill than Venoms.

Plus he has a genius he should be able to find out Venom's weakness very quickly.

I know that Venom actually has a great resistance to all of his weaknesses.

He has a large amount of feats that show his strength and resistance to fire and sonic sounds.

Yet, Black Tarantula lacks weaknesses.

BT has beaten one of the greatest martial artists in the Marvel universe (Dare Devil)

BT has a healing factor on par with Wolverine's and Deadpool's.

BT>Venom in strength.

Venom has feats including lifting Bulldozers, over powering Hulk, Thor, and Ghost Rider, and he has beaten Spiderman in one hit.

Lady Bullseye is one of the most acurate shooters next to Bullseye.

BT not only beat Lady Bullseye but predicted her every move

I ask you con, how shall Venom beat The Black Tarantula?


Venom as superior strength were bt can lift up to 25 tons and venom in is normal form can lift 75 tons venom also provides spider powers and both these gentlemen have been beaten by the spider. Plus venom can change his body in ways black tarantula could never fathom. Venom can shrink and grow in size as well as providing unlimited holding space to its user.
Venom has fought the hulk and tied as well as having been shown to be able to block warrior senses
Debate Round No. 2


Well, seeing your last statement I can see that you obviously havent read any Black Tarantula comics.

Black Tarantula beat Spider man without even trying, twice.

One time he had him on the ground but his wife stopped him.

Another time he spared him and just took his mask.

Plus BT always has prep time. His ancestors had the time to plan out everything I mean EVERYTHING for their sons

Their exact moves and fight styles, thier names, where they live. (Kindof stalkerish right?)

But, still Venom is an alien pathogen that has existed before spiderman even existed. (Secret wars comics)

So BT's ancestors would have knowledge on the symbiote meaning that BT would be able to beat him because his ancestors know about him. (plus like I said before BT has genius intellect so he would find out eventually)

Plus even if Venom got a few good hits on him BT has lasers that can demolish anything. You said that Venom could change to any size but i am talking about Eddie Brock venom not Mac Gargan.

Mac Gargan has been shown to change size but not Brock

GG and I am anxious for your reply


Yes but bt's lasers completely sap his physical strength
He may have many strategies but venom was only ever known (
until after he bonded with Spider-Man the first time.
Plus venom as Brock could indeed change his size and shape plus he could change into Eddie Brock and bt would be none the wiser. Venom has also beaten Spider-Man on more than one ocasion while also possessing the ability to turn invisible and also having a spider sense.
Debate Round No. 3


TheSymbiote forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


TheSymbiote forfeited this round.


I feel that I have given good points to support my case. Thank you for voting and watching this debate unfold
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TheSymbiote 3 years ago
Posted by Erossucks123 3 years ago
616 venom and 616 black tarantula
Posted by TheSymbiote 3 years ago
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Which version of Venom?
Posted by TheSymbiote 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct: Con Forfeited the final rounds. S&G: Con's arguments were less clustered and had comma's, while Pro's arguments were much more clumped together. Arguments: Despite Pro's tendency to clump his arguments together, he actually stated WHY he thought Venom would win, while Con just compared the two and said that Black Tarantula would have a strategy, therefore he would win, and that somehow BT's ancestors KNEW about the symbiote, despite it being from an alien world AWAY from earth. Sources: Pro credited a source, while Con did not. Plus, he made errors in his information, like Venom's strength limit compared to BT's. While it just an individual source, it's better than nothing. And that is my RFD.