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Venom vs Wolverine

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Started: 10/22/2014 Category: Entertainment
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This argument is on Venom vs Wolverine
First round is acceptance to the challenge
The rest are the debate stages
Debate Round No. 1


My question to you is. How is wolverine going to stop the symbiote taking over his mind.
Venoms daughter carnage, was able to take over all of the avengers at once.(Carnage USA Part 2)
His own kind took over a whole planet. The Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1 (April 1995)
So my question is, why can't he take over wolverine, in past comics he has taken out wolverine (Wolverine and the X-Men Vol 14) On the cover it shows the symbioted wolverine.
Plus, Venom has close to unlimited webbing. He could easily web him up and beat the poop out of him.
Venom also has a higher strength than wolverine. He also has a higher speed than wolverine. With his strength and power he could easily make a symbiote weapon, and beat the poop out of wolverine. I am not talking about a flimsy plastic bat. I mean he would literally grab a piece of debris, and smash the pretty out of his face.
I would also like to add that wolverine would not be able to attack Venom. He has a enhanced spider
sense. Therefore even if wolverine used stealth he would be able to attack him.


So lets start then by defining what you think a "Win" is. From a death perspective a symbiote by definition can never truly win because its life is directly tied to the life of its host. It only ever gains in power by assimilating the memories and traits of the previous hosts. By himself he isn't much to contend with.

Wolverines regenerative ability makes a hard case for the fact that whatever Venom might try to do, Wolverine would still live on.

Also Venom's various tendrils and formations of blades are all made from the same material. Wolverine is a symbiote of his own kind ... one of inanimate/indestructible material and a completely destructible/regenerative outside control system. Even mocking him as symbiotes do, I dont believe Venom could make of himself a material that could compare to adamantium out of the biological material from which he's made.

If by "Win" you mean "masquerade around in his body for a bit" or "give him an beatdown" then sure. But essentially he wont truly defeat Wolverine.
Debate Round No. 2


I do not agree with my fellow debator. Wolverines adamantium claws can cut through almost anything right? So my question is, when Venom gets inside of Wolverine, and then makes wolverine stab hismself in the skull, he could decapitate him self, scatter his body parts around. Or he could make a spear and show it through his eye making it go into his brain, there are countless ways for Venom to kill him.


I seem to recall Wolverine surviving massive brain injuries before with only some memory loss as an effect. (2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

In that same movie they do note how regenerative mutants can be ended by severing the head, yes. Bu you'd have to take into account how something like that would be possible by the person doing it ...

While possessed even, he would have to have enough momentum behind his hand to ensure the blade fully passed through his neck (containing an adamantium spine). I can only imagine this act would take multiple hacks to accomplish ... and wolverine could not pass out from his own blood loss before finishing the deed.

I recall at no time that venom was able to control a dead specimen ... as they actually feed off the living host.

2 other points that come to mind:
1) Being that symbiotes are sensitive to sound waves and reverberations, it seems like posessing essentially a walking tuning fork would be a bad idea.
2) Symbiotes have been portrayed as very one-track-minded and animalistic. The thought that Venom would even ever have the inclination to kill such a powerful host when it would be far better to just continue to possess it is beyond me. They seem too intent on survival to ever want to lose an opportunity like that.
Debate Round No. 3


"I seem to recall Wolverine surviving massive brain injuries before with only some memory loss as an effect." That was an adimantium bullet to the head bro. Venom has super strength, he is actually stronger than spider-man. Spider-Man was able to hold up the whole Daily Bugle, allowing people to escape. Now think about that strength multiplied by 2 coming directly into your face. Plus Venom could raise an army of Symbiotes. As I said before, his kind took over the whole world and he was the one who stopped it. He could still manipulate Wolverine to do his biddings. Plus, if you think about it there are a ton of what ifs, Eddie can make Wolverine put his fists up to his head make him shoot out his claws, make Wolverine stab himself in the heart making his healing powers limited then make him shoot his claws in his brain. Plus, Wolverine you can drown. He won't come back becuase he regenrates cell and tissue.

I should have added that the area of this debate is Washington Bridge


Again though, by nature your particular symbiote is flawed in that he is driven towards survival. He stopped the symbiote takeover because they were even more survival centered than he. Letting them run rampant actually decreases his pool to choose from. Some symbiotes even became stronger than him because their instinct went unchecked. He displays a drive towards survival at all costs and this is what makes him easy overall to identify as a villain, and easy to predict as a foe.

Also, to expand on the tuning fork idea because I thought it was interesting, a far fall in that initial struggle to takeover his mind could be enough to dislodge him anyways. He can't manipulate the skeleton either ... whatever form he'd try to take, this metal skeleton would be present in his makeup somewhere as foreign material that he couldn't destroy.

I don't see a stab working if the majority of the biomass is still Intact ... it'll likely regenerate.
Drowning maybe ... but again ... to do it fully he would already have to have full control (which has always been a historically difficult process with heroes since their intentions do not align. They aren't as easy to mind control and identify signs of hostile takeover earlier). With full possession though, wolverine would be able to breathe in water, and venom inclined to preserve him, because he'd want to feed and survive off of him.

That's assuming of course venom is even able to get that far with possession. His success sheet isn't very long. Wolverine's kill sheet would extend many pages. He's a beast.

My final argument comes from this universe and not the Marvel one. Fact is Wolverine as a character has brought in more money, has more fans, more love as a hero, and more vested interest by the writers to survive than venom ever will have. If there were ever an obscure comic released where this fight happened, and venom won, it would be labeled as illegitimate by the community and wolverine would show up again elsewhere.

Wolverine as an idea and as a comic book character will live on long after venom. He's a damn poster child of Marvel comics! That image you posted above was made to have venom look like wolverine for that very reason ... to draw wolverine fans over and get the attention of otherwise disinterested readers. I don't mean to sound too harsh, but venom is a B-Comic Book character. He's like a Psylocke or Adam Warlock (wont even get into how much of a joke venom looks against him ).
Debate Round No. 4


Even if they invested all of thier money and stuff. Wolverine died...
It was a "Marvel NOW" comic. So they killed him off. Plus, the Spider-Verse isn't something to pass by and say eh. The Spider-Verse is more popular than the "X-Men Universe" The whole Spider-Verse will be more popular than the "X-Men Universe"


FreedomBeforeEquality forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by FreedomBeforeEquality 2 years ago
Well shoot ... I had something written up with movie budgets vs box office ratios. Spiderman had only a slightly better ration but at much higher budgets and less releases. It seems money invested in budget is all that really mattered.

I didn't make it back in time for my last round but, your picture of venom as wolverine says it all about the popularity debate. They actually used an image of a wolverine like venom to try and attract wolverine fans over from the x-men universe. I hold that venom isn't in the same hero class as wolverine.
Posted by ShikenNuggets 2 years ago
Unfortunately I don't think it's possible to have an objective debate on this subject.
Posted by Zanomi3 2 years ago
Changed my mind. Not sure where I'd go with it. Good luck in this debate.
Posted by Zanomi3 2 years ago
So you're alright if I take a semantics route with this debate?
Posted by TheSymbiote 2 years ago
I am for Venom, as you can see
Posted by Zanomi3 2 years ago
What side are you even taking... I might take this debate, but I'd probably go a semantics route...
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Reasons for voting decision: Focus seemed to be lacking in this debate, especially since each of you started focusing on popularity by the end. Con posed a really good question: what is a win? Pro seems to argue that win is a battle where there is a clear combatant on top in the end. Con argues that a win is a death. If I go with Pro's view, I think it's pretty plain that Venom wins. If I go with Con's, it's murky. I don't know how long that kind of battle would take to decide, and Con never tells me how Venom could die, even though he says that Wolverine won't. He even says that Venom has incentive not to kill him. So how long does this drag on for? Months? Years? Decades? Venom simply controls Wolverine indefinitely? I'm not sure what to make of this, and it just ends up obscuring the debate in a manner that isn't conducive to any decision. I agree that Pro's definition may not be a good one, but Con's appears far worse, so I vote Pro. Also, conduct to Pro for that last round forfeit.