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Vermin Supreme would make an amazing President

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Started: 4/1/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Mr. Supreme is a proud defender of American reforms that will only help our great nation. When you enter workplace and your co-worker's breath is kicking, you will have wished you voted for Vermin. With the struggles of our modern day economy, one, united economy will most certainty help the greater good. Not only would the Pony economy establish fairness and equality, but an amazing way to cut down on all the hate circling the world. Everyone will be united under one, pony and toothbrushing nation.
Thank You.
Feel The Verm.


Vermin Supreme is nother but another corporate stooge, beholden to moneyed interests.

Pro makes mention of "toothbrushing nation", which is a reference to his supposedly strong dental hygeine policies which I have highlighted herewith.

However, like too many politicians, the positions that Vermin Supreme claims to hold dearly are nothing but a front to gain votes and access power. He is as two faced as the worst stereotypical politician.

In the second youtube video I've included with this post, you will see him clearly bribing voters with candy in an effort to make them vote for him. This not only flagrantly ignores basic ethics of conduct for a political candidate, but shows him as a hypocrite who is instantly willing to throw one of his main policies under the bus if it stands the chance of getting him into power. In this he is clearly not "amazing" but just another in a long line of politicians.

No, if we want a politician who will truely amaze us, with the definition of amazing being, "causing great surprise or wonder"I counter with the proposal that the only potential candidate who would fulfill this is dread Cthulhu.

How could a eternal sleeping monster that drives you insane as you gaze upon it becoming President of the USA NOT "Cause great surprise or wonder"?

Please vote CON and Cthulhu 2016

Debate Round No. 1


I see some very valid points put forth in the responding statement, but lets think this through, bribing voters with candy is great, and in my opinion, shows how much he cares about the well being of our nation. His pony dictatorship idea is also very great, knowing the endless benefits that come included. Also, Vermin's toothbrushing laws, police and dental rehabilitation centers are also for the better of the populous. Quoting Vermin: "This great nation is suffering a great moral, and oral decay" and his policies to stop this are 100% valid and frankly, quite revolutionary. In this world of danger, we need a leader who can unite the world, and the man for the job is clearly Mr. Supreme.
Thanks for your time.
Vote for the Verm.


My opponent makes some good points about Vermin Supreme's policies. However, this assumes Vermin Supreme will actually carry out the policies he has advocated.

By his own admission, you cannot trust anything Vermin Supreme says regarding his policies as he will not implement them.

Starting at 1:25 in the video:

"My name is Vermin Supreme. I am a friendly fascist. I am a tyrant you should trust and you should let me run your life because I do know what is best for you. Yes I am a politician, I will promise you anything your little electoral heart desires because you are my constituents, you are the informed voting public and because I have no intention of keeping any promise I make."

PRO could have made the case that Vermin Supreme was funny or honest in admitting something like this or any number of other things, traits that would still be relevant even if he didn't actually implement his policies. However PRO didn't make this case. Instead his argument hinges on the actual effects of Vermin Supreme's policies - that there actually would be a strong dental policy instituted or an actual pony economy.

As per Vermin Supreme's statements, he has no plans to actually implement any of this and so PRO's argument can be disregarded.

Additionally there is a strong likelihood that Vermin Supreme is actually Jeb Bush, as both have advocated strong time-travel baby Hitler killing policies [1][2]. This is uniquely strange position for a presidential candidate to hold and despite both being presidential candidates in the same year, JEB BUSH and VERMIN SUPREME have NEVER been photographed appearing in the same place at the same time!

Even if the chance that Vermin Supreme is Jeb Bush is low, can we really take the risk of possible electing Jeb?

Please vote CON.

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
Reminder to voters: Voting is supposed to be based on the debate, not miscellaneous other stuff. A debater might vote against themselves (were such possible), yet unless they conceded inside the debate itself, the debate still needs to be weighted wholly independent of that.
Posted by Overhead 2 years ago
Well it's not like I've even got a win on this one yet. unfortunately I'm spinning a fair few plates in terms of debates at the moment, but perhaps once I've finished a few of them.
Posted by TeaPartyBijesse 2 years ago
yo overhead want another easy win? accept another one of my debates?
Posted by Overhead 2 years ago
Yes, that was a fun debate to have.

Good luck, although not too good. Just enough good luck to do a little worse than me :D
Posted by TeaPartyBijesse 2 years ago
Loved this debate so far... I'd love to come up on top though. My responses were't the best i could due to limited time but amazing rebuttals put up.
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