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Veronica Roth should change the ending of Allegiant.

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Started: 5/15/2015 Category: TV
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I know she's a writer and all but she still hurt a lot of people by making that the ending and a lot of people are not going to see Allegiant because of it, so not a lot of money is going to come out of the movie when it comes into theaters.


Before I start I would like to thank pro for making this debate. I have debated this often with good friend of mine and look forward to debating it with you.

I believe the ending of Allegiant was a valid ending. It was truthful and it completed the book. It made Tris whole as a character and, as upset as it made me when she died, I quite liked the fact Mrs Roth did give her the ability to survive what was impossible to do so. Tris sacrificed herself making her a noble character and I believe that this fact only built up her character and her death brought her story size.
Debate Round No. 1


You bring up a good point. When she sacrificed herself did give her character but she could of sacrificed herself while staying alive and living happily with Tobias and Veronica ending it there, and if I may add, without making people who read it cry.


"but she could of sacrificed herself while staying alive.."
As I stated above, I enjoyed that Mrs Roth, unlike other writers, did not make her character invincible even to an extent of barely scraping through.

I doubt a large number of people are not going to watch allegiant because of her death but being the last movie attract more viewers.
Debate Round No. 2


81682 forfeited this round.


In conclusion I believe that Tris' death was a valid ending bringing the story size and it will not affect those viewing the movie.

Vote con!

I would like to thank pro for making this debate and wish them the best of luck ^_^
Debate Round No. 3
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