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Video-Games Are Beneficial Towards Children

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Started: 10/21/2014 Category: Games
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Video Games are indeed beneficial towards children mentally, physically, and psychologically. Video-Games have many benefits that many people are extremely ignorant of. Many benefits that video games offer to children can actually benefit them later in their life when they are adults, help them in their everyday lives, and do good for their bodies overall. There are many adults that are ignorant of such benefits and refuse to accept such benefits because they are gullible enough to believe in the negative stereotypes, myths, and stats that anti-gamers have created over the decades. The most obvious and main benefits include hand-eye coordination, development of important life-skills, and increasing your overall brain performance. Other benefits that are less obvious include increased intelligence, improved eye-sight, slowed down age process, social skills, diverse imagination and creativity, insight of many different concepts, improved literature skills, and also increased skills needed for many jobs such as surgeon and military soldier. These and other benefits can help children in many different ways that other activities cannot. (Please put what you put in the opinions section as your rebuttal or something similar...)


Video Games are not beneficial. Their benefits are meager compared with playing with Lego's, exercising and actually talking face to face, which video games and phones are taking away. As for "Increased literature skills", should't reading be the backbone of that? Video Games are fun and enjoyable, but the benefits are limited when compared to many many other activities.
Debate Round No. 1


While video games have negative side effects (as all things do), the benefits certainly outweigh the costs. Yes, video games are not realistic as they are designed to be entertaining and fun. If they were realistic, they would be called virtual simulators, which are extremely beneficial and are used by surgeons and soldiers respectively as modern training tactics (not all use it as it is fairly new).

They may not be as beneficial as exercising, but video games were never meant to let people exercise, despite the numerous (failed) attempts at doing so such as the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Move, Kinect, and Arcade Fitness Games. Lego's? What does that have to do with gaming? Anyways, there's a game called Minecraft, and you may want to look into that if you think Lego is more beneficial than video games.

As with socializing, I completely agree that it is taking away talking face to face. Let's be honest, we all don't want to listen to those little kids and hardcore fanboys screaming and raging through our headsets just because they were emotionally offended by our opinions, right? People like them are what ruins the reputation of gaming.

Yes, reading should be the basic foundation of developing literature skills, but again, let's be honest, no kid (except for parents who force them to) is going to read books on their spare time. Also, text in video games are much bigger and easier to see, allowing the readers to read it much easier as it also appears on-screen very slowly!

One more thing before I am done my rebuttal, you contradicted yourself when you said that video games are not beneficial by saying the opposite at the end of your argument. I understand that you won't learn much when compared to other activities, but you have to understand that video games are entertainment devices, not virtual simulators meant to specifically be very beneficial to us.


I agree that video games are entertaining and fun. And as far my first argument, I take back what I said. Some video games are beneficial. Minecraft is a fun, creative stimulating video game. But it isn't real life. You aren't interacting with YOUR environment. You aren't moving things around and that makes all of the difference. You can improve your mind, but what's better? Designing a building or creating a model scale version? You can say "oh well kids are never going to do that" or "kids will never read unless they are forced to". But that's the problem. And video games aren't helping, they create a way out. As for "developing literature skills" maybe when your are a toddler it helps. But as your grow older you realize that reading is so much more than reading. Video games that have words don't have any figurative language, something that takes up over 50% of the English, or any other language. And as for it being easier to read, you can buy e-books that can enlarge the text. And on paper, the words don't ever appear or leave! Video games are for entertainment. Any benefits are just a side effect.
Debate Round No. 2


Exactly, finally I meet some people who are not ignorant and refusing to accept video games as a part of daily life. Yes, video games are meant for entertainment; if you want something similar to it that has many obvious benefits, then go use a virtual simulator.

In Minecraft, you actually have to not only place blocks, but also move around, change the camera angle, mine for the resources, craft the resources to make the blocks, and other things. With Lego, you only decide how to build - you don't decide how to move the character, you don't decide how to gather the resources necessary to craft them to make it into useful objects, and you don't decide the textures, materials, and color shade.

Video games actually can help you develop your literature skills, maybe not to the point of being a scholar if you read actual novels, but still helps nonetheless. Just like how books are made for different audiences, video games are too. The more mature a game is, the more complex language it has for you to read (and more inappropriate, but that is a given). That's why I was able to understand many words that other people my age could not understand when I was 6 after playing Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Like I said before, video games are meant for entertainment. I am just trying to point out the many benefits it has that many are unaware or ignore of because they are ignorant.


Okay, as for reading skills, video games can be a supplement. I know of plenty educational video games for toddlers that can help with reading. But I still don't believe Minecraft is as beneficial as something similar to Lego's. You can decide the colour shade of Lego's there are a lot of them. As for texture, what texture is there in Minecraft? And some lego's do have different textures. And moving the character? Is pressing w or a or s or d really that beneficial? And deciding what resources you need? There's critical thinking there sure, but many many other things that are not addictive can help with that, like puzzles or crosswords. And complex language? No, video games are NOTHING compared to books. I taught myself how to read and I know plenty of people who read books. Books vs Video Games? No contest.
Debate Round No. 3


I think you are not getting the point. I said video games are beneficial to children and not to the point that no other activity can compare. I know that I just contradicted yourself, but so have you, so now we are even. Comparing the literature in books to video games is like comparing copper to diamond; it just doesn't work like that. Also, like I said, only the more mature rated or mature oriented video games actually have any sort of complex language. Games that are meant for casual or non-gamers, young children, or that use little to no text are not meant for children to develop reading skills. Yeah, I know that mature rated games are inappropriate, but mature oriented surely isn't (i.e., Metroid and Super Smash Bros.)

Now about Minecraft being compared to Legos. Lego actually does not have nearly enough shades and textures as Legos. Does Legos have every single shade that is part of the CMYK or light spectrum? I don't think so. Neither does Minecraft, but it's still alot compared to Lego. As for the textures, there are many different textures for the blocks alone; I'm not even going to mention the textures for the characters, items, monsters, and weapons as that would take forever. Just for the generic block alone, there are textures (or shades) of every color of the color wheel/rainbow and there are textures for every material/resource available, which include wood, stone, sand, water, lava, snow, bed-rock, diamond, coal, steel, dirt, grass, leaves, glass, and much much more.

When I mean moving the character, I mean moving the character and the camera simultaneously, not something the average person can easily do. Pressing the arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys alone is pretty easy to pull off, but that alone cannot allow you to move the character. You must also take the camera into consideration as pressing the left and right commands only makes you shift left and right. You do not actually turn around or rotate and start moving in that direction. That's why you must use both simultaneously; and believe me, try to only use the moving keys and not using the mouse to move - you will most likely fail in survival mode or build oddly-shaped things in creative mode for not controlling the character properly.

There are also other things that you must do in order to succeed or to play Minecraft to the fullest. Like I don't know, maybe trying to stay full from hunting animals and eating plants; trying to avoid and/or kill the monsters that lurk out at night; trying to build structures that are only limited by your imagination (Lego can never do that, it is limited to the amount of blocks you have); knowing how to use mods to mess around with it (mods are allowed and are actually provided by Mojang themselves); avoiding places or things that can deplete your health; gathering resources to build a shelter, weapons, and other useful stuff to stay alive at night; and so much more stuff that not even the most hardcore of Minecraft gamers know about yet?


Both Lego's and Minecraft are beneficial. They are just beneficial in different ways. Like you said with Minecraft, you can build up to your imagination. But with Lego's, you aren't looking at a screen and are placing the blocks with your hands. I don't want to lie and say I think Minecraft isn't beneficial and if you would accept my point that Lego's are as well, we can mediate a compromise. Video games are beneficial for children. Not as much as other things as you have said, but they are. And according to the title you have won. Congratulations!
Debate Round No. 4


Looks like I won this debate and forfeit this round.


Good Debate- I look forward to debating with you again.
Debate Round No. 5
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