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Video Games: Indie games are more enjoyable than larger, more expensive games.

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Started: 1/16/2016 Category: Games
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I have found that indie games are more enjoyable than games such as fallout or GTA V.


Hello njhill! I accept this debate and am looking forward to it.

I am going to assume first round is for acceptance and will therefore post my arguments in the following round.

Let's clear up some definitions

Indie games: "Independent video games (commonly referred to as indie games) are video games created by individuals or small teams generally without video game publisher financial support."

Therefore the other side of the spectrum would be games that are created by video game publishers.

Enjoyable: "Giving or capable of giving joy or pleasure."

Pro and I are arguing whether small independent games are more are more capable of giving joy or pleasure than bigger dependent published games. I will assume that this will include PC, console games and handheld games as well. You may start your argument Pro, good luck!

Sources for definitions:
Debate Round No. 1


njhill forfeited this round.


Pro has stated that they have personally found indie games more enjoyable than games such as fallout or GTA V.

Indie Versus AAA

I didn't put the definition for AAA games in my last post so here it is. AAA: "In the video game industry, AAA (pronounced "triple A") or Triple-A is a classification term used for games with the highest development budgets and levels of promotion or the highest ratings by a consensus of professional reviewers." All of these arguments I would assume then also lend themselves to MMO's, so if you're an MMO fan you're with me!

With this statement I will begin. My points are as follows:
1. Personal Preference
2. Immersive Factor
3. Replay Value
4. Character Development
5. Funding
6. Story Curves
7. Popularity

1. Personal preference.
I thought I'd start with this as this is where Pro's statement lies. I personally enjoy both as it is a case for case basis. To "critique" these games fallout 4 (I will guess) and GTA 5 are two games that Pro has mentioned. Since these two are only two of the AAA games out there keep in mind this is a case for case. Personally I enjoy open worlds more than indie (Fallout, GTA) but that is just me. I will use these two games in my arguments when I can.

2. Immersive factor.
Possibly the most important factor when deciding whether to buy a game or not is it's ability to create a realistic world for you to spend your time in. Indie games just don't have this quality, there is no way they could. Indie games are very small, short and the characters aren't as fleshed out and that is okay but not when it comes to the immersion factor. Fallout 4, GTA 5, Skyrim and the like are popular because of their open world, driven story and fleshed out characters. for this argument the open world adds the most to the immersive factor. Want to spend a night in Whiterun stealing all the innkeepr's mead? How about a night in the wasteland grasping for survival? Indie games just can't build a whole world for us.

3. Replay Value.
The replay value is my second biggest factor when I decide whether to buy a game or not. Indie games usually do not have this but I may be wrong (again case for case basis). Games such as Mass effect (bringing in my own example) are rich in replay value, I know myself I played various times to test out the paragon option, the renegade, the male actor, the female and the different romance options. Again this is above and beyond of what most indie games can do.

4. Character Development.
Who else went "What the f..." when bioshock infinite ended? The whole story had you caring about Elizabeth and eventually the bond turned into a father and (spoiler) bond. You know what I'm saying. What about The last of us? Or perhaps mass effect when you had to choose between Kaden and Ashley? Heart wrenching moments and that is only because of great character development. Of course it isn't the indie game's fault but they have 2 D characters for a reason, they fit the short time of the game. Where as for AAA games you build a bond to the characters across many hours, you get a sense of their ambitions, their goals, their personality and the like. You can relate to them and that is a big win for AAA games. Also characters can change and progress thanks to the many hours of game time they have to work with. Lara Croft's tomb raider was perhaps the most extreme case I've seen of this (although closely fallowed by Far Cry 3). She changes from innocent architect to hellbent survivor and you play through her change. That is a very special moment for gaming when you can feel yourself being the character.

5. Funding.
This one is pretty cut and dry. AAA games just have more money to work with which leads to better graphics, sound, etc. etc. Personally I think you can make a good game without lots of funding but it definitely helps.

6. Story Curves.
This blends in with character development as the curve of the story changes the character but can also lend itself to other games. Mass Effect for example, the curve in the story had you make hard choices that had real consequences for you and the characters. Since you care about these characters it makes for an epic experience. (Mass Effect 2 Suicide mission I'm looking at you. I thought Legion couldn't die, I have never been so wrong.)

7. Popularity.
There is a reason why AAA games are at the peak of gaming and that is because they are popular. I personally don't like shooters but there is a reason they came out every one to two years and that is because people buy them. No other explanation for this.

Well this about wraps up my arguments. I have played indie games and I do enjoy them but I just believe they are good quick games for waiting in between AAA releases. AAA games just bring so much more to the table.

Before I hand it over to Pro I am going to state why we play video games. According to the reason we play games is for the story (they used bioshock infinite as an example), the characters (used last of us), they give us a consequence and reward system that real life can't offer (Mass effect), distract us and give us hope to solve problems (Angry birds), and increase brain efficiency (Tetris). I would add in that it also removes stress by allowing us to take a break from this world and live in another. AAA games do this better than any indie could, so I am safe to assume that we enjoy them more because the represent the essence of why we play video games in the first place.

To wrap it up I'd like to say that AAA games bring people together to move towards one goal, create competition, reduce stress, provide social interactions with people who you would never meet otherwise and allow a full level of enjoyment.

That said over to you Pro, good luck!

Debate Round No. 2


njhill forfeited this round.


Since my opponent has not provided any arguments I will end this debate with saying vote Pro!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Chrysalism 1 year ago
I am very busy with my prep for exams so I will get to posting my debate soon, it is a shame that Pro forfeited the round but I will go ahead and post my arguments. Man_Of_Few_Words I suppose you are correct because some of it comes down to personal preference but I hope to "prove" they are more enjoyable by addressing topics such as development, story curves, characters, how easily you can immerse yourself in the game and the like. I suppose it is a case for case basis but alas I will try my best.
Posted by Man_Of_Few_Words 1 year ago
people keep debating topics that are hardly provable so in my mind con has already won
Posted by Rahjee 1 year ago
No, just no...
Posted by DATXDUDE 1 year ago
I generally agree with Pro. However, there are exceptions to the rule.
Posted by Chrysalism 1 year ago
I said are more twice, that is going to bug me.
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