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Video game Death Battle

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Started: 4/25/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a debate where you choose a video game character, and see if it defeats the one I chose.


1. You can choose any one character from a video game franchise.
2. You can only choose 1 character. (You can't have Ratchet and Clank, or Jak and Daxter. Only Ratchet, only Clank, only Jak, or only Daxter.)
3. Your character can't have only 1 weakness (Like Superman and kryptonite.). Make this a fair fight.
4. A forfeiture counts as an instant loss. If you're going to accept this debate, make sure you're ready, and nothing will keep you from posting an argument.

Round structure:

Round 1: Contender presents his/her character.
Round 2: I present my character, and talk about my character's strengths, and my opponent's weaknesses. Contender will do the same.
Round 3: Debate continues.
Round 4: Closing arguments.

I have already chosen my character. May my opponent choose a nice fighter.



Bayonetta is a child of dark and light.

A Lumen Sage fell in love with an Umbra Witch.

Looks like someone likes naughty women over rightous and good.

So a christian priest fell in love with a wiccan priest pretty much.

Anyways the result was Cereza.

Her memories were eventually stolen during a
war that was triggered by the forbidden act.

This also put her in a 500 year coma.

She woke up and gained the name Bayonetta.



On to you Pro.


Sorry for a 1 1/3 hour left response.

I haven't had as much free time lately.

But lets get ready for a DEATH BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATLE!!!!!!!!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Dragon_of_Christ for the introduction to Bayonetta. Now, I shall introduce my own character.

My character is Midna, from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Midna is the princess of the Twilight Realm, a realm where evil ones, such as Ganondorf, are banished eternally, never to see the light of day again. She later attempts to rebel against a new king; Zant. Zant easily defeated Midna, cursing her into her imp form. With the help of the Hero of Light, Link, she was able to regain the Twilight Realm from Zant, and later took down Ganondorf himself.

Midna is a formidable fighter, able to summon wolf copies in Hyrule Warriors (To make this fair, she can only summon one copy for 20 seconds). She is also able to use the power of Twilight to create a dark energy field, which can result in Midna's wolf copies charging into her opponents, doing a lot of damage (about 2 jump attacks worth of damage), she is able to fire blasts of energy, as well as grabbing opponents with her hair (which takes the form of a hand), squeezing them, and throwing them. In Hyrule Warriors, this adds the darkness element to her attacks.

If Bayonetta outlasts Midna, she's got one last trick up her sleeve; the Fused Shadows. [] When Midna uses the fuses shadows, she transforms into a 6 armed beast, capable of destroying the barrier that Zant had put on Hyrule Castle. The wiki also states that this unholy power is almost the strength of the Triforce! (Well, 2nd best, anyways, Still crazy powerful, though!)

I can't really show Bayonetta's weaknesses from the top of my head, as I know nothing, other than what she can do in Smash Bros. Let's see what exactly our Twilight Princess is going up against.


Bayonetta weilds swords along with four guns, one for each limb.

She can also slow time and has multiple other magical spells like
summoning a giant demon than will punch or kick you from a small portal.

She attacks by defending herself all while counter attacking.

She can defend and constantly counter attack.

Where she shines are her evasion ablities.

She can slow time, teleport, and dodge bullets in less than .0005 of a second.

Even if she is hit by a bullet she will shrug it off.

She can also be crushed and take little damage by flattening herself.

Other than this she is actually human.

But she is magical.

Making her superhuman.

She doesn't do well against blades.

Or if she is impaled by something larger she wouldn't do too well.

Being human she has all the weaknesses of a human.

Except for mentioned.

Besides that she is pretty much like you and I.
Debate Round No. 2


I seem to be in over my head. And apparently Bayonetta's magic comes from her hair, so we have 2 characters with magical hair! Anyways, I think it would be best if I examined Bayonetta's strengths. (Also, I realized that I weakened Midna a lot in the 2nd round. If Con will let me, I would like to also say Midna can teleport, and hide in shadows.)

"Bayonetta wields swords along with four guns, one for each limb." How powerful are these guns? I think (yes, think) Midna could survive a few weak bullets.

"She can also slow time" Yes, I've seen Witch Time in Smash Bros. And surely there's a catch to slowing down time? I mean, this seems like an overpowered ability... "Witch Time is activated for a set amount of time each time it is triggered, regardless of the particular attack or enemy. " (wiki page for Witch Time) So it is only for a limited time. I don't think she can just use it immediately after it runs out.

According to the wiki, Bayonetta has to dodge to be able to activate Witch Time. But she'd have to have pretty good reaction timing when Midna goes in for a grab.

I'm honestly a little low on rebuttal material here. I can't really think of how Midna could possibly counter what my opponent stated. But what would Bayonetta think about Midna's Fused Shadows? Remember, Zant created a very powerful force field around Hyrule Castle, and I doubt Bayonetta could've destroyed it. With the Fused Shadows, Midna very easily destroyed the force field. This means one hit from this power would fatally injure Bayonetta.


Ok, she can teleport but Bayonetta definitely can also.

Yeah a few, but they are guns.

Yeah, limited time.

But still effective.

I already said her reaction time is less than .0005 of a second.

Ok, 6 armed monster.

But Bayonetta is used to this.

She is experienced.

And her specialty is still dodging.
Debate Round No. 3


This round, we will be making our closing arguments; summarizing our characters' strengths, and how they might fare against their opponent.

My character is Midna, whose capable of grabbing opponents with her hair, teleporting, and able to summon wolf copies. According to my opponent, these things don't really affect Bayonetta, as she can react immediately, and dodge, resulting in Witch Time. But here's the thing; my opponent should back this up. I haven't played Bayonetta, and I think her reaction timing could very well be average. My opponent needs to present a cutscene from a Bayonetta game where she dodges a very fast projectile like The Matrix.

Midna also has access to the fierce Fused Shadows. Bayonetta probably couldn't break Zant's force field. The Fused Shadows have no problem taking it down. It comes down to whether Bayonetta is more powerful than the unholy power of the Fused Shadows. It would probably take thousands of bullets to defeat Midna's Fused Shadow beast form, all the while making it rain Twilight.

Other than this, I'm not too sure what to say. Let's see what my opponent decides to leave off with.


Fused shadows wears off.

When it would in their battle Minda would be defenseless.

All Bayonetta has to do is dodge until it does.

You have presented no cutscenes.

Why do i have to?

And while all of my magical powers backed up with a source you only have a single one.

I don't need any stinkin' cutscenes.

Minda just doesn't stand a chance to land a good hit unless she is using Fused Shadows which wears off.

Minda can't stand up to Bayonetta's speed.

Bayonetta wins.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Dragon_of_Christ 2 years ago
His source inly backed up a single power, fused shadows.

I have all of mine in a single link.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
Ragnar, how about you vote on this debate? I, personally, am not sure who won this debate.
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
The idea was to give your argument a firm lead. As for claiming you won sources, you really haven't. Winning sources is not about just having a single link somewhere.
Posted by Dragon_of_Christ 2 years ago
I alredy won sources.
Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
"I don't need any stinkin' cutscenes." Normally it would be bad form to present such in the final round, but your opponent outright asked for them. You could have easily sealed the debate with one.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
Yeah. Save the argument for Round 2.
Posted by Dragon_of_Christ 2 years ago
I only have to give an epic intro?
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
Round 1 is only introducing your character, and not saying his/her powers. Keep this in mind. 4 hours left until you post the introduction.
Posted by Dragon_of_Christ 2 years ago
Bayonetta it is.

Was watching youtube earlier.

Actually watched a dath battle that made me choose her. XD
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
Again, I will accept any character that can be defeated more than 1 way. And you'd better make up your mind before you time out!
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