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Video games lack actual skill.

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Started: 7/10/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Gamers always claim that they have "mad skills" on video games. I'd like them to prove how pressing a button is a "mad skill".

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I accept this debate, and my first point is that while some gamers have "mad skills", I have no skills at video games. If you say that pressing buttons requires no skill, that means I would be as good as these people with "mad skills".
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent first says that if some people have mad skills in pressing buttons and he has none, therefore he is as good as the people with mad skills. This doesn't aid his point because pressing a button isn't exactly a skill. Anybody can do it and that's technically what gamers are doing. So technically yes, my opponent who has no skills in video games can be as good as someone who supposedly claims they have "mad skills".

Video games take little to no skill. There is little to no actual skill in video games because the actual person who is playing it is doing nothing but moving your thumbs or pointer finger. How is moving a thumb a skill? Not a lot of people even recognize video games as a skill and that's because they're not. Sitting on a couch staring at a screen is not a real skill. That's like claiming watching TV is a skill.

Then there's gamers who claim that professional gamers have skill. I've watched videos if these so called "professional gamers" and the skill is really lacking. Compare professional gamer skills to professional sports or musician skills and its actually quite laughable. The reflexes of a gamer are lacking compared to the reflexes of a tennis player who has to return a tennis serve in under half a second. The precision of a gamer is lacking compared to having to the precision of a cellist who has to press the string in the right area on the fretless finger board. The speed of a gamer is laughable compared to the speed of a pianists fingers, sometimes playing up to 19-30 notes in under a second. Compared to actual skills, a gamers skills are laughable.

I played Star Wars Battlefront and in under a month I was the best in most of my rounds. I usually got over forty kills each round. You could technically say I was a professional at it. Now I could say that I am in grade 9 piano and it has taken me years to get to this point and still I'm not the best pianist. You see the difference between video game skills and real skills? Real skills actually require that you work for them, video game skills are just cheats of real ones.


I am sorry if you got a little confused with my previous argument, Pro, but I am stating that by your logic, pressing a button takes no skill. If these gamers do not actually have "mad skills", they would be just as unskilled as me.

Video games take skill. While the gamer may be moving his or her thumb or finger(s) to play, they also do use some brainpower to think about the strategy, and in order to perform certain tasks in a game, there is timing involved. Video games is not all pressing buttons. There is precision and strategy involved in video games, it is not just pushing buttons.

Professional gamers do have skill, though. Why else would they be called professionals, as you wrote yourself. According to this article: , video games actually speed up reaction time. While you may compare a professional gamer's reaction to a professional sports player or a professional musician, but how do professional players' reflexes to one of an average person? According to another Futurity article, gamers, amateur and professional have better reflexes than most non-gamers.

I am afraid that I am not familiar with Star Wars Battlefront. Based off of your argument, forty kills is very good, but that would not make you a professional. I threw for 2752 yards in 10 games of football, and I am not a professional at football. I struck out 168 batters in 25 games of baseball, and I am not a professional. I have been playing clarinet for almost 5 years, and I am nowhere near being a professional. Professional gamers actually dedicate their lives to being great at video games. That is how they get mad skills and is how they are professionals. I play a lot of football and baseball, and I practice my clarinet often, but I do not devote my life to them. You could call me a professional student, because I pretty much devote my life to school.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent first claims that video games are not just "pressing buttons". Then he goes on to say that it's about precision and strategy but has no points to back that up.

Then my opponent goes on to say that professional gamers have skill and video games improve your reflexes. Video games are based off of luck. Video games are like monopoly, you can know everything there is to know about that video game but when it really comes down to it all, everything's is just based off of a roll of a dice. Video games are based on chance and luck. And there's no skill if luck is involved. FPS have aim assist and that little dot in the middle of the screen to help you shoot. How is that skill? So playing action based video games creates better deduction making skills. So imagine playing an actual sport. How much better do you think your decision making skills will be after playing an actual sport compared to playing a video game? How about reflexes? Compare a video gamers reflex to a tennis persons reflex. See the difference? Sports and actual activities that require you to actually do something create actual skills. Video games are like football being played by puppets. Are the people who control the puppets actually good at football? No because they actually probably don't even know how to tackle properly or even throw the ball properly. You develop shadows of the skill in video games that you could develop in a real sport or real activity.

My opponent then goes on to say that I am not a professional in Battlefront. And then states that being a professional mean that you have to dedicate your life to it. Which is true, therefore there is no such thing as a professional gamer unless you count being twenty or so years old as "your life". You can be a professional pianist because that will actually last for more than a couple years. You can be a professional sports player because that can last you more than a couple of years. Being a gamer is short. You get replaced once somebody comes a beats you in a game.

When compared to actual skills, video games really lack. Video games don't have actual skill, otherwise people would already have counted it as a sport. Video games are based off of luck and where luck is involved, there's no real skill.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by datGUUYY 1 year ago
ok. Stop comparing video games to sports. I don't care if sports players have more practical skills than gamers, this question is about skill in general. If you take a noob, tell them to play Genji in overwatch, and watch what happens, they will die. Big time. If you take a better player and slap him into the same scenario, he will do far better. If you take a professional, such as an Esports champion, give him the same scenario, the entire opposing team will be dead in seconds.
Because the more experienced player tends to win, games take "skill", under whatever area that "skill" falls.
Strategy is commonly implemented in games, and it is near impossible to say that no game ever has ever had strategy in it, which is essentially necessary in believing this argument correct. Starcraft is a game that involves knowing how to divide up resources in order to achieve a goal, as well as how to make the most use of the same number of troops, and how to maximize resource gain. You cannot tell me the game requires no strategy.
Then, of course, there are twitch reflexes and, as stupid as it may sound, finger speed. Let's just not go there. I think I made enough of a case with strategy
Posted by A_Twisted_Lizard 2 years ago
Bloodborne and the Souls games take skill
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
well it is true, you guys have absolutly no skill.. this is only a debate for me vs myself
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