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Videos for people is the best Youtube channel ever.

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Started: 11/25/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 months ago Status: Debating Period
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About two months ago, I started debates about this thing, and ever since then, I've had to keep making new ones, because my opponents are inept. Please debate thoroughly and pose engaging questions. I look forward to our argument. Your round one argument will be the counter argument to the following:

Videos for people is the best Youtube channel I have ever uncovered. It's entertaining. When I see one of his videos, I laugh, I cry, and so on. His videos attract me. I am drawn to them like a moth to a porch light. I don't know why, but I like them. He has a zany sense of humor and a firm grasp of the world around him. He is a hidden genius. I have never seen any videos like his and I don't think there ever will be anything like his. They are completely unique. They are so funny that I can't stop laughing. I don't know who he is, or what he's doing, but I can identify with him.

His videos are unique. They are done using stick figures. The stick figures are badly drawn, and created using MS paint, but their quality isn't what matters. What matters, really, is what they do. They do hilariously funny things. they do romantic stuff, funny stuff. Nothing is too insane for this guy to tackle. Every video seems more bizarre than the last. But, although his videos are weird, they still seem somewhat normal, so the viewer isn't removed from reality. He uses normal language in his writing. There isn't any dialogue, only music. everything is written. His videos are the better than anything else I have ever seen. I am a devoted fan to the way he interprets things. Every video of his resonates with me. Videos for people is a genius. I don't know who he is, and I have no desire to uncover his identity. Knowing his identity isn't necessary to enjoy anything he makes. He's quirky, and I enjoy his videos.

I await your first argument. Good luck! Please, only accept if you're willing to put some solid work into this.


If it were the case that humans psychologically were attracted to the same type of entertainment, we would not see the variety that we see, there would only be an universal form of entertainment. It is our cultural, religious, political and philosophical views that shape our thoughts about the world, and that includes entertainment. For this reason, I do not believe that you can be correct in stating that one specific form of entertainment is the absolute best form of entertainment.
Debate Round No. 1


You are very good at philosophy, sir. However, I would prefer that you stick to the topic at hand. Your argument could be put to some good use in another debate. However, I prefer you stick to the topic at hand, or you won't win. I'll give you some reference material. His channel can be a bit hard to find, so here's a link to it. If you're wondering what this debate is about, just click here, and you'll see:

It's all very stupendous, in my opinion. He only has 4 subscribers, and yet he persists in making short, one minute or so videos. They're all very enjoyable. They border on the wildly absurd, but never quite go off the edge. Very brilliant. Here are three for you to study, followed by my explanation of each one:

1. Rubik's Cube (based on a true story)

Here, we see art at its most poignant form. It's funny, but it's also immensely sad and filled with emotion. It's in the form of a documentary, not merely a short sketch, so we become enthralled by the plot and the characters. The concepts presented within it are interesting, and, unlike the other videos on the channel, it has a moral. It was only published very recently, but within it, we see the type of drama that he can stir up. We also see that, even without motion or audible dialogue, we can enjoy something. It slows down our attention spans a bit.

2. The Letter Movie

This, one of his earlier works, is very nice. It's a scintillating parody. Often, he seems to deal with current topics. In this one, he takes the most hated animated film of all time, The Emoji Movie, and puts a unique spin on it. Although none of the characters are human, we feel compassion for them nonetheless. He also uses wordplay in quite a few areas. Definitely one for the ages. If I could pick one video to show to an alien about the emoji movie, this would be it.

3. Spongeborb in a nutshell

This, without a doubt, is one of my favorites. This guy evidently notices the flaws in Spongebob, and he's not afraid to admit them. It's a great parody, in which he points out several plotholes with the show and invents cheap knockoffs of all the characters. It's not simply a parody, though, because it's written with some brains. The music he uses is particularly fitting. I'd almost rather watch the parody than the real thing.

Those are three examples. Look at them, sir, and tell me why they aren't great. Afterwards, we'll get around to some more good clean discussion. Please, post at least 3,000 words. I admit, my title does use a bit of hyperbole, but he's one of the best, anyway. Superb.


I agree... his works are that of an intelligent person, who is able to mix emotion, morality, drama, compassion and parody in beautiful pieces of short documentaries with simple means of passing the barrier of understanding of his viewers. It is truly brilliant, but I can not fulfill your request that I write 3,000 words, for I have nothing else to say... it's simply brilliant. I declare that you win this debate.
Debate Round No. 2


I'm glad you agree, sir. However, there are still three rounds to go, so I'd prefer that you argue until then. You should not have accepted this debate if you agree with me. Please, stick around, and I'm sure that, with a little work, you can come up with some killer arguments. You can't simply declare me the winner. The voters have to do that, and if you refuse to debate any farther, then you forfeit and automatically lose. Please, keep debating, on your own side, with cunning and intellect, and I'm sure you could potentially win. So let's keep going. Please, post some long paragraphs in the next round. For now, I'll give one short paragraph about his brilliance:

Part of the bizarre nature of this channel is its relative invisibility. That is to say, it is almost unnoticed. It's a hidden gem. I'm sure that he COULD boost his popularity if he truly wished to. I think, though, that his underappreciatedness is all a part of his game. He's asking us to think about it for a moment, and wonder if something is good simply because it's popular. His channel is easily better than any minecraft let's play or buzz feed video, and yet those videos have millions of views, and he gets twenty at the most. It's a type of psychological warfare, expertly pulled off.

Some of his earlier videos parody Youtube culture. He does some goofy internet challenges, all within the realm of cartons, of course, and he shows just how stupid they are. he does three or so of these challenge videos, before moving on to better things. Below are links to a few:

And, of course, I couldn't let the topic go without talking about one video which I think, in particular, describes the idiocy of Youtube in brilliant simplicity.

That's all I can list for now, But I strongly encourage you try to argue against me. Otherwise, you'll probably lose. I'm all set.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by frankfurter50 7 months ago
I'll quit once I get a good debate. Just one engaging debate is all I'm asking.
Posted by Cl0ver 7 months ago
when you google 'videos for people' the first few results are all posts lmao
Posted by Debating_Horse 7 months ago
Jesus Christ quit it already! Are you wiling to keep failing? Viewers just pass on and don't waste your time!
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