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Village life is better than city life

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Started: 3/24/2016 Category: Society
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Village life is very nice. Why not? No hassle.


Thank you for posting this debate, I look forward to reading your arguments and stating mine.

Let's go!
Debate Round No. 1


I joined today and created this debate for test purpose. Thanks for your quick attention. I was not so seriour about this topic. But now however I will try my best to defend and I hope I can. This is my 1st debate. GOD bless.

Living in town is not easy because life has become more expensive. You can"t live in town without money, but in village you can survive because life is relatively cheap. Meanwhile criminal activities are more likely to happen in town than in the village.

In the village people eat fresh food, which they grow themselves. People in the village can also slaughter animals and get meat. They also enjoy lots of fruits. Hunger is forgotten in the village. Because of fewer vehicles in the village, people are safer and road accidents are minimised. The village also has clean air and the environment is very beautiful.

Rural life is simple. Families stay close together and care more for each other. Also, natural resources such as rivers, hills, mountains are plenty in the village. People who are living in rural areas are very important to our economy because they are the producers of food.


Thank you for your arguments. To me, the arguments for living in a city clearly beat the arguments for living in the countryside.

The most important thing in life for humans is generally to love and to be loved. The risk of not finding someone to share your life with is one of the biggest fears in human life. The city offers a wide range of people, and thus a greater chance to find the perfect match. The city also hosts a more diverse ways of leading a life. It is full of subcultures and niched people. To summarize " the odds of finding that special someone, and to discover just what kind of life one wants to have are far greater in the city.

Another important aspect of human life is career. You want to find something meaningful, inspiring and fun to do for a living. Just stepping foot outside your apartment footstep in a big city offer great career paths. The labour market is bigger, wider and deeper. The chances of finding the job you dream about is incredibly bigger in a city compared to the country.

In a city you find most things you need closed to your house. You won"t need a polluting car to get what you need, just take a quick walk.

People like to do different stuff to be entertained. The supply of entertainment in a city can"t be compared to that in the country.

I will now go through your arguments.

The prices of housing are higher in a city. On the other hand people on the countryside will generally have to own a car, leading to big costs in fuel and maintenance.

Most people living in the countryside are not farmers. Thus they do not grow their own crops and have animals to slaughter. They usually shop at regular stores that hosts brands from the same suppliers as the shops in a city.

Your statement that the risk of car accidents is greater in a city is not true. An even greater argument - life in a city is safer than life in the countryside! - " But guns " whether used accidentally or with intent " are much less likely to be the cause of death than another tool: cars. And people drive more, drive longer, drive faster and drive drunker in rural areas than in urban ones, where they can walk or take public transit." Read this article and you will see that is is actually safer to live in a city compared to the countryside:

You state that life is more simple in the countryside compared to the life in a city. Maybe that is appealing to some, but I think that most people are out to get more from life than just simplicity. People are complex. You want to find the love of your life, the perfect job, the perfect things to do or the perfect places to go to find the entertainment that suits you as the unique human you are. All these things are easier to find in a city. The simplicity you hold as an argument for the countryside might backlash and become a counter-argument for it. Most people will not be pleased with the simple life. You want to explore the world, and what it has to offer. The city is a big boiling pot of life, a great hub of different lifestyles and people.

So let"s discover the world, and see what the city has to offer.
Debate Round No. 2


verifynow35 forfeited this round.


AS verifynow forfeited the round, I'll go wait for the next round to answer and state more arguments.
Debate Round No. 3


verifynow35 forfeited this round.


As verifynow forfeited the round, I'll go wait for the next round to answer and state more arguments.
Debate Round No. 4


Study of brain activity shows it struggles to process complex urban landscapes.
On the other hand, the brain does less processing when looking at rural landscapes.
The study which used an MRI scanner to monitor brain activity adds to a growing body of evidence that natural environments are good for humans, affecting mental and physical health and even levels of aggression.

Stress management: The brains of people who live in cities react more strongly to stress than those who live in small towns and rural areas, a new study shows. The study may help explain why mood disorders like depression and mental illness like schizophrenia are more common in city dwellers than in those living in less densely populated areas.

The above study is published in the journal Nature. Anecdotally, the link between cities, stress and mental health makes sense. Psychiatrists know that stress can trigger mental disorders - and modern city life is widely perceived as stressful. City dwellers typically face more noise, more crime, more slums and more people jostling on the streets than do those outside urban areas. Those who have jobs complain on growing demand on them in the workplace, where they are expected to do much more in less time.

You said that simplicity of the village life is of no benefit. Now you should realize that your statement was baseless.

Furthermore, Stress of urban life hinders emotional development. People become robotic and mechanical. Urban dwellers are more related to robotic science and less related to psychology. They lose the ability to love of feel emotion.
Neighbours living under same roof don't know each other in urban society. Social relationship and responsibilities are very poor. If you face any problem in a road, let's say if you are attacked by robbers, urban passers-by are less likely to help you. But in villages, in this case, you must get help from passers-by.
You said that a person is more likely to find his perfect match in cities.
But let's see.
As mentioned before, urban life hinders emotional development, there is no considerable emotional attachment in many urban marriages. Marriage becomes a contract. According to United Nation's Demographics and Social Statistics Division, urban areas have the highest divorce rate in developed countries, much higher than rural areas (apart from underdeveloped countries like African countries).
The statistics also says that Adultery/Infidelity rate is much higher in urban areas in developed countries (except underdeveloped countries).
Urban people are having most causual sex. And urban people have the highest rate of HIV (in developed countries).
You are less likely to find a virgin girl in urban areas. Virginity may not be a big deal to you, but still it's a big deal to many guys. It's also a big deal for remaining safe from STDs.
You said that a person can find perfect match in cities.
But actually what they can find in cities is a cheating partner. Adultery/infidelity rate is pretty high in urban areas. And there have been many reports that people got HIV from a cheating partner. Yes, this is the worst thing that can happen. Is this called perfect match!!!

You said that city life is safer than village life. But your reference has too many weakness.
As mentioned before, criminal activities are more likely to happen in cities. And not only car accidents, any type of accident is more likely to happen in cities. About car accidents, cities have a huge traffic of vehicles. So logically car accidents are more likely to happen in cities.
What about nonstop environmental pollution in cities. Will you still say that city life is safer. You are more likely to develop health problems in cities. Once in a capital city of a country, nearly 80% of people got respiratory problems as a result of air pollution.

City life is like life in prison: In cities, there's not a inch of land remained free. You live in a prison like building. There's not enough lands for walking, running, swimming. There's not enough lands for playing games for children. Today in prison, you get everything that a city dweller have. But you don't get that a village dweller have. It's freedom. The natural freedom.
As mentioned in first round, you will enjoy the extream natural beauty, natural fruits in villages.

City life is fixed and routined. There's lack of freedom. It's boring. And you can develop mental illness from it.

Today we have schools in villages. But we have to go to cities for higher education. But after that we must come back to our village. It's the real beauty of life. And today we have career opportunities in villages also. Money isn't everything. Bill Gates isn't the happiest. But if you really want to be Bill Gates, it's better to go to city. But general people want happiness in life.


fmmz forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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