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Villains are better and cooler than heros

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Started: 11/27/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 week ago Status: Voting Period
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I personally love villains. Villains seem to have better powers, back stories ( if there's one), and has a coolness factor better than a hero's. Regarding powers, Ganondorf is really good at magic and has the TriForce of Power, making him, well, powerful. While Link has the TriForce of courage doesn't really do any of that. In fact, it just gives him courage, and turns him into a wolf in Twilight Princess.


Villains may be cool, and they do satisfy a human's natural tendency to want to see destruction. However, when it comes to coolness and power, it has to go to the heroes.

We all know that when it comes to being cool, you MUST get the girl, and you MUST have a crowd of people on your tail when you're done accomplishing a heroic act. For instance, in The Legend of Zelda, Link UNARGUABLY gets with Zelda. And again, getting the girl is the absolute BIGGEST coolness factor. Additionally, the hero is always the one who has the people on their side, making them "the cool guy". Like in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, where you defeat Team Dim Sun and the entire region parades and celebrates your act as you ride a Doduo back home.

Furthermore, while the villain has the coolest gadgets and the seemingly most powerful abilities, the hero always juxtaposes those abilities with an immense amount of will power and raw ability.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, getting the girl is a point on the coolness board, but you also have to take into account other stuff, like powers and gadgets and their plans, ect. As well as an overall opinion on the villain and hero. If you think about it, guys like Mario and Link would only be out on their adventures if it wasn't for the bad guys. Also, personal preference. Who sounds cooler, a giant turtle that can breathe fire and has a spiked shell, or a plummer who eat mushrooms when he needs health. A guy with a piece of the Triforce that grants him power, or a dude with a sword with another piece of the Triforce that can give him courage. A guy that feel in a thing of chemicals turning him into a psychopath, a murderer, and a joking clown in three different versions, or a rich dude in a bat suit with no parents. Now for their plans, while it my seem generic, it can be effective. For example, Darkside, from DC, wants to take over all of existence. I guess you can see this as more of a stylistic thing. Also, you need to take into account if the villain knows what he's doing and can he be effective at it. Or, in simpler terms, if the villain is smart and not an idiot.


Actually, the fact that the heroes never have cool gadgets like the villains reinforces the notion that the heroes are cooler. This is something I touched on in my first argument. The fact that the heroes don't rely on any elaborate weapon or gadget means that they have much more raw power. In other words, while on the screen it may seem as if the villain has the advantage, we all know that if it was a true man to man battle, the hero would easily win. The hero always has much more will power and compassion than the villain. That's the reason why so many people look up to comic book or video game heroes, because their will and motivation inspires us to follow the same path.

An example would be Spiderman. Nearly all of his enemies are a result of some science experiment gone wild, or some sort of insane mutation, like Doc Ock. Doc Ock may have an insane looking gadget to back him up (literally), but in the end, it's Spider Man's drive that leads him to victory.

While it is true that most heroes exist only because of the villains, that only adds to the appeal of comic book heroes, or video game heroes. It's because of a hero's reliance to a villain that the audience wants to imitate them. Because the audience sees the evil that goes on in the world, and they want to become the hero. That's the reason why they're so appealing.
Debate Round No. 2


I'd like to point this out, since neither one of use has already. While there are some hero's that do what they do what they do because of said villain, there are villains being there because of said hero. For example, the reason why Lex Luthor does what he does (fighting Superman) is because he see's Superman as a mountain in the road of humanity's progress in life. The reason why the Joker is a think is because Batman was involved in the man who then become the Joker in fall into the bat of chemicals. If GLADoS (I forgot if its a capital A or O) wasn't at Apature, Chell (I think) would probably to more likely be dead. Regarding the gadgets, some of them are justified. For example, Dr. Wily has his robots because he convinced them to join his said so they won't go past their expiration date, and Megaman was already outfitted with all of stuff he has. Ganon has all the magic powers while Link has his sword, bow and arrow, bombs, etc. The reason why GlaDOS (I think its like that) has all the stuff it has is because it controls the entire facility. Also, I just like to point out the fact that the reason the hero's win so much is because they were meant to. If it was a fight to the death and both villain and hero had what they would normally have (basically something DEATH BATTLE would do) and had them fight till someone dies, the outcome would more likely be the villains coming out in first. Again, it all comes down to a more stylistic choice. Also, I just like to point out this argument that I pull up. Would you rather be a Jedi or a Sith. Would you rather be someone who can't let their emotions (something all humans have) get the better of you can have amazing powers, or be someone who can let them have emotions and have amazing powers as well. Would you rather be a wizard under the control of the Ministry of Magic and have rules to follow, or a Death Eater not wanting to follow the rules and do what a normal wizard couldn't. Seriously, being a hero really limits what you can do while being a villain allows you to do what you do.


I'm afraid that because my opponent hasn't addressed the arguments I posted in the previous round, I'm forced to repeat my previous arguments, as they also happen to coincide with the points made by my opponent in this round.

You've provided multiple instances for heroes that depend on the existence of the villain, and now you've also given examples of villains that depend on the heroes. However, how does either of these demean the "coolness" of the hero? This goes back to the central idea of the debate. Which one is cooler and better, the hero or the villain? Your examples do not address this question.

Another argument you have presented is that the limitations placed upon the heroes, for being human, also inherently make them uncool. However, as I have argued before, their human nature is what MAKES them cool. One of the character traits that appeals to humans the most is how well you can relate with that person. For example, for the average person, it may be hard to empathize with a billionaire who had just lost half of his fortune to a thief. That's because the average person is not a billionaire. This notion can be applied to heroes and villains as well. Heroes who fight for the good of the people can be related with, and that's because they represent the average person. Ultimately, this is why people typically root for the hero, instead of idolizing the villains. Villains may have the upper hand on superpowers and gadgets, but those abilities ultimately make them lose their appeal.

I would like to sincerely thank my opponent for allowing me to debate with him and for being as respectful as can be. May the best debater be victorious.
Debate Round No. 3
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