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Violence can be prevented

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Started: 5/21/2012 Category: Society
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In this debate I propose 1st round is acceptance. 2nd and 3rd will be for the arguments and rebuttals. 4th round will be for the conclusion. Next, violence must be defined.
``Violence is defined by the World Health Organization as the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, that either results in or has a high likehood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment or deprivation.``(
When we think of violence in international dimention, war and regional conflicts come to our minds. They are caused by the difference of religion, way of thinking, and cultural background. Moreover, cognitive imbalance, status difference and coercive state power can be added to trigger them.( Understanding conflicts and war, by R.J. Rummel,
However, in this debate I focus on the domestic violence.
I hope someone interested in this topic accept this debate.


Challenge Accepted.

Mind you, this is the first challenge I have accepted so please don't wonder why I suck at this but surely I will take this debate seriously.
Debate Round No. 1


Con, thank you for accepting the debate. Let me start off the arguments. Human beings has a reason and moral. However, they can not prevent violence. Therefore, the prevention of violence is a difficult problem to deal with.
We must keep in mind that violence in society is triggered by a number of factors. In my opinion they contribute to preventing serious violence which develops into crimes resulting in serious injuries or death of human beings.
John, Monahan(Psychologist and professor of school of law at University of Virginia) points out three main cause of violence. They are(1) biological, (2)sociological and (3)psychological causes. There are many biological factors which can be nominated as candidates for causes of violence. He says that ``hormones like testosterone, transmitters in the brain like serotonin, and blood abnormalities like hypoglycemia are only a few that have been mentioned. Biological factors do not have to be hereditary. They could be caused by a head injury, poor nuitrition, or environmental events, such as exposure to lead paint.``( According to the studies by the National Academy of Sciences, biological factors like hereditary does not necessarily trigger human violence. The important thing is that a violence has something to do with the kinds of food which he or she takes, disease and the environment in which he or she lives.
Second is sociological causes. Firstly, it depends on where he or she lives. For example, ``within America, violence is subject to great regional variation. The murder rate, for example, is almost twice as high in the South as it is in the Northeast, but the robbery rate is almost twice as high in the Northeast as it is in the South.``( Moreover, ``the smaller the community, the lower the rate of violence. Within the same city, some neighborhoods have rates of violent crime 300times higher than other neighborhoods.``( For example, in the big city like New York of the U.S. people come together not only from every part of the country but from many parts of the world. In urban areas community which bonds people deeply from cultural and social perspective does not function. The opportunity to promote dialog among menbers of the community is deprived. Therfore, seeds of violence are always grown.
I continue my arguments further in round 3. I am looking forward to reading arguments in round 2 by Con.


So first I’m going to present my arguments then I’ll proceed to the rebuttals.

My first argument in this debate will be all about Anger. Anger is one of the basic emotions of a human being. All of us get angry at a certain point of time in our life. We can never avoid anger because if we try to hold it inside, it will continue to pile up and may reach a certain point where we can no longer hold it. Anger is also a big factor in domestic violence and it is also one of the reasons why domestic violence can’t be prevented. Like all the other emotions in the world, anger is uncontrollable and also our actions. When in a fit of rage, man tends to lose control of his own body, due to anger; man unwarily begins to do things which are violent especially in the comforts of our own houses. Why? Because when we are inside our house, we can do whatever we want, we have this kind of feeling of freedom. But if we are outside, our actions are limited because we know that people are watching us. Acts of a violent behavior are more seen inside our house that in public places.

My second argument will be about dominance and control. Dominance and control has been a part of humanity and history. In a family, the father is commonly considered to be the “leader of the pack”. Men need to feel in charge of their family or relationship. Realistically speaking, certain members of the family, especially the father, tend to force the other members of the family to obey what he/she says. The abusers will try to take control of their family and will enforce certain rules that we must obey even though if it’s against our will. Normally, the other members of the family will try to act defiantly but as they do, the abuser will also try to contain his/her authority by trying to threaten or hurt those who doesn’t obey his/her rules which makes them more violent.

Moving on to my rebuttals. As you have said, there are many factors that contribute to violence. And due to the overwhelming amount of factors and options that you have presented, it seems to me that violence can never be prevented. Not all of the precautions said in your argument can be attained by all people in the world. If you’re trying to propose that all people suffering from domestic violence should travel and move to small communities then it’s practically impossible. Not all people have the money to either change the kind of food that they eat everyday or to leave their home and travel to the other side of the country where violence is less seen.

Debate Round No. 2


This round is devided into two parts. First part is my arguments which are continued from round 2.
Second part is rebuttals to Con`s arguments for round 2.
Arguments: The second factor of sociological causes is economic factor. In general people who do not have jobs or get fewer wages tend to commit violence or illegal action. The third factor is related to the race problem. For example, in the U.S. many African American are involved in violent crimes than whites. The arrest rate for them is now about six times higher than for whites.( The last cause which triggers violence is psychological problem. Human being has emotion and anger. When he or she dislikes the behavior and action of their family members, friends and peers in their office, those feelings emerge. And if they can not put up with them, they might commit violent behavior. The important thing is that research and exploration of causes of violence contribute to preventing violence. For example, in the U.S. ``the Federal Government spends a total of 20million dollars a year on violence research.``(
I believe violence is preventable. Three measures are needed.( (1) Long-term national investment in research and development by the central government is required. (2) The central government and local government must implement a comprehensive and inclusive violence research agenda. (3) They must introduce a program to prevent or to reduce violence among younger generation by creating a committee which consists of teachers and parents.
Rebuttals: Firstly, I present my rebuttals concerning Con`s first arguments. According to his opinion, anger is uncontrollable and it triggers violent action. However, I disagree with him. We must think why anger emerges.
Mental stress and lack of communication contribute to fueling anger between parents and son or daughter or between friends. Dialog plays an important role in coping with them. The meaning of dialog is to discuss areas of disagreement frankly in order to resolve them.( Therefore, I believe anger of human being can be controlled and eliminated before it reach a certain point where it is unpreventable.
Secondly, I present my rebuttals concerning Con`s second arguments. As Con says, in the family father tends to force his son or daughter to obey his opinion or order. It is a fact that he has the absolute power. However, he must try to listen to what they have to say. This attitude taken by him contributes to preventing and to detering violence between them. Therefore, I understand that the dialog in the family is urgently required.
I am looking forward to reading Con`s arguments for round 3.


This round for me will be divided in 2 parts. First, I shall justify my arguments, and then I'll proceed to the rebuttals.

Like what I've said, there are many emotions that can be tough to handle, like anger. There are two types of anger, passive anger and aggressive anger. Passive anger is more of an anger given to your own self, e.g hitting the wall, destroying something which is important to you, biting your nails; it can also be a way of intentionally "getting back" at someone while superficially appearing not to be angry, e.g giving someone the cold shoulder. The second type of anger is aggressive anger which is more of a violent type of anger; this kind of anger is directly made to purposely harm someone. When angered, many people will try to remove the anger out of them by placing more blame on another person, which can be conceptually called as a defense mechanism. Many people choose to release their anger aggressively because of one reason; aggressive anger can give an immediate vengeance while passive anger takes more time.

The second thing that I would like to discuss about anger is its unpredictability. We don't know when will anger strike, even the happiest person in the world can get angry easily due many things like continuous irritations and/or frustration. Your expectations about the way things should be or ought to be can also lead to anger. When expectations of yourself or others are set very high or are unrealistic, you set yourself up for anger experiences. ( There are many things that can go wrong, we can ignore it and move on but as it inevitably continue throughout the day there will come a time where anger can no longer be contained so I firmly believe that anger is uncontrollable and it is a big factor in violence.

I will not justify my second argument from the second round because realistically speaking, it seems to me it is something that we can all agree on.

Moving on to my rebuttals, it has come to my attention that you have made 3 measures that are critical to the prevention of domestic violence. I've also realized that 2 out of these 3 measures are all about research. Let me tell you a thing about research, RESEARCHES ARE NOT ENOUGH. They're just proposals or hypothesis that may or may not even help solve any problem. We cannot heavily rely on research; we need immediate and effective options.

I've also realized that you've now added race and job status to the factors of domestic violence. Well, two more reasons why domestic violence is impossible to solve.
Debate Round No. 3


This round is my conclusion for the debate. It seems to me that it is very difficult to eradicate violence completly from a society, schools and families. The reason is that human being has emotion and faces anger. As Con points out that anger is unpredictable and we can not predict when and where it will take place. Therefore, we must explore many causes of violence to prevent and to eliminate it. Our patience and efforts are required for the prevention of violence.
We must keep in mind that in general a person who commits violent behavior faces mental stress or has serious problems in his or her life. Therefore, it is difficult for them to find a purpose and a meaning in their life.
The University of Colorado presents measures and programs for them. And the university contributes to the prevention of violence. For example, ``Blueprints for Violence Prevention, a project of the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence at the University of Colorado, provide answers to that question. The Blueprints mission is to identify truely outstanding violence and drug prevention programs that meet a high scientific standard of effectiveness. In doing so, Blueprints serves as a resource for governments, foundations, businesses,and other organizations trying to make informed judgements about their investments in violence and drug prevention programs.``(
And ``Blueprints has designated 22 promising programs that have shown good results but require either replication in another community or additional time to demonstrate their effectiveness and sustainability.``(
The important thing is that the prevention of violence is a precondition for building a sound and civilized society with low crime rate. We must have a strong will that we can prevent violence in every situation in our everyday life.
I could learn a lot about violence from this debate.
I thank Con for your contribution.


This round will be for the concluding part of this debate.

Realistically saying, violence can never be prevented because of the overwhelming factors that contribute to it. Yes, there are many precautions and safety measures that a person can follow to avoid domestic violence but it is practically impossible to achieve all of this. It seems to me my opponent is trying to claim that violence can be prevented if we all follow all of these precautions:

A.) Avoid eating foods that may have something to do with violence
B.) Move to a place where violence is less seen
C.) Black people causes more violence, so avoid them
D.) Research more about violence

Anger also plays a big role to the development of violence and we all know that anger can never be taken away from us. We can try to avoid it but we don't know when to avoid it because like what I've said, anger is unpredictable.

Now I shall finally end this round by thanking my opponent for a good debate, Thank you.
May the best debater win.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by goldman 6 years ago
Con,thank you for your comment. I hope you read carefully my arguments of round 2, in which I mainly argued the causes of violence. In my opinion it seems necessary to analyze them to prevent violence. In later round I will argue that the prevention of violence is possible.
Posted by class_freak 6 years ago
wait i'm confused...why are you saying that violence CAN'T be prevented?? You're the Pro, you should be supporting the claim that violence CAN be prevented...
Posted by Zaradi 6 years ago
Why focus JUST on domestic violence?
Posted by AlwaysMoreThanYou 6 years ago
All domestic violence, or just most domestic violence?
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Reasons for voting decision: The main reason I gave the round to the Pro was because even though he presented medical studies proving his case, the contender still stated it can never be avoided. The more convincing argument came from the Pro, and it actually convinced me to believe in his side of the debate.