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Vladimir Putin is a Beneficial President to Russia

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Started: 7/1/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I won't be providing background on this debate. I recommend only to accept this debate if you have knowledge or are studious in contemporary global and Russian history.

Opening Argument

Russian President Vladimir Putin is highly criticized by Western Powers for his controversial moves of seizing private companies and organizations in Russia and tightening liberties in Russia. My argument is that all the moves that Vladimir Putin has done has been in the best interests of Russia regardless of the claims that the Western World has made that he is attempting to advance a totalitarian agenda into Russia. Vladimir Putin's 2 biggest contributions to the Russian nation was through Economics (Which covers a lot of branches) and Anti-Corruption.


Vladimir Putin helped bring up the Russian GDP by approximately 800% during his first and second term. To help with the numbers and characters limit, I've provided a graph.

Putin introduced a series of serious reforming economic policies to help stimulate and create a rising economy in Russia that was previously crushed by a mismanaging Yeltsin and the fall of the Soviet Union. Through rising in oil prices in Russia, Putin made a variety of government sanctioned investments into multiple industries and markets that dominate Russia today including energy, vehicles and aerial technology [1]. These investments allowed privatization in previously government influenced areas which in turn gave a nourishment of the Russian economy. Putin had also helped established multiple free trade zones in ex-Soviet states which helped those nations create their own progressive economies that would begin independent markets as Russia did when Putin took office. Putin also seized multiple energy corporations that were known for rampant corruption and siphoned finances from other markets and individuals that were known for their corruption and were covered by the corrupt memebrs of the Yeltsin administration. These government seizing programs are still alive in Russia to help to combat the oligarchs that are partially covered by other corrupt members in the low government and police ranks [2]. In order to not suffocate the character limit of the next round, I will leave my argument for economics here.


Putin has been hit by a chain of allegations from multiple high ranking individuals in Russia, and the West. There has been minimal evidence to support these claims, but there is evidence to show that Putin has been helping to clean the Russian government and economy from corruption that grew during Yeltsin's term. Putin's programs to remove corruption that had deep roots in Russia were slow but successful, although due to it's massive influence in the Russian government that they had but still partially exist, these programs are still alive to this day [3]. The actions that Putin took in order to remove the oligarchies [4] that helped create a stronger gap between the classes in Russia were a progressive move that helped the Russian economy enjoy more of the financial benefits they had taken in from the profits of the energy and technology markets which was also partly a result of Putin's decisions and administration. I will also leave this argument here so I can progress my points in round two.


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Posted by Amedexyius 2 years ago
Well, the NATO argument was my first debate and I didn't really check the guide on DDO's debating form.
Posted by Bennett91 2 years ago
I'm very tempted to take this debate. You've improved your debate structure greatly.
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