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Voldemort is worse then Darth Vader

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Started: 2/3/2017 Category: Movies
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Let's start by looking back at them, at a younger age. Voldemort realized he was extremely powerful, when he was young. He had always been cruel; when he was in an orphanage he hung a young boys bunny from the rafters, for no apparent reason. Darth Vader was a slave, he was always good; until he got older. Voldemort had to work extremely hard, to get any sort of power. He had to mass murder, and gain himself followers. Lord Vader, on the other hand only had to kill the current Sith Lord to gain power. Vader did not earn his Lightsaber... He made it. Whilst Voldemort earned his wand. A wand, that only an extremely powerful wizard could use in order to get it to work to its full potential. Therefore, Voldemort, is more powerful, than Darth Vader.


My opponent suggests that Voldemort is more powerful (and 'worse') than Darth Vader. In this round, I shall respond to their arguments.

1. Behavior at a young age.
My opponent argues that Voldemort was always evil whereas Vader was initially good. While Voldemort was always evil, Vader (as Anakin) occasionally succumbed to the dark side. In AOTC, Anakin slaughters a Tusken Raider clan, including the women and children. In ROTS, he kills Count Dooku even though he is unarmed and later allows his fear of Padme's death to control him. While Anakin was not fully evil before his transformation, some of his actions were far worse, especially what he did with the Tusken Raiders.

2. Mass murdering.
My opponent argues that Voldemort is a mass murderer. It is worth noting that Vader did the same; he killed many Jedi, rebels, and even imperials.

3. Weapon
Voldemort did not earn his wand; the wand chooses the wizard (and he bought it). He also stole (not earned) the elder wand from a dead man.
Debate Round No. 1


Voldemort not only mass murdered, but tortured countless people. Including many of his devoted cult members. When Vader was in power, he could get away with simple things like murder. Voldemort never had power, he managed to get away with multiple accounts of murder, regardless. Even in Voldemorts 10 year hiatus, people were convinced he was dead; yet people were extremely paranoid of him, still. Wormtail, (devoted cult member), did not have to save Voldemort; yet he was so afraid of Voldemort, of being killed by him; he saved him sacrificing his hand, and getting caught by the ministry of magic. Vader had managed to terrify people enough, to have them make a code name for him. Voldemort was powerful enough to use Dumbledores wand.


Vader tortured people himself (even before he became Vader) and ordered torture via probe droids. He also stood down as Alderaan was destroyed, both mentally damaging for Leia and horrid for the millions who died. Voldemort actually had a lot of power - at his highest, he captured the Ministry of Magic, which meant he could get away with murder despite my opponent's argument. While people were afraid of Voldemort, Vader's existence was more of a secret from ROTS to A New Hope. Even after the galaxy knew of him, very few actually knew he was a force-user and even fewer knew about his past. In terms of followers, my opponent is correct is that even Voldemort's 'cult members' feared him. That being said, imperials who knew of Vader truly respected him. In my opinion, admiration is greater than fear. Using another wizard's wand has nothing to do with power; there are instances of less powerful characters using other people's wands. Even so, Voldemort never truly mastered the elder wand.
Debate Round No. 2


When you truly look at their future selves, Vader killed the emperor to save his son. he brought balance to the force.In the end, after everything, he ended up being good again. Voldemort was strictly evil, and challenged anyone who says he isn't. Voldemort was essentially Hitler, he was xenophobic and believed anyone who wasn't a pureblood or didn't obey him, deserved to be tortured and slowly killed. Voldemort was xenophobic, Darth Vader may have been bigoted, but in the end he turned out to be good, whilst Voldemort died evil, and had people willing to get sent to Azkaban for him. He did have people who respected him, like, Bellatrix Lestrange or Barty Crouch Jr.


Vader's actions in the end do not justify his crimes; he is still accountable for his actions and for the Empire which he allowed to form and thrive. I can see where you're going with Hitler, but just because Vader is not xenophobic, does not mean he is not as evil. Even if for different reasons, Vader murdered and tortured thousands, and stood by as millions more were killed. Some of Voldemort's servants were willing to be imprisoned, though not all were loyal and even fewer actually respected him. In Deathly Hallows, many of his followers retreat after Harry is revealed to be alive. Other than Bellatrix and Barty Crouch, it appeared most of his followers were 'loyal' out of fear or they were under the imperius curse. In fact, after he originally lost power, many followers claimed they were under the imperius curse to avoid prosecution. Vader's followers, on the other hand, went on to create the First Order, and his legacy inspired Kylo Ren.

I thank my opponent for this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Forthelulz 1 year ago
Tied for conduct; you were both civil.
Spelling and grammar were both legible, so tied.
Con actually points out that Vader actually had a legacy, unlike the Dark Lord, who basically led all his followers into an all-or-nothing attack on a school some completely unrelated followers were running already... and failed, because the Boy Who Lived only lives twice, and it was touch-and-go on the second time for a second there. Spoilers. Con also points out that the scale of Vader's killing folks far outweighs what Voldemort could ever do, and also that Vader kicked more behind than Voldemort ever could have done. Also, Vader caused more death and destruction, as stated by Con. In short, Con's argument is that Vader was more DAMAGING than Voldemort, what with a few extras, I mean Jedi + Rebels + peeps who have failed him for the last time, rather than any kind of ideological difference, which makes Voldemort simply out-scaled, or so the implicit reasoning from Con goes. This flies completely over Pro's head, who simply prefers to trot out that Voldemort is just some supremacist who runs around murdering folks in apparently a ninja-like fashion and has two named followers willing to die/be imprisoned for him listed, compared to the many people Con states respect and admire Vader, who left such an impression on their psyche that the Emperor is all but forgotten. The examples for Vader listed are nastier and more visible, which makes Con's arguments much better, as the atrocities jump out at the reader, compared to Pro's structure having it all in one paragraph, which also makes it look very unprofessional and reads like a "He's bad because he's literally Hitler" argument, which makes Round 3 hilarious, because Pro actually compares Voldemort to the guy, by virtue of the xenophobia and planned genocide. Pro also fails to properly do the source material, as Con points out that Voldie did take over. Arguments to Con.
Neither of you guys cited sources, so no vote there.
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