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Started: 8/2/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm just curious, who actually supports trump? And also, what is their reasoning for it. This is why I made this debate. I have no rules or structure for this debate except that round one is acceptance . That's all.


It is without question that this Presidential election is by no means another election. This election is different because we are faced with an outsider as the Republican candidate on the ticket this year. That"s without getting into an argument about the Democratic selection, but it must be mentioned because she adds to the interest in this case. However, Donald Trump being an outsider is a good thing. His ideas are not radical; they just go against the way things have been done. Its time to take a turn off the same road we"ve been driving on for years and see where that takes us. Donald Trump owes no one for the position he is in. Meaning no political favors, positions, or influence.

Trumps comments in the media have drawn a lot of attention. People saying he is a loose canon, and that he has no filter between his brain and his mouth. Which in turn means transparency. A man who isn"t afraid of his own ideas, a man who says what he thinks. Not a man who has filtered his ideas through rooms full of people who have polled every sentence that will be said to know how it will play on the American people.

Donald Trump has ideas as I will continue to explain. He wants to bring jobs back to the American worker. He wants to stop outsourcing jobs to China and other places where the work can be done cheaper. With souring unemployment, why wouldn"t we want this. Unemployment effects everyone in almost every aspect of their life. Taxes go up, crime rates go up, and the list goes on. Bringing Jobs back to America is a great thing.

Now down to the nitty gritty of things. His proposed policies. This is why I support Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for President of the United States. One of the areas that seems to get hit hardest is his immigration policy. Building of the wall. Mexico who had a problem with immigration and drug trade from their southern border did the same thing. They built a wall. Why shouldn"t we. It is not racist, hurtful, or hateful. I am expected to obey the laws of the land, so should every person in this country. Coming to this country illegally, well is illegal. There is nothing wrong with building a wall to slow immigration, and ask people to legally immigrate into the United States. He as shown sound decisions in his policy making from his dedication to veterans, to taxes. We can make the debate about these if you'd like.

I support Donald Trump, I believe he brings a much needed change to the table.
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Posted by DATMEME 2 years ago
Go Bernie sanders, (or that random third democrat)
Posted by cwt002 2 years ago
I probably think for many people, and a very good reason is that it is not Hillary.
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