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WAR DEBATE: The United States of America (Pro) vs. Selected Country (Con)

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Started: 1/7/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is my 3rd war debate, I have gone 1 win and 1 loss so far. One was due to concession, and I wish to have another.


1. Use this source ONLY, ( due to the confusion on the amount of troops, AFVs, etc. that I have had in the past with people. You can suggest another source, however, but I will need to look it over.

2. Each country's turn will be about a month to three months long, so please take in consideration of how much you do in a turn, make it reasonable. (example: in my other war debate South Korea vs. North Korea, my opponent did all in one round what would be done in over a year.)

3. Morale is a KEY factor.

4. You may produce more military, but it depends on your military budget and industry of your nation.

5. I am defending. You will invade and try to end the war.

6. NOTE: If you destroy/liberate the capital, this does not necessarily mean you win the war, I could take it back.

7. No nuclear warfare.

I have challenged Hylian_3000, we will see if he accepts.



This is my first war, thanks for letting me give it a try!

I will be commanding the forces of Great Britain (Why? Because why not?)

I will use your source to state how much military forces I have.

I will let you set up defenses before I begin invasion. Just like you suggested.

Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


No problem, you never know, it might be your favorite type of debate after this. It is really fun. Good to try it.

Even though we are allies, you never know, something like this could happen between the USA and UK. The alliance has been broken, considering we are going to war.

Alright, United Kingdom, lets prepare for war.

The Numbers (source:

Okay, using the source I have decided, I will compare the amount of troops we both have.

Active Military Personnel:

USA: 1,430,000
UK: 205,330

Because my opponent and I have decided to go off of only trained troops, we will not use Fit For Service, or Manpower Available. Only Military Personnel.

Reserved military:

USA: 850,000
UK: 182,000

I will be pulling all my reserves out for this war to defend. So I have a total of 2,280,000

Aircraft(all types):

USA: 13,683
UK: 908

AFVs(armored vehicles):

USA: 25,782
UK: 6,245

Fleet strength:

USA: 473
UK: 66


USA: $15,930,000,000,000
UK: $10,090,000,000,000

Military budget:

USA: $62,500,000,000
UK: $53,600,000,000

So, as you can see the USA beats the UK in everything except for debt. Because my opponent and I agreed on no allies, we will not be able to reach out for other help.

( Here's a map of the USA's regions. Since my opponent and I have agreed on him using a military agreement with Mexico and Canada, I have to spread out my amount of troops.


6,000 AFVs
500,000 troops
2,000 aircraft


7,000 AFVs
500,000 troops
4,000 aircraft


8,000 AFVs
700,000 troops
4,000 aircraft


5,000 AFVs
500,000 troops
3,000 aircraft

If I have any math errors, please tell me.

I will also have 100 ships patrolling the west coast with 2 aircraft carriers, 200 patrolling the east coast with 5 aircraft carriers, and 173 patrolling the gulf of mexico with 3 aircraft carriers.

Over to you, United Kingdom.



I realize that choosing the UK was a newbie move, I'm new at this after all.

I also realize that going off trained military against USA was also a bad idea.

Nevertheless, I will try my best.

Since USA severely outguns and outnumbers me I must be careful where I deploy my troops.

Initial Position
Since my opponent has stationed patrol craft on the east and on the Gulf of Mexico I can do this.

I will move my only aircraft carrier at the moment, 5 frigates, 2 destroyers, and 2 submarines through the Atlantic. The aircraft carrier will have 30 fighter/interceptors and 20 fixed-wing aircraft. In the entire fleet there will be 40,000 troops and about 20 AFVs (sorry if my numbers are a bit weird, just make an exception if it is wrong). Their route will make them head west until they reach about the middle of the ocean, then they will head south to avoid conflict with the US navy. They will head west again when they reach the level of where the tip of Florida is. Since their troops are patrolling the Gulf Of Mexico I am free to position my troops south-east of Florida. With the destroyers, frigates, and subs protecting the carrier, the carrier would send fleets of fixed-wing aircraft and fighters to bomb the cities around the southern part of Florida. This whole thing would take approximately 1 month and a half. Then I would send helis and my navy in to drop off troops and AFVs in the bombed area. Since the area is bombed I am free to move my troops in. We would set up camps and occupy the buildings of southern Florida. We have therefore captured this area. We would set up defenses for the inevitable attack.

I will also be moving in 5 frigates and 3 destroyers with a total of 25,000 and 30 AFVs troops on board. I will then move the fleet and deploy the troops in Mexico (on the way I will avoid combat with US navy). Then, my troops will move toward the border between Mexico and the US. I will then station my troops behind the border of Mexico. Meanwhile, the naval fleet will fall back to the UK for further orders.

This is all the aggressive moves I can accomplish in this turn.

Military Expansion
Considering that the UK has a small navy and army at the moment I will be expanding my military. Since carriers take a long time to manufacture and cost about 5 billion dollars I will only be constructing 3 of them. I will also be building 1 billion dollar destroyers, I will manufacture 7 of then in the time allocated. Finally I will be expanding my ground force, I can assume that about 60 people will sign up for the military per month, since it takes a while for them to train, the newly recruited forces will not become active until later, they cannot be deployed yet.

Your turn.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you, United Kingdom.

The Invasion on southern Florida

Okay, my opponent has decided to avoid my navy, which was a very smart tactic. Unfortunately, he bombed all of the cities in southern Florida, which means major civilian casualties. However, because he bombed the cities, they will have little cover against another bombing run, which I plan to do. 400 attack helicopters will try to take out infantry, while 2,000 attack aircraft bomb buildings and enemy armor. They will shell the cities on the peninsula, considering they are already damaged. Now, because they have little troops, only 40,000(if I'm not wrong), I will send a army of 100,000 troops from the South and 2,000 AFVs. Because the army has already been bombed, they will have casualties. My navy from the Gulf of Mexico will come around, and basically set a barricade of 5 frigates, 10 destroyers, and 15 submarines. We will also have 2 aircraft carriers shelling the cities as well. If their navy is still there, we will fight them and have some casualties, but I think we can overcome it since we have more overall force. Some of our navy will sit in the Gulf of Mexico, waiting just in case of a counter-attack. Here's a map I created to show how it looks. (might be blurry):

US/Mexican Border

Okay, my navy did not see the United Kingdom's small navy moving to Mexico, so here's how the US and Mexican border is set up, with my troops. the UK and Mexico have agreed on UK military moving around in Mexico, I have to put 30,000 troops at each tunnel.

Military expansion

I have decided to spend some on military considering my budget is high. I will give $300,000 dollars to recruit more people into the military, they won't be trained, so I will give $1,000,000 more to the training programs. This should recruit about 10,000 troops in a month or two.

Over to you.


Me and my opponent has started up a new debate. We believe that this will be more interesting since I now know what's going on.

Me and Pro has both agreed that no one should vote on this debate.

Thank you for understanding.

Link to new debate:
Debate Round No. 3


We have agreed, this is to show that we are both not lying. Thank you. I will forfeit all rounds, and I expect my worthy opponent to as well.


Hylian_3000 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Gabe1e forfeited this round.


Hylian_3000 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
@Gabe1. I would be honored to go up against you in a debate. China vs. US. China starts war.
Posted by Gabe1e 2 years ago
My bad about my link for the Mexican border. Here it is:
Posted by Gabe1e 2 years ago
Oh. I already did a war with China, but I can do another if you want to do one after this debate. Interesting..
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
Well I would've chosen China for a realistic view, but it appears that you already have an opponent.
Posted by Gabe1e 2 years ago
I don't know... can you at least tell me what country you would be with this move being so deadly?
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
Said move involves only two ships and targets Infrastructure.
Posted by Hylian_3000 2 years ago
Thx for the information, I would like to debate this!
Posted by Gabe1e 2 years ago
Okay, I will choose in a day or two. If you are debating with Emperial, you can.
Posted by Conspiracy_Solver 2 years ago
I would so love to debate someone on this topic this stuff is fun to me! :D
Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 2 years ago
@Emprial, would you like to debate this topic. I will instigate.
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