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WAR DEBATE: United States (Pro) vs. Selected Country (Con) PART TWO

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Started: 1/15/2015 Category: Politics
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Because my opponent made as he quotes "a newbie" move by choosing United Kingdom, I have decided to restart with him, and let him pick another country. I will give him another chance. Please do not vote on that debate.


1. Use this source ONLY, ( due to the confusion on the amount of troops, AFVs, etc. that I have had in the past with people. You can suggest another source, however, but I will need to look it over.

2. Each country's turn will be about a month to three months long, so please take in consideration of how much you do in a turn, make it reasonable. (example: in my other war debate South Korea vs. North Korea, my opponent did all in one round what would be done in over a year.)

3. Morale is a KEY factor.

4. You may produce more military, but it depends on your military budget and industry of your nation.

5. I am defending. You will invade and try to end the war.

6. NOTE: If you destroy/liberate the capital, this does not necessarily mean you win the war, I could take it back.

7. No nuclear warfare.


I will be playing us Russia (Bigger army)

Just like before, I will let you set up defenses before I start moving.

Clarifications of rules
1. No allies
2. No "Open Border" agreement with any country

Thanks for the second chance. This will be fun!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you, Russia.

As before, the USA is split into 4 groups. Northeast, Midwest, West, and South. (

Here we go with the armies, as before, only trained troops.

The Numbers(source:

My opponent does a good choice by picking Russia, they are about the same as the USA.

Total Military (includes reserves):

USA: 2,280,880
Russia: 3,251,000

Russia wins, by a landslide. But I have a plan to get more troops that I will discuss later.

Total AFV strength:

USA: 25,782
Russia: 27,607

Another win for Russia, so it's 2-0, Russia.

Total Aircraft:

USA: 13,513
Russia: 3,082

Well, now it's 2-1, Russia, and I dominate in this category.

Fleet Strength:

USA: 473
Russia: 352

2-2. I will use this to my advantage.

So we are about even, 2 to 2 in the main categories. But, lets look at military budget.

Military budget:

USA: $612,500,000,000
Russia: $76,000,000,000

Wow, I have way more room to spend, and I will use this to train more troops. So an average of $850,000 is to train one troop FULLY, based on this: (

I will fund $10 billion dollars every month into training and recruiting USA soldiers. This should produce 11,000 troops a month.

Dividing my military:


Troops: 600,000
AFVs: 6,000
Aircraft: 3,000


Troops: 700,000
AFVs: 7,000
Aircraft: 2,000


Troops: 800,000
AFVs: 10,000
Aircraft: 8,000


Troops: 280,880
AFVs: 2,000
Aircraft: 513

As you can see, I have the most at the west, because a trip to the East side of the USA would take months for Russia. However, a trip to the west would be relatively short.

Navy patrolling:

50 navy patrolling the Alaska area.
300 navy patrolling the whole west coast.
60 navy patrolling all the way from Maine's coast to Alabama.

Over to you, Russia.


Initial Invasion
Since I outnumber the U.S in troops and in AFVs, I will be using it to my advantage.

I will be sending a navy of 250 over to the east cost. Due to the distance between Russia and the destination of my choosing, I will be generous, and say it takes 2 months. The navy will be carrying 1,500,000 troops, 15,000 AFVs, and 500 aircraft. The numbers easily overwhelm the east cost defense.cAfter some bombing in a wide area, I will send my troops at the bombed area (area is medium sized). Then, I will send the troops toward the NE. Our overwhelming numbers will overpower the numbers in the NE. I will take some casualties, and since this is home territory for the U.S I will be taking 700,000 army casualties and 7,000 AFVs. This brings the numbers down to 800,000 troops and 8,000 AFVs. We take the capital since we attack the NE, therefore lowering your troops morale. We will be using the civilian buildings (since we didn't bomb the NE) to our advantage and set up fortifications for the impending attack.

The navy will be assisting my army on land by staying close to the NE. Since the rest of the U.S' army is on the other side, he can't attack my navy for a while.

Military Expansion
Using my opponent's source, I will be expanding my army. I will be spending 3 billion per month to recruit, this gives me about 3,529 troops per month.

Your turn, U.S
Debate Round No. 2


My capital is not in the Northeast. It is in the South, as you can see from the map, Washington DC is on the border of Maryland and Virginia. No morale will be lost.

Defense of the Northeast

My opponent has advanced all the way to Pennsylvania, because of one thing, I have told my forces in the Northeast to fall back and wait for reinforcements from the Midwest and South.

So, my opponent has taken casualties, and so have I. I will have about 400,000 troops, 4,000 AFVs, and 2,000 aircraft. But, he has no aircraft left. It will take about a month to get all the troops together, but I have gotten reinforcements from:

West: 100,000 troops and 2,000 AFVs
Midwest: 200,000 troops, 1,000 AFVs and 500 aircraft
South: 100,000 troops, 1,000 AFVs, and 1,000 aircraft

This brings my total up to 800,000 troops, 8,000 AFVs, and 3,500 aircraft. This will be a very one sided battle now, in favor of the USA. While my opponent gets cosy in Northern Pennsylvania, we will bomb them relentlessly, and they cannot do anything about it considering they have no aircraft. Our army of 800,000 will move in, and the bombing will stop, for now. The Russians will most likely fall back, and our aircraft will follow them, bombing and shooting at them while our army pushes them back. ( After 2 months, which will end my turn, they should be all the way to the Maine area now. My army has minimal casualties due to the fact the Russians are being bombed and falling back.

It has been 3 months total, the end of my turn, which means I have produced 33,000 troops. 11,000 will go to the Midwest, South, and West.

Over to you, Russia.


Oh... That map.

Aftermath of U.S move
1. Position
Russian troops has fallen back to Maine (However, they are still in America), American troops are at the south border of Maine and are bombing Russian troops. My navy is still working and are assisting the ground forces.

2. Casualties
Bombing and constant fighting have had some casualties on the ground force. However, American troops have also been taking casualties. I'm going to list out the amount of troops on both side

Russian Army: 400,000
American Army: 600,000

Russian AFVs: 5,000
American AFVs: 3,000

Russian Navy: 250
American Navy: 0

Russian Aircraft: 0
American Aircraft: 2,000

These are estimates and assumptions, so they aren't exactly accurate.

3. Morale
Russia: Relentless bombing and constant losses has lowered some morale of the ground force
America: Gaining ground and winning fights has raised American morale. However, since they are bombing, they have killed civilians and have destroyed their own civilian buildings (since we didn't bomb the NE), thus lowering their morale as well.

And with that out if the way, I will commence my turn
My troops has fallen back to Maine, however they are still there. My navy that has not been touched will play a key factor in my next move. I will send a navy of 100 with 1,000,000 troops, 2,500 aircraft, and 10,000 AFVs to the east coast. Meanwhile, the navy of 250 already at America will bombard the enemy relentlessly, taking down their numbers. The Russian troops will hold their positions for now.
My navy arrives and deploys their troops on the borderline between the South and the NE. We will use the Anti-Air on the navy and the aircraft that we have to take out the American aircraft.
Then we will execute my plan. The army at Maine will go on the offensive, at the same time the reinforcing army will attack them from behind. The reinforcing army has overwhelming numbers by itself, however, the army at Maine are also attacking. This forces the American troops to split to fight on two fronts. Otherwise they will be killed at their flank. They can't escape since we corner them, so we completely obliterate them. We take some casualties, however, the two armies merge after obliterating the American army. The numbers will be 1,300,000 troops, 8,000 AFVs, and 1,250 aircraft.
America has left the Midwest basically un-defended as they only have 80,880 troops, we easily take the Midwest, with small casualties.

Military Expansion
About 23,000 troops have been made, I have added them to my army in Russia.

Your turn, America.
Debate Round No. 3


Gabe1e forfeited this round.


My opponent has an illness (he sent me a message, addressing the issue), I shall give him another round to move.
Debate Round No. 4


Gabe1e forfeited this round.


Um.... I guess I win?

Send all the troops over and kill everything with our superior ground force.

Russia wins.
Debate Round No. 5
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