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WAR GAME: Chosen Nation vs. Chosen Nation

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Started: 2/25/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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Same rules as The-Voice-of-Truth's war games.

1. When you accept the debate, state your country, and state the numbers of your armed forces (aircraft, men, ships, etc.). Use this source for military numbers ONLY, as it is the most reliable:

2. Each country's turn can range from about 3 days to 1 month long, so please take in consideration of how much you do in a turn, make it reasonable. (DO NOT try to win in one turn! Take into account that your opponent is also a living, thinking being that can adapt to a situation.)

3. Morale is a key factor in your armed forces' effectiveness.

4. You may produce more military forces (soldiers, ships, aircraft, tanks/humvees/cavalry), but it depends on your military budget, your country's population, and how industrialized your nation is.

5. You may choose to invade or defend.

6. The defender makes the first move.

7. If a nation's capital is destroyed/liberated, this does not necessarily mean that the war is won; the capital could be recaptured.

8. You can have ONLY ONE WMD. (Chooses WMD)

9. WMD is to be used as a last resort. It can only be used if there is an extreme threat to the nation or your army.

10. IF a WMD is to be used, you MUST fully describe the effects of its' use IN DETAIL. Every aspect of the WMD's effects MUST be correct and realistic. Any unrealistic detail in the effects will cause the use of the weapon and ALL of its' effects to become void, and there will be no "restocking" of the WMD. Once you use it, you used it, whether or not the effects are void.

11. Every aspect of the war must be realistic and must remain within the parameters established by the rules and the title. Any unrealistic action and actions deviating from the rules will cause the entire action to be void. Any further deviation after the first void action will result in a complete debate forfeiture.

12. At the beginning of the "war," you MUST specify what country you are, what WMD you will use (and describing the weapon using the below rules in the weapons' list), and you must show what the entirety of your armed forces is made of (soldier count, tanks, artillery, ships, aircraft, etc.).

13. Specify what your WMD is going to be. Specify ALL measurements of the WMD (yield, range, parts-per-million, altitude, longitude, latitude, etc).

14. You may choose ONE weapon from the following list of WMDs:

- Nuclear Weapon: No larger than a 50 kiloton yield. MUST specify type of detonation (underground/collapse, ground/shock, air burst/dust). MUST specify location of detonation (longitude, latitude, altitude. Also name country, province/state, and city of detonation).

- Chemical: Maximum 15 parts-per-million. Specify chemical type. Anthrax and all nerve agents ARE allowed, but only one can be used.

- Biological: Minimum parts-per-million of 15. Maximum initial infection of 1,000 people, but the infection may spread further.

- Radiological: Specify and describe the used radioactive material at the beginning of the war. MUST specify location of detonation (longitude, latitude, altitude. Also name country, province/state, and city of detonation).

- MOAB: Must be used in the unconventional manner. If a MOAB is detonated above ground and at altitude, it has the effects of a tactical nuclear weapon (thus classifying it as a WMD) without the radiation. MUST specify location of detonation (longitude, latitude, altitude. Also name country, province/state, and city of detonation).

15. No allies (NATO, UN, Muslim Brotherhood, or otherwise) under ANY circumstances. You CAN have military or diplomatic agreements and/or treaties with other nations. It is 'Nation vs. Nation' not 'Nation vs. Nation and religious radical group &etc.'

16. Religion is NOT a factor (Middle East Wars).

17. No economic sanctions from any other nation, but economic warfare is allowed.

18. Cyberwarfare is allowed.

19. No insults, cursing, or any inappropriate behavior.

20. No trolling.

21. If you fail to follow the rules once, you will be given a warning and your actions in that round will be void. Further disobedience of ANY of these rules WILL result in an immediate loss of the debate.

My Country is the UK.

Total Population: 63,742,977
Available Manpower: 29,164,233
Fit for Service: 24,035,131
Reaching Military Age Annually: 749,480]
Active Frontline Personnel: 146,980
Active Reserve Personnel: 182,000

Tank value includes Main Battle Tanks, light tanks and tank destroyers, either wheeled or tracked. AFV value includes Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).

Tanks: 407
Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs): 5,948
Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs): 89
Towed-Artillery: 138
Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs): 42

Includes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft from all branches of service.

Total Aircraft: 936
Fighters/Interceptors: 89
Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft: 160
Transport Aircraft: 365
Trainer Aircraft: 343
Helicopters: 402
Attack Helicopters: 65

Aircraft Carrier value does not include dedicated "helicopter carrier" vessels. Total naval strength includes all known auxiliaries as well.

Total Naval Strength: 66
Aircraft Carriers: 1
Frigates: 13
Destroyers: 6
Corvettes: 0
Submarines: 10
Coastal Defense Craft: 28
Mine Warfare: 15

Despite the advances made in battlefield technology, oil remains the lifeblood of any fighting force as well as local economy.

Oil Production: 1,100,000 bbl/day
Oil Consumption: 1,217,000 bbl/day]
Proven Oil Reserves: 3,122,000,000 bbl/day

War is as much a battle of logistics - moving man and machine from points all over - as it is direct combat. Labor Force reflects possible wartime industry strength.

Labor Force: 30,150,000
Merchant Marine Strength: 504
Major Ports and Terminals: 14
Roadway Coverage: 394,428
Railway Coverage: 16,454
Serviceable Airports: 460

Regardless of military strength in numbers, war is still driven by financing as much as any one leader or weapon.

Defense Budget: $51,500,000,000
External Debt: $9,577,000,000,000
Reserves of Foreign Exchange and Gold: $87,480,000,000
Purchasing Power Parity: $2,387,000,000,000

Geographical values primarily figure into a defensive-minded war (i.e. invasion).
Square Land Area: 243,610 km
Coastline: 12,429 km
Shared Border: 443 km
Waterways: 3,200 km

Use this first round as acceptance and state your numbers from the website given.



I accept. I am Russia. I ask my opponent to wait as long as possible to post his argument, as I will be out for the weekend.

Population: 145,500,842
Available Manpower: 69,117,271
Fit for Service: 46,812,553
Reaching Military Age Annually: 1,354,202
Active Front line Personnel: 766,000
Active Reserve Personnel: 2,485,000

Tanks: 15,500
AFVs: 27,607
SPGs: 5,990
Towed Artillery: 4,625
MLRSs: 3,781

Aircraft: 3,082
Fighter/Interceptor: 736
Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft: 1,289
Transport Aircraft: 730
Trainer Aircraft: 303
Helicopters: 973
Attack Helicopters: 114

Naval Strength: 352
Aircraft Carriers: 1
Frigates: 4
Destroyers: 13
Corvettes/amphibs/troop carriers: 74
Submarines: 63
Coastal Defense Craft: 65
Mine Warfare: 34

Oil Production: 11,000,000 bbl/day
Oil Consumption: 2,200,000 bbl/day
Proven Oil Reserves: 80,000,000,000

Labor Force: 75,680,000
Merchant Marine Strength: 1,143
Major Ports and Terminals: 7
Roadway Coverage: 982,000
Railway Coverage: 87,157
Serviceable Airports: 1,218

Defense Budget: $76,600,000,000
External Debt: $631,800,000,000
Reserves of Foreign Trade and Gold: $537,600,000,000
Purchasing Power Parity: $2,486,000,000,000

Square Land Area: 17,098,242
Coastline: 37,653
Shared Border: 20,241
Waterways: 102,000

My WMD is a 15 ppm VX nerve agent.

I am defending, so I will provide a diplomatic reason for war.

May the war begin:

May 21, 2020 Moscow, Russia 8:30 local
Dimitri Nestrov was on his way to the Kremlin. He had been working there for 2 months as a reception clerk. He was in his new 5th generation BMW Mini Cooper Light. A great car, all full of safety features, he though. It goes real fast, too. And it was a great car... until the brake failure occurred at the gates of the Kremlin. He was traveling at 50 kph when he blew through the checkpoint and broke the arm. He continued forward until he reached the closed wrought-iron gate.

There was no hope for him. On impact, the forward velocity of the car caused the car to flip over the front axle. The light frame (thus the name Mini Cooper Light) was weak, so the roof caved in on Dimitri when the roof hit the gate.

May 21, 2020 London, England 12:47 local
5 more accident reports had come in. This isn't good. We might have to issue a recall, Jeffery Holland, President and CEO of BMW, thought.

At 15:30, the recall notice was sent out to all BMW consumer nations. 12 more accident reports, all out of Russia, had been filed and submitted with all of the same cause: brake hydraulic-system failure; that had been enough to convince Jeffery to issue the recall.

May 22, 2020 Moscow, Russia 10:17
Russia releases a statement that Russia will cease all imports of cars from the UK, as they can no longer risk the injury of others.

May 23, 2020 London, England 8:00
When the London Stock Exchange opened, the effects of the Russian cease of imports began. In the first hour, the value of BMW stock dropped 43.1893 points. The computers running the models noticed, and sold all BMW stocks that the stock exchange held. The value of BMW plummeted a total 127.448 points that day, and 139.72 the next day before stabilizing. The result: all companies with BMW stock sold their holdings. BMW began the plummet into the endless pit of bankruptcy.

The fall of BMW scared a lot of people into removing their cash from the banks, which resulted in a 57.34 point decrease in the London Stock Exchange. Because of this fall, Russia, America, Germany, and France sold UK stock, making the market plummet further.

May 24, 2020 Moscow, Russia 8:00 local
Russia releases a statement saying that it will no longer export oil and natural gas to the UK. The UK is unable to afford the price of the resources due to the lowered monetary value of the UK, and Russia has more stable nation-consumers that could use the resources.

May 24, 2020 London, England 8:00 local
After Russia releases this statement, the market falls from a hard recession to a hopeless depression. By the close of the markets, the overall UK stock market fell 578.39 points.

May 25, 2020 London, England 8:00 local
At the opening of the European markets, China, Japan, India, Ukraine, Spain, and Poland sell their UK stocks.

May 25, 2020 London, England 16:00 local

At the closing of the markets, UK stock had fallen 504.39 points.

May 26, 2020 Moscow, Russia 3:38 local
Due to the absolute misery Russia put the UK through economically, Russia fully expects a military conflict.

20,000 mines and 10 active- and passive-sonobouy arrays each are placed along the SOSUS line from Norway to Iceland, with 20 submarines behind it to engage ships that are lucky enough to break through.

There are two possible Threat Vectors/Areas: North Threat Area - spans from Murmansk to the Khatanga Gulf; and the Southern Threat Area - St Petersburg.

With this in mind, the president of Russia activates 20 Beriev A-100 AWACS-type aircraft to patrol the Russian border with 1 over St. Petersburg and the other 19 patrolling from Murmansk to the Khatanga Gulf. Each AWACS has 5 MiG-35s escorts each.

The navy is activated, and all units from the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean are recalled to the Barents and Kara Sea. All submarines are given 14 Shkval 2 torpedoes (anti-sub-and-surface) and 12 Trident cruise-missiles (anti-surface-ship). 12 submarines are recalled into the Gulf of Finland. 1,000 Mines are laid at random intervals at random locations throughout the Gulf to defend from submarines and surface vessels alike. 6 active and passive sonobouy arrays each are dropped to further protect the area.

The rest of the fleet is in the Barents Sea. 27,000 mines are laid at random intervals and random locations throughout the Norwegian Sea and into the Barents Sea to defend from submarines and surface vessels. Ships in dry-dock set out to sea, fully loaded. 2 MLRS and SAM systems are placed atop 500 merchant ships each (which makes 1000 MLRSs and SAMs each).

5000 tanks are activated and dispersed along the coast: 1000 near St. Petersburg and 4250 along the North Threat Area.

2000 more MLRSs are placed along the Northern Threat Area and 400 near St. Petersburg.

All SPGs are activated and are evenly dispersed throughout the whole Threat Area.

25,000,000 AFVs are activated and disseminated along the Whole Threat Area. 5,000,000 at St. Petersburg and 20,000,000 along the North Threat Area.

All frontline and reserve troops are activated, and an additional 15,000,000 men are drafted and trained; these troops are spread out as follows: 9,000,000 along the North Threat Area; 1,000,000 near St. Petersburg. The original frontline and reserve troops are divided as follows: frontline to North Threat Area; reserve to St. Petersburg.

1000 attack aircraft are activated. 30 land on the carrier, the rest are stationed out of land airbases. All attack aircraft are loaded with Precision-Guided Munitions (PGMs; i.e. JDAMs), 2 Kelt missiles, and 6 R-77/RVV-AE anti-aircraft missiles.

All helicopters are activated and are moved to the Threat Area; they are operated out of land airbases and conduct regular defense patterns.

All fighters are activated. 20 land on the carrier; the rest operate out of land airbases. All are loaded with PGMs.

All remaining SPGs (3972; mostly SAMs) and the last 793 MLRSs are activated and placed along the coast. St. Petersburg has 200 SAMs and 100 MLRSs; the rest are along the North Threat Area.

Russia makes a diplomatic agreement with Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and other surrounding nations that, in the event of armed conflict, troops from either the UK or Russia will station in those nations; they will be uninvolved in the war. A deal is also struck with America that says that America will not intervene in the event of an armed conflict.

Food and rations are disseminated throughout the ranks to the Russian troops; it is estimated that the rations will last for a week, and there are supply vehicles coming in with another week's supply every day.

May 28, 2020 Barents Sea 13:41 local
The fleet is fully armed and brought to full alert; it is ready for immediate action should the need arise. The fleet is behind a 12-km.-thick barrier of mines and sonobouy arrays. The carrier is at the rear, with the frigates before it. The destroyers are in front of the frigates, and the corvettes are in front of the frigates. At the very front are the rest of the submarines. In the event the fleet would be destroyed by the smaller UK fleet, the 500 merchants are place along the coast of the North Threat Area.

Powerful land-based radars are built and/or activated along both Threat Areas.

June 2, 2020 Along the coast of the North Threat Area 8:21 Moscow
The radars are completed, making a powerful and unbeatable array of electromagnetic energy. Along with the AWACS, there was enough electromagnetic energy in the atmosphere to cook a piece of pizza (figuratively, of course). The radars are completely and totally impregnable; any vehicle (air and water) from the eastern-most point of Greenland to Berlin is detectable. This early detection warning allows the fleet to meet the opposition head-on.

4 RORSAT (Rradar Oocean Rreconnaissance SATellite), 3 KH-12-type photo-imagery real-time satellites, and 5 "killer" satellites are launched into a geostationary orbit along the North Threat Area. 1 of the first 2 types and 2 of the latter type of satellites are launched into geostationary orbit over St. Petersburg.

A second and third minefield/sonobouy array is placed in the Gulf of Finland.
Debate Round No. 1


RetroToast forfeited this round.



There are no counter measures to take, as my opponent must be contemplating a massive and very-hard-to-make decision.

Continuing the War:

The UK has yet to take offensive action, so I will continue to boost my defense:

Since my defense is pretty much as stable as I can make it, I will add defesive capabilities to Kaliningrad.

I draft 500,000 more men, train them, arm them, and send the them to Kaliningrad.
Debate Round No. 2


RetroToast forfeited this round.


The-Voice-of-Truth forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


RetroToast forfeited this round.


I apologize for the forfeiture; we had a snow storm, so the roads were closed. I could not come to school (which was closed as well).

Well, since my opponent has yet to attack, I will operate under the assumption that I have warded off the attack before it even came.

Continuing the War:
My opponent has not attcked at all this entire war; I have only been stengthening my defenses. Since there was no attack, I have successfully defended my country.

In the event that my opponent tries to attack in the last round, I will continue my defense patterns.
Debate Round No. 4


RetroToast forfeited this round.


I can take no further action as I am the defender. The attacker has taken no action against my nation. Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 3 years ago
Yeah, I meant Mini.
Posted by tejretics 3 years ago
BMW is headquartered in Germany, not London.
Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 3 years ago
It was. I ceased exporting oil and natural gas, which caused a further (and extreme) drop in the markets; I just used the car-recall situation as a way of bring up the oil-natural gas situation. And it is ultimately my job to come up with a diplomatic situation for war.
Posted by RetroToast 3 years ago
I thought the problem was going to be natural gas. That is what we said.
Posted by RetroToast 3 years ago
Thanks. You inspired me to do it. Can't wait to see how it ends.
Posted by The-Voice-of-Truth 3 years ago
I will do it. That way, I will not ave to bother making a new one.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro didn't post anything except for once, so con wins by default
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeiture. No offensive attacks by Pro.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro took no offensive action whatsoever. Pro's forfeiture was a violation of traditional norms of conduct. Con's defensive actions were accurate as were his economic descriptions. Pro took no action whatsoever (as paraphrased earlier), thus allowing the defender to fulfill the primary military objective: to ward off offensive forces and ensure national and homeland security.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro didn't post anything except for once, so con wins by default