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WHY did E.T. create life on Earth?

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Started: 1/18/2014 Category: Philosophy
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This debate is for people who already know and or believe the Ancient Alien creation theories.

The question is WHY did Aliens create life on earth?

I propose that life was already present on earth (which they used for slaves) and they decided it was not in their best interest for it to develop so they took advantage and rearranged everything so it would eventually die off. The accomplished this by splitting everything into two parts in order to sustain its demise (i.e. Male/Female) but live long enough to serve their needs.


I am not religious but if you read documents from ancient society's throughout the globe, they all have a common thread.
I would summit to you that these aliens were in fact Angels. I'm not talking about people with wings and white robes. They were the fallen angels that were created by God.

I am in no way supporting any religious point of view. What I state is that according to ancient written texts. There was a great war in heaven (space). From which these angels were banished and thrown to earth. We know that in a biblical form, Lucifer was jealous of God and was angry that God wanted to create Man.
Lucifer and his legion were banished to Earth. In this time he created havoc on the earth. He created creatures of great size and weight that roomed the earth for a millennium. God in his anger sent a mountain from space to hit the Earth, destroying everything that Lucifer created.
Then God created Man.

Here is were it gets interesting. Lucifer had already created man. There are many ancient texts to support this. The bible is probably the most important one. Genesis 16/17 "and Cain Found a Wife.( Where did his wife come from if only Cain and Abel existed?)
I cannot find anything to support your idea that life was present on earth..which they used for slaves..
This is why ET created life on Earth.........
Debate Round No. 1


So you propose aliens banished "traitors" or "fallen angels" to earth and they created something (giants) else because God wanted to create man? BUT somehow the fallen/aliens had already created their own man (Or women)?

"The Book of Giants" & "The Book of Enoch" elaborate a great deal on the creation, fall and sequence of events that surround it.

So you also propose there are two seedlines of man? One from God/Adam and one from Cain/Devil? Technically that is not exactly relevant but I will say either Cain kidnapped Eve or took a wife from "pre-Adamites".

Zachariah Sitchen uses the Babylonian Tablets and "The lost Book of Enki" to deduce a probable timeline of events. In Genesis the world and MAN is created BEFORE HUMAN. They are considered "PRE- ADAMITES".

Remember AA theory considers ALL religious (Bible, Asutru, Greek, Hindu, ect..) "myth" of the fall of Gods and creation of man as a rehash of the original Ancient Alien truth.

The reason your mixing events and people is because you limit yourself to the Bible which AA consider a "mini" version of the creation truth. Its just condensed.

The Babylonian creation tablets elaborate extensively on what exactly happened with the Angels/Aliens and "The lost book of Enki" is actually an Alien diary or logbook, not a story from Earth.

So, because you are unaware of the evidence put forth in the other works and are trying to deduce events from such a limited historical work (The Bible), there is not much more you can contribute to the debate. But I will give you a general timeline of events:

1: Crisis on Nibiru
2: Earth needed for resources
3: Aliens Kill Dinosaurs/life & splice new TEMPORARY life on earth for slave labor
4: Aliens divide over use of Earth & Man
5: Some exiled here on earth were they interbred but destined to perish
6: History begins to be recorded without the knowledge of Ancient Alien intervention, but instead are symbolized as Gods or Angels
7: The Ages of Men/Human:
Golden Age. this age, men did not yet know the art of navigation and therefore did not explore the larger world.
In the Silver Age, Jupiter introduces the seasons and men consequentially learn the art of agriculture and architecture.
In the Bronze Age, Ovid writes, men were prone to warfare, but not impiety.
Finally, in the Iron Age (Modern Times), men demarcate nations with boundaries; they learn the arts of navigation and mining; they are warlike, greedy and impious. Truth, modesty and loyalty are nowhere to be found. (Evil reigns supreme)


DarkEngine forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for your participation.

Next time I will set more strict parameters on who may join the debate.

We need authentic Ancient Alien believers who understand ALL religion is a mere symbology of AA history.

Happy voting!


DarkEngine forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
You should have taken up schopenhauer on his offer it would have been a better debate.
Posted by B0NEDUDE 3 years ago
@ Schopenhauer
No, it would then be a debate over history and not AA motives...

I believe AA manipulated life on earth because of my realization that all the religous historical records about the fall of gods was not mere coincidence, but was there symbology of Aliens and their technology here on Earth.
Posted by Schopenhauer 3 years ago
So, I know anout the Ancient Alien theory but I mkre of an agnostic when it comes to whether or not I actaully believe in it. Can I accept it then?
Posted by MyDinosaurHands 3 years ago
Posted by 2-D 3 years ago
Really, this is a thing? Would you mind just briefly explaining why you believe Aliens created life on earth?
Posted by Buckethead31594 3 years ago
I love hearing about the proponents of the Prometheus theory. I'm going to follow this debate.
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